Misi mencari nursery – accomplished!

Ok this was a very last minute thing..thanks to my aunt yg suddenly declined to take care of lil one. Nasib ku tanya masa aqiqah hari tu slot utk si kecik ni masih bukak lagi ke tak since i’ll only be sending her after Raya. From her facial expression to the way she went around the bushes with her answers, I knew that the answer was no.

Lenkali…masa anak buahmu tgh preggy jgn terlampau promote diri sangat nak jaga budak ni. Tau la kamu ni babysitter, siap cakap skang tanak jaga dak besar2 dah, nak jaga babies je..dah bagi harga sume cukup, siap tanya kitorang 2-3 kali nak ke tanak hantar kat dia..tup2 bila budak ni dah 2 bulan lebih dok wat leceh plak..haa kan dah haruuu.

Nasib ler anak buahmu ni ada 2 bulan lagi cutinya..tade la dia sentap sangat. Cuma a lil bit sentap la, coz kalo kitorang tau pasal ni masa Daddynya cuti aritu kan sonangg sket nak survey nursery. Ni nak tanak ke Mr. Google laa Mummy mencarik nursery yg sesuai utk si kecik tauuu..grrr.

The husband suggested for me to go venture out myself with lil one since our housing area has tonnes of kindergarden, daycare centres, islamic centres..u name it it’s all here..siap dah pasang car seat kat kete. But face it, Afiqah ni tak pernah naik carseat tu satu hal, another thing it’s such a hassle for me to drive from one place to the other, unbuckle her, meet the nannies at the nurseries, pastu buckle her up balik..aih lecehh lecehh..

To cut the story short, Mr Google came out with a result of this particular taska..am not going to name it here takut ownernya google hehe..ownernya ada blog ahaks..and then a few mummies in FB gave out advices on what to check when surveying nurseries, that was a big help to me coz yesterday after hubby got back from work we straight away went to this particular taska and see how it is bcoz this is what it offered over the net :

a) Comfortable rooms and playpen for babies.
(b) Television for activity.
(c) Air-cond and fan in each rooms.
(d) Toilet and facilities
(e) Toys and playground for kids
(f) Activity corner.
(g) We also do baby simulation.
(h) We also have experience in handling EBM
for those fully breastfeed babies.

This particular taska is very new, baru sebulan lebih bukak..and what I like about this is the babies sleep in an airconditioned room and each baby sleeps in its own playpen. Perfect! No  buai at all! This soo fits our criteria because we have been training Afiqah not to rely on buai at all. We don’t have any buai at home. Just the playpen and tilam. Nak tido, main tepuk2 sajee hehe. Tengok keliling dapur, yup what it stated above is what it portrays.

One nanny takes care of maximum 4 babies which for me is relatively acceptable and luckily there’s only ONE slot available for a baby..that’s why I quickly asked hubby to take us there huhu terus fill in the form. Tomorrow we’ll be going there again to talk to the owner about the terms and conditions and payment terms.

Pricey jugak noo area Shah Alam ni..RM300++..aihh what to do sayang..ur nenek sedare ni wat lecehh heheh.

I think i’m just going to stick with this taska, am not going to survey anymore coz I’ve called about 2 other taska around my housing area sume dah penuh 😦 so alang2 yg ni tinggal lagi satu slot..terima saje la kan..

Lps ni both mummy and daddy bila jam dah cecah 530pm both kena rush kuar dari office depending who picks her up. Sorang bergegas dari Subang, sorang bergegas dari Cyberjaya huhu. Dahla nursery tu operates until 6.30pm je..Federal Highway u better be kind to us..takmo kitorang byr OT charges deyy..


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  1. newmom
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 15:36:38

    salam.. bleh tau taska yg pn anta baby tu kt maner??
    cadang nk anta baby jugak, tp thn depan, insyaALLAH


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