Useful books for dummies like me

For a first time parent, everything is completely NEW to me. Honestly speaking, I do not have the “parenting skill” in me. I don’t like kids, never touched a baby let alone a newborn..I prefer to watch and look what people do but never wanna get involve. Ni sume keje Tuhan, when the biological clock starts ticking, that’s when you know you’re ready to become one. Slowly I see the change in me. I like to see couples with kids in shopping complexes, I like to know how pregnancy is like and suddenly hubs nephews and nieces were not a nuisance to me..and now, I have my own princess to take care of. Amik kau..dulu langsung tanak amik tau pape, skang..dah jadi dungu haha. Sendiri gelar diri sendiri dungu kihkih.

Meh sini nak share some useful books for dungu like me.


A kind blogger was concern on how me and another blogger, Aida is clueless on the do’s and don’ts, the rights and wrongs during confinement. Mind you kitorang berdua masa tu dah hari ke 30 camtu dlm berpantang. Masih lagi blur, pastu slalue rasa helpless maka Twitter menjadi tempat luahan hati. Leeds recommended us to read this book so that we know berpantang tu sebenarnya macam mana. The purpose, the benefits, cara pemakanan yg sihat, senaman yg sesuai dan juga resipi yg sesuai utk org berpantang. I was already tired nak dgr kiri kanan depan blakang org cakap itu ini. Ada yg kata bole, ada yg kata tak bole, so I got sick of all verbal instructions thus decided to READ and RESEARCH by myself. Senang, tak kaco idup sesape. So, I ordered this book online. Dah nama xleh kuar umah kan..kita panggey MPH dtg ke umah hehe. Bila dah baca buku ni baru ada rasa ketenangan jiwa sket, at least I know..walaupun there are certain things that I neglect, do it the wrong way but at least this book serves as a reference for the future. Dah ada anak ke 2 nanti tade la dungu dah kan..dah jadi cerdik mcm Sang Kancil hehe.


I’m currently reading this book above. I’ve bought this book ages ago during my early pregnancy, bole gak la terlupa I have this book lying collecting dust at my bookshelf. Nasib teringat. When I started reading, terus xleh letak tu buku ni. Just like the cover of the book says, the author really gives u an honest guide with a witty way of explaining scenarios on how to cope and handle our baby’s first year.  From nappy changing to breastfeeding to getting ur baby to sleep to preparing your child with your solid food..sume ada laa 🙂 The best thing is, it’s like reading a Sophie Kinsella’s book. Her British, witty sense of humour really can make you smile while reading this book. Highly recommended!

c) Mama, Saya Lapar: Berkongsi Pengalaman Mengenai Pemakanan Berkhasiat untuk Anak-Anak

Talk about early preparation! haha from the day I knew Wardina had released her own book I was ready to pounce MPH to buy this book. This time round I asked hubs to buy this book for me. Seriously it’s cheap. RM19.90 for 166 pages. How’s that? I really like the presentation of this book. It’s full of pictures with pictures of her and her children, it’s colourful, it’s very informative and the wordings are simple. When you read the book, it’s like she is talking to you. It’s like she is blogging but published in a book. Get it? I’ve only skimmed through this book, because this book focuses on pemakanan kan..dak kecik comey ni tau makan susu je hehe. Talking about susu there is a section on breastfeeding too. Baru ku tau the breast milk in the morning is cair, while at night it’s pekat utk mengenyangkan baby ketika tidur. Huhu dungu mode! I totally respect Wardina in this part, 100 bottles a day of EBM. Gila pumping machine tahap gaban la. *pegang breast rasa ngilu kena suck 100 x with a pump* The reason I bought this book is for my early preparation once Afiqah reaches 5-6mths old. Tak lama lagi tu. It’s when I’m about to start work again. I know if I buy this book when I start working, alamatnya berhabuk laie la buku ni kat bookshelf.

Do u have any good reading materials to share with me on parenthood?


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  1. Mommy D
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 14:24:43

    hihik…great…lepas aku beranak (in which I have to get pregnant first), aku click balik post ni hehe


  2. nariko
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 17:41:30

    nice… 🙂 will consider buy those..


  3. Dasheila
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 20:41:16

    Hi Mieza..just drop in to say hi…tmrw 1st july dah…hari pakai seluar semula utk u..hehehe..


  4. ~Reena~
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 13:06:49

    Wei, cun layout!


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