Good nursery, bad nursery

OK dah puas mengomel pasal ragam anak kali ni nak mengomel pasal pengalaman dgn nursery plak.
Incident ini telah membukakan mataku sebagai parent coz banyak perlu kita perhatikan bila nak hantar anak ke nursery ni.
Since I’m staying at a very condensed area with the majority of people staying here are working parents, there are lots and lots of nursery to choose. Even within the radius of 5km around my housing area I can easily say there’s about 10 taska/tadika to choose from. The drawback however is that the nursery tends to be full especially for babies because they don’t dare to take many babies now at most about 5 babies per nursery. That is why I chose Nursery A.

Nursery A (advantages)
– recently opened last July and as expected everything is rather new and the amount of children sent there are still at a minimum.
– the place offers playpen for babies to sleep in
– there were only 2 babies taken care by the babysitter
– the price was reasonable at RM290 per month despite the high registration fee at RM150.

Nursery A (disadvantages)
– it is bloody hard to contact the owner. I think out of 10 times I call the owner I could only reach the owner twice. Even when I met them in person they didn’t really introduce themselves as the owner, I honestly thought they were the babysitter coz mcm tak bape konpiden je when talking to me, nak tulis receipt on cam terkial2 je nampak sgt newbie.
– They don’t reply your smses. Call apetah lagi kan.
– Everything in regards to your child welfare they have given the responsibility to the babysitter.
– Even after a month of sending, I didn’t see any progress of any new babies/child coming in. It’s like the business is stagnant.

One day..on my 2nd week at work when I reached the nursery at the usual time I found the gates were still closed and no one was at the nursery. I was shocked coz takkan at 7.45am tade org masuk keje lagi. I called the babysitter that I usually liaise with. She said she was on a half day and had already mentioned to the owner. By right the owner or the other babysitter should have come in and opened the nursery in her absence. Imagine all parents were at the gate tp tatau ujung pangkal, tup2 kami sume kena amik EL coz the babysitter herself can’t get through to the owner so we were left with no choice but to go back home..nak tunggu melangok pon takleh coz we dunno when the nursery will be opened.

Tup2 around noon while I was on EL la of course at home with lil one the babysitter forwarded me a msg from the owner saying that THE NURSERY HAD TO BE CLOSED! and the money will be refunded back to the parents. She couldn’t contact the parents personally since she apparently “DOES NOT HAVE” our numbers and she asks the babysitter to inform us. Bongok ke tak bongok tu??? Alasan nursery ditutup? TAK DAPAT SIJIL KURSUS DARI JKM. Ntah ye ke idak also I dunno coz the babysitter said by right in order for u to open a nursery u gotta get the sijil first in had baru la u start doing the next procedure. Hmm fishy huh? Can u just imagine how angry and frantic I was because I gotta find another nursery within the 24hrs because there’s no one else to take care of lil one despite the babysitter saying that the nursery will still be opened for the rest of the week. But still, I need to survey a new nursery, need to call up people, mann I was freaking angry on that day. Moreover when I was surveying Nursery B, the owner of Nursery B said she already thought the nursery was closed because she saw an advertisement in Mudah that the house is up for sale. Lagi la fishy. Ntah dorang guna alasan JKM tu as an excuse to close the nursery OR mmg dorang tak lulus pensijilan dari JKM thus they just decided to close the nursery camtu je. Hmm.

Bayangkan on the spot, I had to bring lil one along and put her in the car seat and I drove in circles to each nursery in my housing area to ask whether they can still accept my daughter. Imagine I drove for hours sampai dak kecik tu tertido by herself in the car and there’s only TWO nursery that are available. Satu nursery tu mahal nak mampus, monthly fees RM350, reg fee RM100 and OT starts at 6pm. Melampau sangat coz no matter how early me/husband leaves work I think we always need to pay for the OT charges. Melampau sangat. Dahla RM12 plak tu per hour. U lambat stgh jam ke 5min ke kena RM12 gak. That is when I decided by hook or by crook I had to choose nursery B coz I had no choice.

Nursery B (advantages)
– Since i’m already paranoid with the license issue and JKM issue I asked the nursery owner whether ada lesen ke tak sume, dah dpt kelulusan from JKM or not and luckily yes she has. Apparently these are the things to look out for when a nursery has clearance from Bomba and Majlis Bandaraya. The nursery has to be a corner lot/end lot house with a staircase outside the house (ok tu criteria bomba, nursery A pun ada ni..ok takpe accept). MBSA requires the nursery to have flagpoles with 3 flags : bendera Sgor, Msia & MBSA and you need to have a signboard with the MBSA chop. Ok this Nursery A does not have. Bila dah dapat semua tu, then baru u apply for JKM’s license. They will review on the schedule for kids and pemakanan. Tu yg dia cakap la..ntahla setuju je la.
– The way the owner speaks to me is very professional. She knows what she is doing, she has her own set of rules and activities provided for babies, she knows when to contact the parents if there’s anything needed. She employs students with background in nursing who are waiting for placement in hospital as her employees so that they know what to do kalo ada pape jadi kat bebudak ni.
– masa nak isi borang registration, ooh reg is only RM50 here but monthly fees is RM300. Ok masa nak isi she requested both parents copy of IC and also the kid’s birth cert. Ok that’s a first for me.
– OT hanyalah RM6 tu pun after 6.30pm. If you’re late within the 30mins time frame kena RM3 je..

Nursery B (disadvantages)
– This nursery is a REAL nursery. Ramai gila budak mcm zoo!
– Total amount of babies 5-6 babies. Bebudak tido atas lantai ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

That’s the main reason why lil kena demam terkejut like I mentioned in my previous posting. Even masa trial period she was tensed d whole time, she didn’t get much sleep there and she was kinda cranky. Biasala both the baby and the babysitter baru nak dapat rentak kan. Tapi terpaksa tawakal coz that’s the only nursery available. On the day that the babysitter said she is finally ok and has lessen down in her cryings and what not, dia demam la plakkkkk. Aihhh.

But this week i see that there are improvements. Dia tak stress sgt cam dulu, the babysitter said lil one meragam kalo dah nak tido je time dah ngantuk sgt other than that minum susu ok, nak ajak main bole tapi cam biasala susah nak senyum haha..i know my daughter ni mmg sangat jual mahal. That’s why terpaksa tebalkan muka bwk tilam sendiri sume because of all this la. I just hope dah ada ramai budak sume ni my daughter will toughen up la tade la memilih sgt org coz dah biasa dgn ramai org dgn ramai ragam. Dulu mmg dia sangat memilih org tapi sejak masuk nursery ni nampak cam ada improvement whoever nak dukung dia bole..tapi tah will see la huh. Sorry la entry ni panjang gile..ok back to work! huhu

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fie
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 11:43:34

    true enuff! amatlah susah mencari good nursey. as for me, bertuah la ada nursery dlm kawasan opis. still, kena jagaยฒ juga kan. kena banyak tnya kat yg bs yang jaga tu. and dkt nursery tu ada 12 babies! takleh imagine mcm mana diorang jaga, but ada ramai bs la. so far alhamdulillah he’s doing fine. demam pun tak da sgt.


  2. Farah
    Oct 08, 2010 @ 14:36:49

    Aku ni mcmne la. Xtau la bdk ni nk org ke x..skrg pun xnk…ebm pun xnk.start sethn klu die xnk formula, aku nk ajar susu lembu…

    Tu yg aku bwk die g playgroup skrg, msk swimming class supaya nk kt org later.

    Problem aku nk mencari nursery Muslim.x caye aku bab2 mkn kt matsaleh ni…blkg aku krg die sumbat pape…eeeee,..takut


  3. fizz
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 09:24:35

    mieza… same la kes kite. all of sudden tibe2 je nk return baby, and die expect petik jari je bole carik ganti. geram betul kan.

    so skang ni end up berguling atas tilam kat lantai je la beramai2. but she seems happier. tu pon dh lebih dari cukup ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. andreeeeea
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 09:52:22

    hehe i like the way you described Nursery B as being like a zoo! With your baby girl growing up among so many ppl she’ll be a friendly easy going child ๐Ÿ˜€ just need to be extra cautious that she doesn’t catch any sickies from the other kids or learn any monkey business! good to hear she doesn’t seem much stressed anymore ๐Ÿ™‚


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