My respect for housewives

WAHM (working at home mum) saya tak heran because you still work but you’re stagnant at home 60-70% of the time.

SAHM (stay at home mum) yg pure housewife, not desperate hehe and her job is strictly to take care of the kids and household chores at home – I TRULY RESPECT coz 90% of your time is at home.

My 4 months 2 weeks leave is coming to an end soon. Once we finishes with our Raya break, I’ll be back to work. So, for these past few months I’ve been a SAHM and frankly speaking, I miss work. I’m not meant to be a SAHM, WAHM yes maybe..possibly if I can make my online baby attire business to reality. But to stay at home, just to take care of lil one and everyday keje aku lipat baju, basuh baju, masak, kemas rumah, uruskan budak kecik ni..oohh sungguh tidak bole. I need fresh air!

3 months maternity leave is sufficient for all mothers and it’s a good sign that many companies now in Msia is taking an initiative to approve such leave, but 4 months like my company? ooh sudah overdose ye. Yes, I truly enjoy every moment with my daughter and yes it does make the bond grow stronger since you’re the one who’s taking care of her..lelame mmg dah tau perangai dia camne but then, I kinda miss going to work eventhough my type of work isn’t really work..huhu malas nak explain here. Eventhough work sux to the max, but I admit, I still need to work to have a different set of environment as to just being at home pagi ptg siang malam. So not healthy for me. Kalo si kecik ni dah besar sket takpe..bole bwk dia kuar easily letak kat car seat and zoom off we go for some retail therapy. Ini takat nak keluar makan je pn dah angkut diaper bag, angkut thermos, angkut botol susu, warmer, angkut puting, baby carrier/stroller, towel, bantal..haa bik ko. Imagine me doing it alone just to succumb to my needs utk melilau utk seketika waktu? Selfish namanya tu. Oleh itu terperapla daku di rumah selagi sang suami tak balik lagi huhu. Tak semestinya SAHM relax goyang kaki comot sentiasa ye.

My routine starts at 6.15am, mandi sesiap. I need to do so coz both of us will bathe Afiqah. Tak mampu lagi nak buat sengsorang, dak kecik ni suka wriggling around huhu. Nak tanak si kecik ni mandi dlm kul 6.45am camtu..sian kan pepagi dah mandi. Pastu once hubby dah pegi keje, I will qada tido jap dalam sejam lbh camtu..depending on whether I need to cook or not. Kalo kene masak, by 10 pagi camtu dah klung klang klung klang kat dapur, terpaksa la buat cecepat coz my target is to siap sume by 12pm as usually she’ll wake up around that time. Kengkadang she’ll wake up earlier, terpaksa la tinggalkan dia main dgn pape yang patut kat depan sementara mak dia bersilat kat dapur. Pastu nak kene salinkan pampers dia lagi, nak layan dia lagi sejak rutin dia dah bertukar she tends to stay awake longer. Ko leteh ke tak leteh ke kene layan gak..sambil2 tu la kita melipat baju la basuh baju la itu perlu utk distress ye tuan2 dan puan2..tup2 dah petang..kena lap2 budak ni..nak sambut suami balik lagi. Time tido nak kena take note lagi, bila budak ni nak menyusu kita sorang je yg bgn bukan si suami. Nasib budak ni punya rutin dah ok, dah start tido before midnight, bgn mintak susu pn every 3-4hrs so kira waktu mlm dia bgn 2x je la. Baru rasa nak tido balik after bagi susu dlm kul 4 lebih atau 5 lebih dah kul 6..dahhh your rutin starts all over againnnnnnnnn.

So anggapan menjadi surirumah u dapat rest byk itu ialah salah ye. I can’t wait to work because I get to rest from my daily routine. At least lepas ni bz waktu pg and malam je. In between diserahkan kepada pengasuh di nursery. Sungguh tak sabar ye walaupun kena mentally and physically prepared antibody anak di sana nanti mungkin tak sekuat di rumah. Sigh.

This is what you call part and parcel of life.

Nothing is easy.


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