Weekend with the inlaws

Christmas Day is my youngest SIL’s birthday. Untung dia satu dunia celebrate birthday dia hehe.

Since it’s the long weekend, the family decided to have a makan-makan session at home. We stayed a nite at the in-laws.

SIL no 2 sponsored steamboat.

BIL no 1 sponsored BBQ, his wife marinated the beef and the chicken herself before bringing it to the in-laws.

I sponsored the birthday cake. It’s a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese topping with almond, carrot and dried orange peel inside. Skett lagi nak rasa sama dgn Secret Recipe punya. Sedap! Dah serasi dah dgn akak ni, this is my 4th time ordering cake from her, senang deal sesame org Shah Alam 🙂

On Boxing Day we went to Aquaria KLCC. Initial plan was to go to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang but since the weather did not permit, we headed to Aquaria. Lagipun it’s the first time my in-laws jejak kaki ke sana, me and BIL no 1’s wife were the tour guide hehe, hubby became the official photographer. 11 adults and 4 kids..pergh satu rombongan cik kiah. Sian dorang tekejut dgn pricing makanan kat KLCC’s food court hehe. BIL no 2 slamber badak la amik makanan kat booth mamak ni with SIL no 1, skali dorang berdua kena charge RM44! Gila kan?

Maleh nak bercerita dah..enjoy the pics and see my ketembaman hehe.

from left : SIL no 2, MIL, SIL no 1, SIL no 3 (birthday gurl), BIL no 1, SIL no 2’s husband, FIL [missing BIL no 2, no 3 and my husband]

tembam tak hingat! me with BIL no 1’s wife..the person I can confide in 🙂

the junior of the family, Durrah Hannah. Pas ni tunggu kehadiran lil one ye hehe leh amik gambar bertiga mcm ni plak

bak kata hubby, “eh² yang u lagi pendek dari Lya ek?” ceh. yes i know, i’m short and chubby. Kalah with a 17 yr old kiddo huhu who’s wearing my top coz I can no longer fit in it 😦


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  1. ~Reena~
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 11:56:51

    Sedapnya BBQ!

    Time cuti sekolah memang ramai pi Aquaria. Selalu lalu situ ulang-alik KLCC-Pavilion.


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