One week to go :)

I’m still here trying to curb the feeling of “mati kutu” and “sangap”. It’s my 2nd week of pre-maternity leave and today marks my 39th week of pregnancy, thus exactly a week to go till my due date!

How’s my feeling so far? still the same..neutral. It just came to my realization that I’m due in 7 days time haha..*baru nak dtg kesedaran* because it’s always the same answer that I give to people when they asks me when I’m due. I would always answer “24th May”. Little did I realise, 24th May is next week. Bengong.

It’s kinda frustrating idling at home coz I can’t really do much walking during the weekdays. Luckily my house is a 2 storey house, at least I can do a teeny weeny bit of exercising climbing up the stairs. Other than that, the only time I would go out is when we dine out, tu pun takat kuar masuk kete je. I can still walk..although it would hurt a bit down there..more to “ngilu” actually when u walk, u feel like pressure is put on to ur bladder and ari-ari, pastu instead of rasa sakit, u feel ngilu and pedih. If you asks me to go to last weekend’s Jom Heboh at Putrajaya pun I would! I don’t mind crowded places, I don’t mind drenching in sweat whilst walking, as long as I get my bit of exercise hehe.

Anyways, last weekend we finally khatam our dining experience at Chili’s. Tatau angin ape tah masa masuk 3rd trimester ni, I wanted to have a taste at all outlets : Tony Romas, TGI Fridays and Chili’s. Like what many ppl said, yeah it’s true Chili’s remain the best out of all walaupun Chili’s gak tempat yg paling mengoyakkan walletku, but mmg puas hati makan sana. Lil L seems to be excited as well to be out from home. Sepanjang perjalanan from home to MV and forth, ape tah lagi masa tgh makan dgn dapat 2 scoops of Baskin Robbin’s Very Berry Strawberry..mau tak gumbira VIP kat dlm perut ni..non stop bergerak 🙂

Lil L ikut perangai mummy ye..suke merayap jenjln haha..ayah dia dah pening dah..“abeh la kang dia kuar, taste dia tinggi nak makan tempat2 camni je slalue”

I simply smiled and said “takpee..kat sini kids eat for free hehe, kita gak yg untung”

Jgn last minute tukar jantina ye sayang..all these while u’ve been a gegurl..mummy pun tgh tade keje ni I’ve been going in and out of baby blogs, facebook pages selling baby clothes to pick out nice clothes for you behind ayah’s back hehe..

As for now, am just taking one day as it is, waiting for lil L to be engaged and to hope that things turn out well when the day comes..

p/s : Astro cepat la calling2 the hubs, we wanna upgrade to Astro Byond..sick and tired of watching the same program over and over again


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  1. nurul
    May 18, 2010 @ 09:39:02

    berdebar2 ni. kalu saya dulu dah bersalin dah


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