It turns out that the contributors for these items were from my team initiated by my team leader (ex-team leader now, his last day was yesterday). Last Wednesday we had a farewell lunch for him cum handover gift to me as well. The real truth behind this was only me and the buyer know what the items are..the rest of the team didn’t know that I know about the gifts so I had to act surprised when I received the gifts hehe. It was only the following day that I send a Thank You email to them (at least nampak la sket ada 24hrs gap for both hubby and I to appreciate the gifts) hehe.

Speaking of gifts, lil one seems to be very murah rezeki la lately ni. I was reading Iza’s blog yesterday and found that the Zoobies she mentioned in her blog is very irresistible and super cute! I really like the 3 in 1 concept whereby it can be a travel companion, a pillow and a blanket as well. Geram gile tgk! So I shared my enthusiasm with lil one’s mak angkat hehe..but then I said it’s a bit pricey for a toy like that. But suddenly she said she wanted to buy the Zoobies for lil one. Laaa tekejut gile I tell u..aih sayangku si kecik ni, dah kuar nanti jgn lupa say thank you to all the aunties and uncles yang dah contribute all these items for u tau. Mummy sampai serba salah dibuatnya tgk memasing sungguh pemurah kasi hadiah ni. You can see the Zoobies here 🙂 so I said to her mak angkat I want either Lilly the Ladybug or Bing the Bumbleebee.

Cute gile I tell you!

So today officiallly starts my 4 months maternity leave, 2 weeks before the due date up till 30th August. But yours truly has extended her leave for another 11 days so I’ll be coming in the office on 20th September haha.

Now all items for lil one is 99% complete. Tinggal nak beli car seat je. Kebetulan while I was browsing at LilWhiz website this morning and ada satu car seat ni yg menarik perhatianku..and it’s cheap! ada sale lagi (RM269 after less) ..pastu the location of the place is so close to my house rupenya..kat Setia I might be popping in to see the car seat rather than buying it online. Jimat delivery cost kan 🙂

Product Descriptions :-

  • Suitable from newborn to 4 years ( 0 to 18 kgs )
  • 5 point security harness
  • Allow rear & forward facing
  • Internal cushion for extra comfort
  • Breathable fabric reduce the heat for tropical weather
  • Car seat weight : 8kg

apa lagi…shopping lagi kita! hehe daaa


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    May 08, 2010 @ 11:42:02

    I’ve found out about Zoobies masa baca blog cravyeverafter dulu. Memang comel! Baru fikir nak beli Zoobies kat Lil L. Hehe. Ok now have to think benda lain.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      May 08, 2010 @ 11:54:46

      Hehehe..hang pn pk nak beli ke?alalala tatau plak aku hik2..aku ketandusan baju utk si kecik ni 🙂 age 3mths abv mmg xde nk wat stok raya lg huk


  2. farah
    May 10, 2010 @ 09:33:16

    aku ada zoobies yg tiger..bought it when i was 6 mths pregnant & mmg berbaloi bli..aku gune all the time masa adrian was hospitalized as his blanket & alas utk bf…and letak kt hospital supaya die slalu bau aku walaupn aku dh blk umh


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