Babymoon Part 2

Ok, tade la part 2 sangat. Pegi pun satu malam je, tp saje nak pecahkan crite tu..penat mengupload and resizing pics hehe.

Since I didn’t have a good night sleep due to lack of air in the room (as most of u probably know, hotels in Cameron do not have aircond, fan pun imagine sleeping at night with no air?) I woke him up early so that we can head for breakfast and jalan² to finish off our mission. Sejuk gila breakfast kat luar! Even the mat salleh pun were all covered up with jacket and scarf.

Dgn memasing yg tak mandi ni, kitorang headed to Kea Farm for our morning spree membeli sayur-sayuran. At the night market itself you can find fresh vegetable but we were afraid that it might not be fresh by the time we head down to KL, so we decided to buy it the very next day.


awal lagi masa ni blm masuk kul 9, org pun belum ramai


Since hubby wants to buy for the MIL and also for ourselves, so kat cni bleh borong berbungkus² at a cheap price. Since he is the chef of the house now, I let him do the picking and me to take the pics. At the night market the day before, kitorang mencarik barang yg dipesan by my SIL who is currently 2mths pregnant. Dia pesan asparagus la, limau besar² tu la..memcm. Kitorang sendiri pun tak reti makan asparagus. Huhu.

Dah setel sume pembelian, it’s time to do what I want plak. Pluck my own strawberries! Dah lama sangat teringin nak buat ni. Again kalo dgn parents, mmg diboh layan, so sang suami la menjadi mangsa at the Strawberry Farm. Kitorang kena petik at least 1/2kg and it costs us RM15. Mcm dlm Amazing Race je rasa kene menyelit celah² pokok sambil trying to balance myself on the narrow wooden plank while holding the styrofoam. Sungguh mencabar. But I had fun and the strawberries we picked tastes much nicer than the ones we bought at the night market. Lagi manis, lagi besar..yummy!





heh..tu je la kitorang buat before checking out. Otw back masih gigih lagi nak mencarik bunga ros atau orkid tp tak berjaya gak..aih takpela nak wat time. Nanti lil one dah besar sket, pasti akan bwk dia ke sini!

Nota kaki :

puas amik gambar pakai camera ni..tu belum pakai DSLR lagi, mesti lagi tajam pics.


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  1. hanieFD
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 11:39:44

    wahhh bestnyer ke cameron!!!
    bile ade kat sana, mcm2 nak beli…heheh
    mmg nak kesana lagi..dulu pegi belum kawen lagi…dah kawen sure lain pulak pengalamannye huheuhue 😀


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