Time flies

Time flies so fast. That’s what I can say with my life now with a baby at home.

Although time flies really slow at work haha..who doesn’t feel that way.

I’m hoping my brain cells is still on my side especially my memory coz I need to remember the milestones that my baby is achieving as she progresses throughout the month.

Previously during my pregnancy I had a scrap book and had pasted every pic of her during my check ups. Her weight, her progress all will be written down there but now when she pops out I don’t have evidence to put in the book anymore, just bits of memories stuck in my mind.

I have videos, I have pictures stored in my phone but I guess it’s not quite the same as how I cherish these moments like when I was pregnant.

1st September 2010 – she took her first move in rolling over to her front.

20th October 2010 – Just one day after her reaching 5 months she rolled over to her back. I was sooo happy with her progress that all the troubles in my mind just swept away coz of this new milestone.

2.95kg at birth and now 7.1kg till date. Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚


Good nursery, bad nursery

OK dah puas mengomel pasal ragam anak kali ni nak mengomel pasal pengalaman dgn nursery plak.
Incident ini telah membukakan mataku sebagai parent coz banyak perlu kita perhatikan bila nak hantar anak ke nursery ni.
Since I’m staying at a very condensed area with the majority of people staying here are working parents, there are lots and lots of nursery to choose. Even within the radius of 5km around my housing area I can easily say there’s about 10 taska/tadika to choose from. The drawback however is that the nursery tends to be full especially for babies because they don’t dare to take many babies now at most about 5 babies per nursery. That is why I chose Nursery A.

Nursery A (advantages)
– recently opened last July and as expected everything is rather new and the amount of children sent there are still at a minimum.
– the place offers playpen for babies to sleep in
– there were only 2 babies taken care by the babysitter
– the price was reasonable at RM290 per month despite the high registration fee at RM150.

Nursery A (disadvantages)
– it is bloody hard to contact the owner. I think out of 10 times I call the owner I could only reach the owner twice. Even when I met them in person they didn’t really introduce themselves as the owner, I honestly thought they were the babysitter coz mcm tak bape konpiden je when talking to me, nak tulis receipt on cam terkial2 je nampak sgt newbie.
– They don’t reply your smses. Call apetah lagi kan.
– Everything in regards to your child welfare they have given the responsibility to the babysitter.
– Even after a month of sending, I didn’t see any progress of any new babies/child coming in. It’s like the business is stagnant.

One day..on my 2nd week at work when I reached the nursery at the usual time I found the gates were still closed and no one was at the nursery. I was shocked coz takkan at 7.45am tade org masuk keje lagi. I called the babysitter that I usually liaise with. She said she was on a half day and had already mentioned to the owner. By right the owner or the other babysitter should have come in and opened the nursery in her absence. Imagine all parents were at the gate tp tatau ujung pangkal, tup2 kami sume kena amik EL coz the babysitter herself can’t get through to the owner so we were left with no choice but to go back home..nak tunggu melangok pon takleh coz we dunno when the nursery will be opened.

Tup2 around noon while I was on EL la of course at home with lil one the babysitter forwarded me a msg from the owner saying that THE NURSERY HAD TO BE CLOSED! and the money will be refunded back to the parents. She couldn’t contact the parents personally since she apparently “DOES NOT HAVE” our numbers and she asks the babysitter to inform us. Bongok ke tak bongok tu??? Alasan nursery ditutup? TAK DAPAT SIJIL KURSUS DARI JKM. Ntah ye ke idak also I dunno coz the babysitter said by right in order for u to open a nursery u gotta get the sijil first in had baru la u start doing the next procedure. Hmm fishy huh? Can u just imagine how angry and frantic I was because I gotta find another nursery within the 24hrs because there’s no one else to take care of lil one despite the babysitter saying that the nursery will still be opened for the rest of the week. But still, I need to survey a new nursery, need to call up people, mann I was freaking angry on that day. Moreover when I was surveying Nursery B, the owner of Nursery B said she already thought the nursery was closed because she saw an advertisement in Mudah that the house is up for sale. Lagi la fishy. Ntah dorang guna alasan JKM tu as an excuse to close the nursery OR mmg dorang tak lulus pensijilan dari JKM thus they just decided to close the nursery camtu je. Hmm.

Bayangkan on the spot, I had to bring lil one along and put her in the car seat and I drove in circles to each nursery in my housing area to ask whether they can still accept my daughter. Imagine I drove for hours sampai dak kecik tu tertido by herself in the car and there’s only TWO nursery that are available. Satu nursery tu mahal nak mampus, monthly fees RM350, reg fee RM100 and OT starts at 6pm. Melampau sangat coz no matter how early me/husband leaves work I think we always need to pay for the OT charges. Melampau sangat. Dahla RM12 plak tu per hour. U lambat stgh jam ke 5min ke kena RM12 gak. That is when I decided by hook or by crook I had to choose nursery B coz I had no choice.

Nursery B (advantages)
– Since i’m already paranoid with the license issue and JKM issue I asked the nursery owner whether ada lesen ke tak sume, dah dpt kelulusan from JKM or not and luckily yes she has. Apparently these are the things to look out for when a nursery has clearance from Bomba and Majlis Bandaraya. The nursery has to be a corner lot/end lot house with a staircase outside the house (ok tu criteria bomba, nursery A pun ada ni..ok takpe accept). MBSA requires the nursery to have flagpoles with 3 flags : bendera Sgor, Msia & MBSA and you need to have a signboard with the MBSA chop. Ok this Nursery A does not have. Bila dah dapat semua tu, then baru u apply for JKM’s license. They will review on the schedule for kids and pemakanan. Tu yg dia cakap la..ntahla setuju je la.
– The way the owner speaks to me is very professional. She knows what she is doing, she has her own set of rules and activities provided for babies, she knows when to contact the parents if there’s anything needed. She employs students with background in nursing who are waiting for placement in hospital as her employees so that they know what to do kalo ada pape jadi kat bebudak ni.
– masa nak isi borang registration, ooh reg is only RM50 here but monthly fees is RM300. Ok masa nak isi she requested both parents copy of IC and also the kid’s birth cert. Ok that’s a first for me.
– OT hanyalah RM6 tu pun after 6.30pm. If you’re late within the 30mins time frame kena RM3 je..

Nursery B (disadvantages)
– This nursery is a REAL nursery. Ramai gila budak mcm zoo!
– Total amount of babies 5-6 babies. Bebudak tido atas lantai 😦

That’s the main reason why lil kena demam terkejut like I mentioned in my previous posting. Even masa trial period she was tensed d whole time, she didn’t get much sleep there and she was kinda cranky. Biasala both the baby and the babysitter baru nak dapat rentak kan. Tapi terpaksa tawakal coz that’s the only nursery available. On the day that the babysitter said she is finally ok and has lessen down in her cryings and what not, dia demam la plakkkkk. Aihhh.

But this week i see that there are improvements. Dia tak stress sgt cam dulu, the babysitter said lil one meragam kalo dah nak tido je time dah ngantuk sgt other than that minum susu ok, nak ajak main bole tapi cam biasala susah nak senyum haha..i know my daughter ni mmg sangat jual mahal. That’s why terpaksa tebalkan muka bwk tilam sendiri sume because of all this la. I just hope dah ada ramai budak sume ni my daughter will toughen up la tade la memilih sgt org coz dah biasa dgn ramai org dgn ramai ragam. Dulu mmg dia sangat memilih org tapi sejak masuk nursery ni nampak cam ada improvement whoever nak dukung dia bole..tapi tah will see la huh. Sorry la entry ni panjang gile..ok back to work! huhu

Bila bayi anda sedang demam

Dah lama tak update blog ni, sungguh bersawang. Memang dah pasang niat utk mendiamkan diri terus dek kemalasan yg amat sangat utk berblog..tapi bila kenangkan tahap bosan di office ini, if i don’t make myself busy by blogging i think i’ll go crazy. Main game kat FB pun dah xleh dah kat ofis ni..bukan pasal diblock, dapat informer org dalam kasi warning sensiang coz ada mata helang tgh watching. Total crap.

Back to my story. How’s your feeling when your child is having a fever for the first time?

Kalut kan? Gelabah ayam semcm je. It happened to me last Friday when I fetched Afiqah from the nursery. Her body was hot, she had no mood to even look at me, muka masam mencuka je. Ok fine anak aku ni mmg susah sket nak senyum but with her own mum also tanak senyum? ok something is wrong somewhere.

I quickly took her temperature and damn it was 38 degrees! I texted her nanny at the nursery, she was surprised too coz Afiqah seems to be behaving well but she did sleep for 3hrs that afternoon. Ok, confirm something wrong coz lil one does not sleep that long in the afternoon, only in the morning. Soon after my husband reaches home we headed straight to the nearest clinic to get confirmation and to seek advice on when to give her the medicine. Yela kan org tua cam kita ni ada before meal and after meal. Dak kecik ada sama konsep ke before menyusu or after menyusu? Ever wondered about that? haha. Basically there’s no such concept. Just give every 4hrs, if her temperature has subsided a bit, give every 6hrs plak.

Sigh. I hate giving medicine to her coz till now the side effect is she no longer wants her pacifier. Dah fobia tgk mende tajam dok jolok kat mulut (a.k.a syringe), pacifier pun dia ingat syringe dah kut huhu. It was a challenge coz my first attempt I terlebih tekan d syringe..lebih byk ubat kuar daripada masuk. Ooops. Second attempt i gave right after menyusu. Bad move. Terus dimuntahkan. Aih. Third attempt and seterusnya baru la ok. Bagi an hour sebelum menyusu, bagi ubat every 0.5ml sampai la 2ml tu habis. Basically 4x kene shreet ubat tu masuk dalam mulut dia la. Huu azab, azab.

Pastu every hour I would take her temperature. Every now and then I would lap2 badan dia sambil tempek cool fever. Seriously every minute is nerve wrecking coz even after the fever has subsided her crankiness plak starts. Masa tu dah cam mati akal dah tatau nak watpe. She doesn’t want to be slept like the usual way. Tak mau ditepuk, tak mau puting. She only wants to be attached to u. Dukung, dodoi, dukung, dodoi. Mmg sakit pinggang gila yg amat last weekend. Asal letak kat pangku balik nak rest dia akan merengek. Mata lelap tapi mulut masih merengek. Sian tgk.

Bila tido pun sama. Usually bila dia terjaga nak susu dia just akan merengek sesket je, dah minum susu she’ll be fine. But last weekend lepas bagi susu even though habis minum pun she will cry.

I started to sense this could be an internal problem and seeked for alternative medicine. Off we went utk mencarik ustazah yg dapat membantu. Memalam buta ari Ahad tu we went to Taman Medan, PJ jumpa ustazah ni courtesy of my SIL yg slalue pg sana utk berubat. True enough. Memang ada mende lain yg mengganggu anakku.

a) ada mende yg nak berkawan dengan Afiqah. ada la a few bertenggek kat badan dia
b) demam terkejut – tukar nursery punya pasal. I knew it coz of the environment there (will tell about this nursery later), anakku culture shock.
c) badan anakku berangin. Yes berangin. Haih ikut mummy dia ke ape. Dats y she was constantly cranky eventhough her fever has subsided. Dia tgh sakit2 badan, sengal2 badan.

After “kawan2” tu dibuang, ustazah tu bagi air utk guna buat susu and utk lap2 kat badan dia. After that she sense that lil one cam tak ok laie coz when I wanna give milk to her she seems very agitated and very garang huhu. So the ustazah took her again and started massaging her. Bik ko..erkk sana, errkk sini ustazah tu sendawa haha. Kuat gila i tell u. Ok..dats d main reason. It seems that Afiqah ni takleh kena direct kipas or angin coz her badan cepat2 sengal after that. Ok fine. Afiqah xleh tido atas lantai sangat. Ok fine. Ustazah tu siap tanya..anak kamu ni tido atas lantai ke kat nursery? dia tak serasi dgn cara tu. Ok fine..aih anakku..siannya memcm kena kat kamu ye.

After dah kene massage sume baru la hati dia tenteram.

But the ordeal didn’t end there. On Monday I took leave from work to monitor her so that I can ensure that she will be ready to go to the nursery the following day. Tapi masih cranky. Call ustazah lagi. Ustazah cakap it will take 1-2 days for her to be back to herself. Ok..tried calming myself down lagi. Sakit pinggang takyah cakap. Penat? lagi takyah cakap. Memcm tips I receive from my SIL, from my mum semua I buat nak ikhtiar punya pasal nak anak kembali seperti sedia kala.

What I did :

– lap2 seluruh badan dia dgn air + garam kasar. Kalo ada limau nipis lagi bagus. Syaitan dan jin mmg takleh terima garam kasar+limau nipis. Sambil sediakan air tu, sambil lap2 mulut nonstop membaca selawat, ayat kursi, 3 qul dan niat semoga anak kita dijauhi dari gangguan syaitan.

– pasang ayat al-ruqyah via youtube huhu. Ayat ni sesuai utk menghalau sume2 mende yg tak dikehendaki, kengkadang kita pk mende yg dok mengganggu anak kita tu ada di luar rumah tp maybe it’s at home.

– lepas solat maghrib baca surah Al-Baqarah ayat 1-5, kemudian disusuli dgn ayat kursi pastu baca the last 3 ayat of Al-Baqarah. Then doa, doa, doa.

Basically apa kita buat sume ni ikhtiar dan kena yakin bahawa apa yg kita buat ni dapat membantu, the rest of it tawakal saja la.

Alhamdulillah that night I noticed Afiqah begins to sleep well, tak moody and cranky sangat cuma mmg style nak tidokan dia dah totally lain. Mungkin peralihan bulan, mungkin itu yg dia perlukan sekarang. Takpe kite ikut saje.

Semalam masa hantar gi nursery mmg hati tak tenang. I explained to the nanny the situation, called the nanny during lunch to ask on Afiqah’s progress. Alhamdulillah nanny said she’s doing well. Tade meragam dah. And surprisingly drank A LOT of milk yesterday. Pastu, lepas balik keje semalam terpaksa la singgah JJ jap carik tilam kecik for her. Arini dengan muka tak malu I gave the tilam to the nanny. Org lain punya anak bole terbongkang terlentang atas lantai dgn senang hati, anak aku sampai 2-3 alas pakai huhu. Takpela sayang..I just want u to be back as per normal.

Skang ni dah cam saiko dah..asal nampak dia cam moody je terus cam on extra alert, terus kumat kamit mulut baca pape yg patut..huuu..ni la part and parcel of parenthood.

Kita hanya mampu usaha and carik jalan terbaik, yg lain kita berserah jela kepada yg Maha Esa.


Pre macam-macam syndrome

Ok I hope entry ni will be super short..coz I’m supposed to masukkan Softlan in a few minutes time in the washing machine, I’m supposed to start cooking in the kitchen which I know I’m going to be super stress because this is my first time cooking for my family. Sungguh tak reti masak utk ramai org, masak utk kami berdua pun rasa dah cukup tunggang langgang. Basically I’m not supposed to be online punnn..tapi dah nama tak reti masak, haruslah menggoogle resipi utk disalin haha. Printer tade..tulis secara manual jela nooo.

Ok dah terpesong dah. Aku ni kalo berblog tade intro bagai cam nak wat novel bole tak..tsk.

Hmm. No mood for Raya mmg sudah sedia maklum bagi anda yg mengfollow saya dlm FB..mmg itu saja la yg saya dok pokpek selama beberapa hari ni kan. Baju raya Afiqah dah menimbun, kueh raya dah terlebih banyak. I bought 3, MIL gave 3, my own mother bringing 6! soo silalah ke teratak kami utk menjamah kueh yeee..not gonna do open house, budget tarak. Kami berdua pekerja swasta dan NGO yg tidak mempunyai luxury bonus berbulan2, gaji tertunggak, duit raya pree dari kerajaan and what nots. Apa yg ada dlm gaji itu la duit yg diguna utk raya. So yeah..kami pokai. Hubby pun tak beli pape pun utk raya. Yillek. So, kami tidak akan sedondon ye ketika raya pertama. Dah tak larat utk memujuk dia membeli baju Melayu, tidak larat juga utk memujuknya utk menerima pelawaan aku utk membelanjanya baju. So yeah..no sedondon jiwang karat pose for Raya ye. Tapi we’re open to all visitors coming to our house..sila laa datang ye πŸ™‚

Sigh..I’m cranky coz I’m missing my little bambam. My lil one, my Liyana Afiqah. Tomorrow is the last day for her trial session with the nursery before Raya break and then it’s full time nursery for her. Starting from this week, we’ve been training her to be there for one whole day. I’ll be sending her off around 745-800, then both me and hubs will be fetching her around 545pm. Alhamdulillah she is doing great. No tantrums, no withdrawal syndrome. Nothing. Pegi dgn keadaan gedik, tersengeh2, arms and legs kicking everywhere penuh kegedikkan. Balik dalam keadaan tenang dan mamai huhu dah ngantuk lepas dimandikan by the babysitter. Minum susu ok, tido ok, sume la ok dia ni. Alhamdulillah, so I guess there’s nothing to worry about la kan?

True. But, I feel that it takes time for her to warm up with us once we fetch her from the nursery. I know its because dia mamai, laloq sume la cukup tapi rasa cam sejam lebih baru dia stimulated enough nak be back to her old self. Terasa anakku sombong denganku..huwaa. Ok Mummy dah emo haha. Hubby cakap dia merajuk coz kita hantar dia p nursery. Sangat, sangat. Pfft.

Tu la kan, what to do but I’m grateful I got 4 months to look after her myself before passing my role to the babysitter. At least I’m grateful that I’m the first witness to see her progress in her milestones and the last person she sees before she dozed off to sleep. I’m so grateful that I get to see her meniarap first before she was sent to the nursery..at least tade la nampak sgt nanti babysitter tu yg cakap “kak..afiqah dah bole meniarap la kak” rasa cam alaa ruginya tak dpt witness..huuu.

My assets pun dah tau kut aku ni nak anta anak p nursery dah. Susu dah tade. Huhu. Dah tinggal < 5% je kut bekalan susu dalam badan ni. Dia minum ke tak minum susu badan tetap rasa sama je breastku. So yeah..sudah bakal tamat riwayat la kut rasanya ni. Skang pun dia minum sekali sehari je susu badan and from my left side je. Right side tidak memberi kesan.

Takpe, I'm not disappointed. I've done my best. Dapat lepas tempoh pantang pun dah cukup bersyukur dah. Cuma sekarang kita harap anak kita sentiasa berada dalam keadaan sihat dan dilindungi dari segala perkara yg tidak diingini. Betul tak?

Pfft. Entry super short konon. So typical of me. Haha. Okla rasanya ni the last post kut before Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin kepada semua pembaca blogku. Have a nice holiday with your loved ones!


I know that starting from 3 months onwards, babies will have the tendency to turn over a.k.a meniarap.

Since I delivered Afiqah, I didn’t really pay vigorous attention on her milestone because I know each baby is different and I don’t wanna let myself start comparing and stressing myself over my baby’s development over others. So I let time tell when my baby has progressed from one step to the other. The only reference I have is Babycenter’s subscription that comes to my e-mail every week to inform me on baby’s weekly development.

Tu pun sebagai syarat. Huhu.

Since Day 1,all mummies know that our babies progress from day to day. There’s never a dull day. Am I right? πŸ™‚ Everyday is a new day whereby each day our baby will show a new move, a new sign, a new look, a new tantrum, a new personality to us.

Tanggal 1 september 2010, hehe bukan 31 bulan 8 57 yee..my darling Afiqah bole meniarap. Tu pun one sided je. Only to her right side. She doesn’t show much interest in trying to roll over to her left at the moment. For me, that’s one good progress considering she’s only in her second week of 3 months. Dia masih tak bole roll over to her back la kan..of coz la kan..mengiring pun tak reti sgt, tup2 dia sdg berusaha keras kicking her legs, shifting her butt and tupp terlangkup sudahh. Pastu terus wat muka blur. Haha.

This morning, the babysitter said at the nursery she was practicing to roll over. Luckily I had told the babysitter in advance when I sent her to take some precaution coz u’ll never know when Afiqah might roll over without them knowing it.

I managed to capture these pictures last night..huhu. Skang ni pun dia tengah mengamuk coz I’m putting her on the rocker for a while since I’m blogging. Penat tangan Mummy sayang oit dok meniarap setiap saat bila datang mood galak dia tu. Tak sempat nak angkat tangan lepas pusingkan dia, dia dah meniarap balik. Haiyoo..ini baby 6kg++ can build muscles la to me huhu.

Alhamdulillah. Sayanggg diaa. Can’t wait for more momentous moments!



aiyak terkecik gambar plak dah haha..lantak la..


I have 1 1/2 hours left to feel this freedom..

I’ve slept for 2 hours, am still sleepy actually. It makes you realise how exhausted you’ve been all these months, pegi toilet tadi tengok mata lebam je and my face yg more than a year hasn’t been scrubbed or done any facial mmg dah rasa cam mak budak dah ni.

Nasib badan dah slim sket. Hah dasar syok sendiri.

I wanna sleep more..more means until hubby comes back from work but I can’t. The deal for these 2 days is half day only until 1pm.

Maka, gue melipat la baju dan mengadap laptop utk seketika waktu. Mende Β lain sangat malassss nak buat. I just wanna sleeeeeeeeep.

It makes me wonder too camne la aku nanti bila dah start keje lepas raya ni. Confirm tersengguk2 coz dah biasa lepas uruskan Afiqah, mesti operasi qada tido akan bermula utk segarkan diri. Nak kenangkan nasib drive selama 45min lagi ke ofis, +/- jam di Fed Highway lagi..teringat masa 3rd trimester. Mmg dasar mengantuk tak hingat coz dah bermula episod kurang tido, bermula episod sentiasa mengantuk di ofis, honestly speaking I have slept like a wink for 5 seconds every time I drive to work during that period. Mmg ngantuk. Kat ofis ni ada quiet room, mmg quiet sesanget and dark. You have 3 partitions with long rest chairs and kat dinding tu ada scenery painting to make you relax. Mmg ni la port aku bila ngantuk. Tp segan pun ada coz sampai bila nak bertapa kat situ kan. Kengkadang lari p surau, kengkadang depan pc tu je aku slamber lelapkan mata utk a few minutes sambil bersandar.

I think I’m so gonna be like that once I start work nanti. I think most working mummies who are reading this will be nodding their heads. Tengah angguk pale eh? heheh.

Apa sebenarnya yg aku dok bebel ni? Si Afiqah la..kitorang baru hantar dia gi nursery hari ni for her trial period. Today and tomorrow is half day. Next week from Monday-Wednesday is full day. Aku ni dok imagine routine aku la ni..huhu.

My husband msged me asking me “tak rindu Afiqah ke?”

My reply was “rindu mmg rindu tapi baru skang terasa badan ni sungguh exhausted after many months tak cukup rest. And now I just feel like I wanna sleep, sleep and sleep. Rindu mmg rindu but rest comes first”

I have to take a time off b4 the rollercoaster starts.

Buat masa ni tidak ada emosi lagi bila anak tiada di sini. Honestly speaking, rasa lega. Afiqah pun being very helpful tadi tidak membuat ibubapanya rasa sebak langsung coz bila diletaknya kat cot dia, dia dah wriggling around, menggedik sengsorang angkat tangan angkat kaki tersengeh2 excited atas katil baru, bilik baru yg ada scenery castle and fairy and what nots. Leka dia tengok dinding tu. Alhamdulillah (for now). Let’s just hope at 1pm nanti the babysitter tells some encouraging news.

Happy 3 months old sayang :)

Genap pukul 11.02am tadi Liyana Afiqah sudah pn berumur 3 bulan..alhamdulillah. First trimester sudah lepas ahaha..ape kaitan pun tatau la.

Kulitnya yg dulu mcm kena BBQ dah mula cerah sedikit demi sedikit hehe..dah kene stretch dgn pertumbuhannya. Kalau tak dulu birat semacam je, sian dia slalue kene tegur dia gelap ek..takpela gelap ke cerah ke Mummy & Daddy sayangkan dia πŸ™‚

Rambutnya sampai skang tak dicukur lagi, Mummy’s excuse : TUNGGU LEPAS RAYA KANG TAK COMEY hehe..pepenat Mummy beli dress tapi anak pale gondol…ooh tidak. Lps Syawal ye sayang hehe.

Senang plak berak skang ni..asal diletak atas Fisher Price’s rocker tu, berak. Dia ingat rocker tu toilet bowl ke ape..org suh practice pukul ball, belajar genggam walaupun tak pandai nak fully genggam lagi tapi dia buat potty training la plak si kecik ni ehehe..

Senang nak tido skang alhamdulillah. Disebabkan waktu siang Afiqah prefers to take short naps or no naps at all, waktu malam dia mudah penat. Lepas maghrib dah start usap2 mata, isap2 mitten..dan bila digganti pacifier i/o mitten, matanya terus lelap, kengkadang lelap terus sampai ke pagi. Kengkadang short naps saje tapi bila dah kul 10-11pm camtu, its her nap time now..kasi susu, tepuk2 sket..tidoo. Nak tau apa yg buat dia mudah penat?

Galak pegi Bazaar Ramadhan hehe, kusyuk tgk price list yg tergantung kat booth penjual ni

Sejak kitorang beli Mothercare 2 way baby carrier ni, makin galak la anak dara ni meronda dgn parentsnya hehe. Yela nak pegi tempat2 camni stroller tak strategic. Nak dukung oohh tak larat seh dibuatnya kalo dukung lelame. Memula Daddynya takmo beli mende2 carrier ni, dia tak kenan kata baby kaki terkangkang semcm je. Pastu dia kata mahal (referring to Baby Bjorn). I said to him “tak semestinya kena beli Baby Bjorn..itu utk org yg terlebih brand conscious. Sometimes we need to give other brands a chance as well”

Puas hati pakai MC’s carrier ni. Harga pun berpatutan. I think we bought it around RM119 kut..much, much cheaper than Bjorn yg paling cikai harganya is around RM300++ kut. And this one is 2 way..nak kasi baby ngadap kita pun bole, ngadap luar pun bole. Tapi Afiqah tak kenan ngadap kita, dia ikut perangai Mummynya suka tengok org ehehe. Sambil ronda bazaar tu bole gak la si kecik ni tangkap lentok tido kengkadang…bukan dia kisah tgh dok berasap bau sume menusuk kalbu. Huhu.

side view. Pandang kiri, pandang kanan sebelum lintas jalan πŸ™‚

front view

Ni la dia umpan untuk wat dia tido dgn lebih cepat and lena di waktu malam. Bawak dia kuar jenjalan. Kalo jauh sket, try practicekan dia dengan car seat plak hehe.

car seat ni plak kena diumpan dgn Mr Dragon

Ni la my remaining activity with lil one sebelum 19 September whereby dikala dia genap berumur 4 bulan, tarikh itu juga menandakan my first day back at work after my extra long maternity leave. Kena practicekan dia dgn car seat supaya dia tidak meragam pegi balik nursery.

Speaking of car seat, we’re getting another one since we need 2 car seats. One to send her off to nursery which will be put in my car, the other car seat in the husband’s car plak who will be picking her up from the nursery. $$$$$$. Tapi takpe, baru tengok Mothercare punya website ada BALIK KAMPUNG PROMOTION UP TO 50% DISCOUNT ON CAR SEATS! Harus pegi ke Mothercare minggu ini.

Apa punya entry la kali ni..konon nak dedicate utk si kecik sempena umurnya 3 bulan..tapi dah melencong promote baby carrier and car seat plak hehehe..

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