37 weeks : full term sudah :)

If all goes well, by right this week I should be in my 37th week and lil one inside should now be prepared to face the world, provided that her head is already engaged, but as per last week’s check up, no signs of that so far.

A few people mentioned to me that my “perut dah turun”. The only difference I felt since teguran itu ialah now the kicking has started to feel at the lower parts of my body, dulu bebetul ticklish kat area diaphragm tu, skang dah mcm ke bwh sket 🙂 I dun mind, I love her kicking and squirming inside me, at least I know that she’s ok inside.

Besides that, am not entirely sure on Mr Hicks’s activities. Ada ke tade pun rasa sama je haha. Dis is mummy-to-be yg slamber ye. Perut mengeras ialah perkara normal, usually happens at 6pm above. Dulu bila perut mengeras+baby tgh bergerak = uncomfortable. If it happens while I’m walking, I have to take a 5-10 sec pit stop, static jap to let the uncomfortable feeling go away. Now there’s an additional feeling. Mengeras+baby bergerak+rasa mcm ditekan kat area pundi kencing = tatau nak pegang mana, perut ke ari-ari ke VJJ area haha.

This is my last week at home. Am very grateful to the Almighty for giving me the strength and perseverance needed throughout the 37 weeks of carrying lil one in me. Am very thankful to lil one as well for such good behaviour especially during office hours. Mmg dia buat hal dia je, kalo dia rasa tengah dlm gedik mode, dia akan bergulingan seskati dia, tendang mummy dia kiri kanan..tapi kalo dia rasa penat, dia akan dok diam. Time lunch dia teman mummy makan skali, sesekali je perut akan mengeras.

Lil one knows bila kami akan bergerak balik ke rumah. Mmg takleh dinafikan her car ride home yg byk menguji kesabaran aku, but then at least I know she’s excited to go back home just as much as I do. Bila sampai je rumah, mmg pergh perut mengeras tak hingat. Terkedek-kedek haku nak berjalan dari kereta ke pintu umah menahan sakit. She’ll continue doing this till Maghrib. So, kalo nak makan luar lepas Maghrib tu terseksa sket haku coz mengeras kan..nak makan pun rasa senak je perut.

Another thing I noticed about lil one, she won’t rest till I stop doing whatever I’m doing. So, even if I don’t feel sleepy after 10pm, I still need to get into my sleeping position..amik mood, golek², suruh ayah dia turn down the volume of the TV, tutup lampu or paling tidak pun tutup perut dgn comforter pastu oh I can’t move much. This is indirectly cara-cara mendodoi lil one utk tido hehe. Belum kuar lagi pun kene dodoi ek..yer tu la anak kami.  Pastu nanti slowly u’ll notice that the squirming and the benjolan di perut akan subside, meaning that dia pun dah amik mood tido huhu. Tapi kalo kita terbersin atau terbatuk..alamatnya kene re-dodoi dia balik la..haha.

She’s also an early riser, bangun when the alarm rings. Tapi masih dlm keadaan mamai coz semasa solat Subuh, there’s just some minor movements inside KECUALI kalo ayah dia dah start his morning sneezing session..aih tu mmg xleh nak elak. Memang I will feel a big jolt in my tummy. Agaknya lil one ngamuk “ayah ni bising arr pepagi butaa..nak titonn” hehe. Official wake up time I presume around 8 ish kut..depending on how active I am that morning.

Is the baby routine the same once she steps out to face the world? ntahla..tu kene tanya the mummies out there. Tapi kalo rutin dia tetap sama mcm dlm perut, alhamdulillah..tade la rasa cam zombie sgt kut.


Hahah..we just have to wish for the best kan?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    May 03, 2010 @ 17:51:10

    So anytime je la kan sekarang? Hehe. Good luck bebeh! Moga segalanya dipermudahkan!


  2. Farah
    May 03, 2010 @ 23:48:06

    Aku dl slalu gle bgn awal smpi weekend pun nk bgn awal..lepas subuh mmg xleh tdo la.nk dijdikan cite Adrian skrg waktu subuh dh bgn n xnk tdo2.

    Aku mcm “argh, nape la aku dl suke bgn awal, kn Adrian dh ikut”…

    Suke ht je aku assume tu…


  3. andreeeeea
    May 04, 2010 @ 16:30:36

    May God bless u and your family with a smooth transition, mieza 🙂 looking forward to seeing the lil one!


  4. peah
    May 06, 2010 @ 18:05:52

    Semoga dipermudahkanNYA…amin.. 🙂


  5. zila zul
    May 06, 2010 @ 19:32:05

    i pray for u to have an easy labor and less fussy baby…Amin.
    apa-apa pun, nasihat org tua kena ikut n trust your naluri keibuan
    take care 😉


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