My Dear Warehouse sale

Just wanna give a quick update on the warehouse sale which I went last weekend. More details of location and products offered at website shoppingnsales ye.

This warehouse sale for me is more suitable for parents which have infants or toddlers as the items sold are more towards that age group. There were some playpens available, about 3-4 playpens, strollers mmg banyak, bouncer ada a few gak for us parents-to-be ni. If you all do not have a particular criteria on those items, prefer to purchase it at warehouse sales, dipersilakan. You can get a good bargain from the sale.

But for me personally, I came back empty handed because we already know what brand we’re gonna get for stroller, playpen, bouncer. So, mcm malas nak mengusya My Dear’s items, kang bikin serabut je. Hehe, akhirnya ended up beli ice cream kat Mat Bangla tu je coz I was sweating like mad that day haha.

Kalau korang dah bersemangat waja nak beli sesiap walker for your child, dipersilakan gak coz leh dpt murah. RM20 for a walker huhu camne tu? tapi kitorang tak beli la..mende tu lambatt lagi bole beli.

Mind you, there’s no signage or directions ye en route to that place. Luckily a day before, I had asked my colleague for directions ke sana. Bila dah nak sampai je, there will be a red lorry with a signage on its body tunjuk arrow besar mana warehouse tu. Hehe. I’ll try to recap the direction from memory ye..kertas tu ada dlm kete daa..

If you’re coming from IOI Mall, just go straight and head for Putrajaya. Once you have passed Tractor, DHL sume tu, maintain left coz you will need to go up the flyover yg ada tulis exit Kg Bharu Puchong, Putra Perdana, Bukit Puchong if I’m not mistaken. Take a right and go straight, straight and straight. 🙂 You will pass about 2-3 traffic lights, after the 2nd traffic light you will see Petronas on your right. You’re already at the Meranti Jaya zone. Continue going straight. Then you will see a blue and white factory named George Kent. Take a right and right, kat situ dah bole nampak dah lori merah tu..nanti nampak kete bebyk parking tu..haa situ la tempat dia ye.

Have fun shopping! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nurul
    Mar 09, 2010 @ 13:21:43

    tak penah pi baby sale nie. walker rm20 biar benar jenama apa ye?


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Mar 09, 2010 @ 14:16:24

      jenama my dear la rasanya kut..dah nama pun warehouse MY DEAR kan..hehe tapi tu la kita tak concentrate sgt la area tu, yg plg murah i see around rm20-30..ada yg up lagi tp nampak jadi cam rebutan para ibubapa je walker tu


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