Serenity Spa, Shah Alam

Yesterday I had my body massage at Serenity Spa Seksyen 13’s branch. Coincidentally currently there’s a festive season promotion, thus I got a very cheap price. Instead of RM99, I only had to pay RM70 for an hour session of body massage. How’s that?? ooh bukan exactly RM70 ye..lupe plak. First time pegi spa ada govt tax total was RM73.90 kalo tak silap.

My body has been aching since the months of confinement, I knew I had to grab this opportunity before Ramadhan to have my own “ME” time, it turns out it was still a FAMILY time. We were doing some errands in the morning till afternoon, my appointment was at 2pm and I said to him it’s best if he send me right away to the Spa since it’s already 15mins to 2pm pastu balik la dengan si kecik. But instead both he and lil one waited for me in the car the whole time I was doing my massage. Huhu. Sanggup tanak balik rumah tu. He sat at the back with lil one, played with her, gave her milk and even changed her diapers taking over my job for an hour. Huhu saboo je laa. I’m rejuvenated! Lega rasanya dapat buat massage tu. Deep down I still feel that Maya is the best masseuse for me but then I had to try other places coz it’s definitely impossible for me to go there now. Pilih tempat dekat pun angkut satu family ape tah lagi jauh hehe.

As I stepped foot inside, as usual I love the Balinese instrumental music at the background. the ambience, the smell of the aromatherapy. Instantly I felt calm. As I entered the room and changed my attire, I was already sleepy, seriously I was ready for the massage coz I wanna sleep huhu. First time experience massage org pijak2 satu badan as starters. Mcm wooh ok, tetibe jadi jakun bole gak dalam hati pk “eh dorang yg tukang urut ni sure kene menten berat badan eh..mau naya kalo org yg jalan atas badan aku ni berat semcm” haha. It was a different style of massage. Lepas dipijak di seluruh badan, barula sesi mengurut di kaki bermula. Lepas tu dipijak2 lagi di kaki. Then gerak ke atas, urut2 di sana pastu dipijak2 lagi. Kriak kriuk tulangku berbunyi huhu.

After my session finished, apparently you can buy Leesa Formula’s product at a discounted price after a session. Memandangkan kite ni badan dah season, almaklumla dah beranak ni kan, kena take double action untuk menjaga kesihatan tubuh badan kita. Thus, I bought Leesa Formula’s Manjakani Intimate Sweetheart Drink for only RM28. Minum 2x sehari. Coming from someone who dislikes eating kurma, this drink is yummy..ada campuran rasa kurma dan madu. Sedap la. Laju je tuang 2 sudu besar setiap pagi dan mlm. Hehe.

Aih memcm aku ni kan. Dgn Usana’s Nutrimeal, dgn memakai Premium Beautiful lagi pastu latest dengan Leesa Formula’s Manjakani la pompuan. Demi kesihatan, demi tubuh badan, demi rumahtangga..hehehe😉 Next appointment : rasa cam nak wat body scrub + body massage🙂

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nadya
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 20:41:16

    hye mieza..i pun nak gi spa urut badan…abeh sakit badan2 ni sumer pas pantang nie…huhu best ek spa serenity tu?igt nk gi sok..hehe


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Aug 09, 2010 @ 20:42:42

      Hehe bes je I kena urut..masa awal2 tu xterasa sgt tp makin lama makin ringan je rasa bdn🙂 gi la sementara ada promosi


  2. hanieFD
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 12:19:43

    alahai, rindu jgk nak menyepakan diri huhu.
    promotion tu sampai bile eh mieza? utk ibu ngandung bole ke? huhu


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Aug 10, 2010 @ 12:28:19

      kalo ngandung rasanya hanie kene call them up and say ur condition.. even kita yg tak ngandung ni pn b4 dia ngurut dia ada tanya ada pape tempat yg dia takleh sentuh ke atau baru lepas pembedahan ke? so i guess when u call them up u better ask them whether they can cater to preggy ladies🙂

      promotion tu tatau sampai bila..kita ada tanya gak masa nak bayar, dia pn tatau..up to their bos kut hehe


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