Time flies

Time flies so fast. That’s what I can say with my life now with a baby at home.

Although time flies really slow at work haha..who doesn’t feel that way.

I’m hoping my brain cells is still on my side especially my memory coz I need to remember the milestones that my baby is achieving as she progresses throughout the month.

Previously during my pregnancy I had a scrap book and had pasted every pic of her during my check ups. Her weight, her progress all will be written down there but now when she pops out I don’t have evidence to put in the book anymore, just bits of memories stuck in my mind.

I have videos, I have pictures stored in my phone but I guess it’s not quite the same as how I cherish these moments like when I was pregnant.

1st September 2010 – she took her first move in rolling over to her front.

20th October 2010 – Just one day after her reaching 5 months she rolled over to her back. I was sooo happy with her progress that all the troubles in my mind just swept away coz of this new milestone.

2.95kg at birth and now 7.1kg till date. Alhamdulillah 🙂


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  1. cik wan lesung batu
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 12:21:44

    wahhh… bes nye…rekod setiap perkembangan die… nnt in future sgt2 bermakna tu…


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