New Moon




and this is coming from a Twilight fan u know..

It’s not surprising coz when I finished reading the book eons ago, I already said to myself if this book is going to be turned into a movie, it will be very, very dull coz it involves a lot about feelings, Bella’s depression, termenung sana, termenung sini, wat keje gile sana, wat keje gile sini..her constant angau-ness over Edward which I find very ridiculous.

Ok I sound biased coz I’m on Team Jacob by the way haha. From the 2nd book onwards, it’s Jacob all the way bebeh. Who’s on the same team as me? keyboards up! Jacob lagi tough kan..Edward tu sememeh je, memanjang menyusahkan Bella haha. And like my fren said “penat la aku tgk kat wayang tu kes 2 jantan berebut pompuan”

I really pitied my hubby and the other viewers in the cinema whom are watching the movie as it is without knowing the whole storyline from the book. There was this guy who actually yawned out loud about 4-5 times during the whole movie. Huhuhu serious kesian. Dah tahap tak sampai ati smp I had to say to my husband who was obviously influenced by the yawning guy “takpe, sket lagi ni..kalo kat buku dah tinggal suku dah ni..sabar ek. Jap lagi abeh”

But hey..chin up people. Eclipse would be much, much better..Jacob lagi terserlah dlm buku ni. Nyum! hehe.

For those who haven’t watched New Moon..I’d say you better read the book to feel connected to the characters, beli DVD haram pun takyah..hehe.


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  1. dizzyfly
    Dec 08, 2009 @ 11:18:15

    For a Twihard fan, aku pun ckp boring. Twilight aku boleh tengok berulang kali tapi New Moon, sekali sudah la. Aku malas mau tgk. Aku dahla tak suke perempuan yg dok depress over a guy. Ceh. Pastu cannot make yup her mind. Another ceh.


  2. leeds
    Dec 09, 2009 @ 02:35:19

    hehe boring2 pun i tgk dua kali hahaha.

    the first one jiwang, yg kedua ni lebih emo but i rasa perasaan dia menikam. terutamanya between bella and jacob, teringat la zaman2 cinta tak kesampaian haha but still tak puas sbb tak sedetail mcm buku.

    cant wait for eclipse.


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