I know that starting from 3 months onwards, babies will have the tendency to turn over a.k.a meniarap.

Since I delivered Afiqah, I didn’t really pay vigorous attention on her milestone because I know each baby is different and I don’t wanna let myself start comparing and stressing myself over my baby’s development over others. So I let time tell when my baby has progressed from one step to the other. The only reference I have is Babycenter’s subscription that comes to my e-mail every week to inform me on baby’s weekly development.

Tu pun sebagai syarat. Huhu.

Since Day 1,all mummies know that our babies progress from day to day. There’s never a dull day. Am I right? 🙂 Everyday is a new day whereby each day our baby will show a new move, a new sign, a new look, a new tantrum, a new personality to us.

Tanggal 1 september 2010, hehe bukan 31 bulan 8 57 darling Afiqah bole meniarap. Tu pun one sided je. Only to her right side. She doesn’t show much interest in trying to roll over to her left at the moment. For me, that’s one good progress considering she’s only in her second week of 3 months. Dia masih tak bole roll over to her back la kan..of coz la kan..mengiring pun tak reti sgt, tup2 dia sdg berusaha keras kicking her legs, shifting her butt and tupp terlangkup sudahh. Pastu terus wat muka blur. Haha.

This morning, the babysitter said at the nursery she was practicing to roll over. Luckily I had told the babysitter in advance when I sent her to take some precaution coz u’ll never know when Afiqah might roll over without them knowing it.

I managed to capture these pictures last night..huhu. Skang ni pun dia tengah mengamuk coz I’m putting her on the rocker for a while since I’m blogging. Penat tangan Mummy sayang oit dok meniarap setiap saat bila datang mood galak dia tu. Tak sempat nak angkat tangan lepas pusingkan dia, dia dah meniarap balik. Haiyoo..ini baby 6kg++ can build muscles la to me huhu.

Alhamdulillah. Sayanggg diaa. Can’t wait for more momentous moments!



aiyak terkecik gambar plak dah haha..lantak la..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. farah
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 15:04:24

    haha..cute! anak aku skrg smpi x menang tgn..keja aku asyik off tv sbb die suke sgt nk ke tv

    x lama dh anak ko nk reach byk2 milestones


  2. amoi
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 13:37:34

    miza..kira ok la anak ko meniarap awl…ramai je kengkwn aku yang anak dia hanya bleh meniarap after 5 mths…
    tapi badan mmg best…sgt pejal k…nnt aku jmpa dia, aku hug dia cukup2…


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