Baby’s day out!

Last weekend was quite a special moment to me coz :

  • it’s my first official weekend after berpantang
  • it’s lil one’s first REAL outing
  • it’s my lil bro’s birthday

As usual, my parents will come down here every fortnight to see their only grandchild and on Saturday morning, I said to them why not we dine out for lunch this time round..asyik dorang masak jee..kali ni do something different la kan since it was my bro’s birthday. The tricky part was that my mum is kinda allergic to the shopping malls here in KL. She gets migraine from it, too stuffy, too crowded, too many cars at the parking lot etc etc etc memcm la alasan dia. Since I wanted to dine either at TGI or Chili’s, I had to pick a more secluded place a.k.a BORING place to cater to my mum’s needs. Memula nak pegi Empire, both hubs and I knew it was dead boring there tp sekadar utk makan Chili’s bole la kutttttt? but then hubs was set on cakap tanakk boring sgt hehe so we opted for Subang Parade and dined at TGIF.

Berpeluh2 Mummy dok bersiap ari tu, org lain sume dah siap Mummy dok terkial2 lagi. Ape taknya, I had to siapkan Afiqah dulu then baru myself. Tu pun I had no make up on, no moisturizer, NOTHING on my face coz all of it is upstairs and I hadn’t made my official step upstairs yet since berpantang hehe. Comot gile rasa. Takpela mummy comot, anak comey takpe kui kui.

Dressing her up was totally fun coz finally I can get her “baju jalan2” out from her treasure chest hehe. Yes, I stuff all the clothes that I bought online in a bag. I have 3mths punya bag, 6mths punya bag..9mths blm lagi hehehe. Masa pakaikan dia baju I was like 3mths pun dah ngam2 ke? aiyoo kene beli baju lagi ni..hehe alasannnnnn. Tapi Carter’s punya cutting mmg kecik sket kan dear mummies out there?

U know, it turns out we spent close to 4hrs in Subang Parade. Pecah record ok if you’re going out with the grandparents. Coz my parents’s style is, dah buat apa yg nak dibuat, terus blah..tade jalan2, ronda2, window shopping gitu. Seems like my parents are comfortable with the ambience, shopping sakan plak kat Parkson, siap beli handbag tu my mum..saboo je la.

Well, masa tgh feeding her at TGI tu Afiqah had already pooped. Harum semerbak meja makan kami masa tu hehe, thus Mummy & Daddy had to dash to the information counter and asked where the Mother’s room was. I had to clean her all by myself, dah la bilik to tak user friendly. I was expecting a counter top so that I could lay her on that while changing her nappy. Turns out I had to melutut on the floor and change her on a sofa ye. Sakit pinggang gile. Dahla berak banyak. I’m so not going to drag her to the sink and basuh her poop from there. Ntahla, I was looking left and right trying to find a suitable place thinking I got it all wrong. Tapi tade pun..feeding room ada la. Toilet ada, 3 cubicles ada with a mirror, tempat letak bag, sofa and a dustbin..oh well.

Tak kisah la..yang penting we all had fun. 🙂 🙂

Afiqah’s eyes was wide open throughout the hours, observing the lightings and surroundings around her. Ngantuk tapi dok lawan mata je dia. Tak merengek sgt. She doesn’t mind being in a stroller but u have to look at her constantly la, if not she tends to get a bit cranky when she’s “left alone” in the stroller hehe.

Penat punya pasal, for the first time ever, she slept for 4hrs in between feedings at night which gave me a chance to get a much better sleep that night. Wah lenkali nak kasi dia tido lena camtu kene keluar slalue la ye? hal my dearr..mari kita merayap sesame! hehe.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 11:02:42

    Hehehe. Lepeas ni kena rajin merayap baru Fiqa tido lena ek?

    Oh i can imagine the fun masa siapkan dia. Waaaa best! Pening tak nak bagi pakai baju mana? (Wah aku cakap cam dah ada anak plak. Haha)


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Jul 05, 2010 @ 11:04:44

      hehe i guess so..dia mcm leteh semcm je lepas sampai rumah..

      aku siap pk 24hrs in advance baju apa nak pakaikan dia..sejuk ke tak ke, stokin nak matching kaler pe dgn mitten..memcm la hehe


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