A lil note to lil one..

Dear lil one,

Last night the three of us; lil one, daddy and mummy went to see Atok, Nenek & Pak Chu at KLCC right after mummy arrived home from work. It was raining the whole journey back from work and I knew the roads would be jammed en route to KLCC. Mummy’s concern was only for your well being as you’re used to having your dinner by 7pm but we had to extend our dinner time till we reach our venue. Mummy was already cranky when Nenek called up asking where we were when Mummy have jussstt entered the house to change her attire. Nak mandi pun tak sempat, and knowing Mummy the first thing I would do each time I arrive home from work or anywhere is to have a shower. Rimas dear..nanti lil one ikut perangai Mummy eh, jgn ikut perangai Daddy, atuk, nenek, Pak Chu yg bole berilek sakan depan tv berjam2 dgn baju yg sama b4 having their shower πŸ™‚

As expected, the journey from our house to KLCC took 1 1/2hrs due to the jam. Dah la Daddy pakai perfume Tommy yg sgt busuk bagi Mummy. Sepanjang masa Mummy kene tutup hidung dgn lengan sweater tu, dahla Mummy dah kena jangkit selsema from Daddy..tu pun xleh filter lagi bau perfume yg harum semerbak tu. Salah Mummy jugak..a few days back Mummy ckp bau tu sedap out of all perfume yg Daddy pakai, so Daddy ingat he is the most handsome guy in d world la last nite but this time round oooh not acceptable dear, not acceptable~! Mummy rasa cam nak suruh Daddy strip himself out from the sweater and throw it out at the Federal Highway je..yes, I was that cranky. Nenek called AGAIN asking where we were..kita baru je melepasi Midvalley masa tu..arghh tension~! Luckily my estimation that we’ll arrive in 30min was correct..tu pun after Mummy ask Daddy to hit the pedals and swerve from left to right hehe. Daddy plak kejenya dok usap perut Mummy je sambil drive and he asked the both of us to be patient..jappp lagi nak sampai katanya.

Atok & nenek ada keje kat KL Convention Centre pasal tu dorang sume ada kat sini sayang..Daddy tau Mummy homesick, dats also why he was so eager to let us go to KLCC when Mummy was already drained out from driving and hidung tersumbat. We all ate at Manhattan Fish Market last night. Bagus la lil one ni..suka makan ikan ye. Mummy yg request nak makan situ. Since Daddy fobia makan ikan dat looks physically like a fish, yes he is DAT weird..hehe, dia sorang je makan Grilled Platter for One..fish tu bentuk nugget, kurang la sket features dia. The rest makan fish & chips je. Dah lama gileeeeeee Mummy tak makan sini. Memula cuak gak coz I cannot stand the smell of food outlets at shopping complex but yesterday both of us could accept it. Alhamdulillah, kenyang kan kita berdua syg πŸ™‚

Nenek ajak singgah hotel kejap. Hotel Impiana namanya..while the rest lepak2 in the room, Mummy being typical Mummy said to Nenek yg Mummy nak mandi! hahaha. Bila lagi kita nak mandi air panas kan..kat rumah tade water heater, bila balik umah atok nenek je baru kita dpt rasa air panas..bes gile mandiiiii..at 10pm we said our goodbyes to them, coz we need to head home. Daddy has to work today, Mummy dpt green lite dari bos Mummy utk cuti arini..hehe bukan Mummy nak cuti pon tp dia bagi..oh citenya panjang sket, tp kesimpulannya I’m typing this from home πŸ™‚

Oh this is supposed to be a short note kan..ngee tp biasala reputation Mummy dlm my blog ni suke meleret panjang sket..kalo tak panjang tu tak sah kata kawan2 Mummy haha..Daddy pun malas nak cek blog Mummy pasal hal ni la..huwaa wat to do sayang..kenot find a full stop yet la.

Ok nak abeh dah ni…arini result UPSR kuar. Pak Chu yg amik periksa tu..hopefully by the time you’re his age, UPSR tu dah dimansuhkan ye hehehe. Buat saspen Mummy je nanti lil one nak periksa besar. Hiks. Pak Chu ni, kalo lil one nak tau is a 12 year old kid but still acts like a Standard 1 kiddo. Slalue akak, atok and nenek mati akal coz slamber dek dieee je whenever he does things esp on his studies. Dia dapat 78 pun dia bangga coz last time round he got 76. Bole tak camtu? tsk tsk…dulu Mummy masa sekolah rendah, atok slalue pressure Mummy. Result sume kena 90 – 100. Kalo ada yg terkucil dpt 85, terketar-ketar Mummy bila masuk kete nak bagitau result. Tp dgn Pak Chu ni he is soo damn lucky coz he is consistently unpredictable that atok malas nak amik port dah..cit. To prove my point, he got 5As today for UPSR. Haha mcm klakar gila coz everyone’s reaction from atok, nenek, Mummy and even Daddy himself sume ckp HAHHHHHH when we got the news. Nenek went HAH when Pak Chu’s teacher called her up, I went HAH when Pak Chu smsed me and Daddy also went HAHH when I called him hehe..dat is your Pak Chu dear…now we all have to crack our heads what to give him for his surprising achievement..tapi again Pak Chu is one lucky lad, baru bape minggu abeh UPSR, atok & nenek dah bwk dia pegi UK to visit your…your ape eh..well, my cousin hehe. Kira yg pakcik sedare la kan? Kalo Mummy la….tadenya dpt dat luxurious treatment. Pfft..Mummy punya proposal nak beli Honda City for the 3 of us pun dah kene reject 4 kali dah dgn atok..camne ni lil one..nanti lil one kuar pujuk sket atok tu suh lembut ati sket bleh hehe..kita kikis duit dia nanti time raya eh..hik hik hik.

Okla mummy stop here ye. Arini tetibe mummy muntah balik la..nape eh lil one? mummy pun mcm confused, pasal angin and migraine ke pasal 2nd trimester ni? kita kan dah stop puking since 3 weeks back..musykil, musykil. Lil one be a good baby ye…jgn meragam sgt. Mummy tetiap hari migraine sejak sebulan ni..part of the pregnancy process, penat tau huhu. Till next time…

With lots of love,


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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    Nov 19, 2009 @ 16:58:16

    Congrats to ur bro!


  2. dizzyfly
    Nov 20, 2009 @ 10:11:43

    Kalau ko MUMMY, aku leh accept lagi. Krul jadi DADDY? ok, aku guling-guling atas tanah skrggggg. aritu bukan main kutuk aku jadi mommy-daddy. ha ha ha. kompom kembang kempis idung laki ko bila bahasakan diri DADDY kan? hehehe


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