Goodbye 1st trimester!

Finally..after 5 1/2 months of marriage, I finally have a Sunday to myself. Those who know my routine is clearly aware that Sunday afternoons are always at my in-laws every, single week so finally having some time away just for myself and for us at our messy crib here is certainly a bliss. I guess that’s why my blogging mood is back after a long hiatus. I just can’t seem to find any ideas to blog, because honestly speaking once you get pregnant single ladies out there, your mood swings is unpredictable that you yourself don’t know how to cope especially when you feel down, mmg tahap ke lubang cacing punya down. Thank you Edward for understanding that your Bella sometimes have to tolerate reading her best fren’s luahan hati yg depress over Gtalk during office hours when you guys are busy preparing for your wedding.  🙂

Yesterday was a good day for me. It was my 3rd monthly check up with the gynae, and this time round I had to amik darah..(Cik Dizzyfly : 3 tubes of blood ye heheh..please be prepared!) I was already tired from blood test sebenarnya coz for the last few weeks I’ve been in and out of the clinic for my company’s medical check up. Nama pun keje dgn W*H*O, health freaks like them wants all employee to take a medical check up every 2 years. Tapi yang ngoknya, the first doctor that I went to tak reti amik darah. U know my arms kene poke 6 freaking times utk amik just 1 tube of darah..3 times on my left arm, 3 times on my right..pastu memandai ckp urat aku kecik. Choyy. Akhirnya lebam seminggu. Masa lebam baru nak reda, dpt call balik dari clinic tu, they said my wonderful company has a new regulation that they want ppl to take another blood test for Hepatitis A another round of poking! Luckily I got a lady doctor dis time round who knows how to take blood, skali amik setel. Skali tup2, monthly check up dgn gynae plak..mmg la skali poke je tp dok amik sampai 3 tube sampai my arm once again is bruised mcm penagih dadah. Dah bosan tgk syringe and blood I just laid my head on the table while the nurse did her job. Tetibe plak dia concern tanya “rasa pitam ke puan?” huhu..I said, “tade la..penat”. SANGAT.

Anyways back to the check up, weighing time is always the dreaded part for me coz I know my weight range now is between 49-50kg. 1st check up – 50.6kg, 2nd check up – 49.8kg, 3rd check up – 50.2kg. Kali ni the nurse tak tgk the scale when I weighed, she just waited at the I cheated a bit when she asked what my weight was. Dgn muka confident I said “50kg” and she said “tade point ye puan? 0.1 ke 0.2 ke?”. While maintaining a straight face, I shook my head. Huhu..menci aaa tgk weighing scale..rindu itu 46kg.

During the ultrasound, it was such a momentous time for both my husband and I. For the first time, we could see the baby now having its own features. Dah ada kepala, ada back bone, ada cute lil arms and legs and the baby was in a membongkok position. Ingatkan the baby would be static. Rupenye our lil one was very active that morning..cutee sgtt coz dlm keadaan membongkok tu dia sebenarnya mcm tgh dlm position ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! position except d baby is not running la of coz. DUH. Suddenly we saw our lil one’s legs rise high up kicking its way in mid air..pastu dia membongkok balik..and the lil one did d same thing again..and again hehe geli hati a floating lil astronaut having a fun time on its own. Gynae pun ckp “aktif ye dia pagi ni..bagus, a good sign”

Because of that, the gynae said this time round it is much clearer to estimate the due date and instead of being at 11 weeks, I’m already approaching 14 weeks. Dah masuk 2nd trimester pun..alhamdulillah 🙂 and babai to my wedding date, the new revised due date now is 19th MAY 2010. (makin dekat dgn Reena & Amoi’s birthday je ni..hehe jgn anak aku degil mcm korang udah ahaks..!)

I was happy too on that day coz finally I get to see a movie after suchhhh a long wait to see one, slama ni asal reserve tickets je mesti ada some upcoming plans that the movie has to be postponed. This time round, I don’t care I paid more excuse dah from hubby..kene layan jugak movie ni no matter what dah byr dgn credit card ni! We watched 2012..mmg cite ni best if you’re the type who likes movies such as “The Day After Tomorrow “, “Armageddon”. The 2 hours is packed solid with action and very much realistic that kita bole sedikit sebanyak terbayang how Hari Kiamat will be like..bole insaf kejap la hehe. Of coz there are parts yg mcm tak masuk akal sket, but it’s worth the watch 🙂

And…also I decided to get creative again like the good old days like what a good old fren said to me a few days back. I decided to do my lil scrapbooking project of my own..tade la gempaq mana pon, beli sketch book, some stickers and ribbons and felt tip pens and start doodling over it huhu. My lil project for my lil one..dari tade pape nak buat kan? dah ada 3 gambar scan lil one..baik kita compile buat scrap book..nanti bila dia dah besar sket bleh tunjuk kat dia 🙂 Daddy pun dah sumbangkan a few words in the scrap book dgn tulisan comot dia tu huhu asal bole lerr…


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nad
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 08:47:13

    sile la lahirkan die 17mei2010..biar bday die sama dgn aunty nad ok! ahaha :p congrats miza!


  2. ~Reena~
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 10:30:16

    Kahkahkah! Sempat kutuk aku tu. Sapa lahir 15 Mei dia mesti comel lebih daripada biasa. Haha.

    MAk aihhh bape kali nak amik darah ni?


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Nov 16, 2009 @ 13:41:37

      bape kali amik darah? to the extend dah bukan lebam dah lengan aku ni mcm dah ada blood clot je coz dok cucuk tang tu je huhu


  3. coffeeaddicts
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 11:18:39

    wowww… u r much ealier than me la, mieza!
    hehee… kesiannye kene asik amik darah je. i pun baru je lepas 3rd checkup last saturday. ingtkn dah kena amik darah suma, skali belum lagi. nxt month kot… last sat amik urine je.
    btw, i suke saat2 timbang tu. hahaa.. boleh tak? sbb i rasa penimbang kat hospital tu tak brape betul. kurang 1/1.5kg dr penimbang umh i & my SIL’s (dua penimbang ni yg i selalu timbang) 😛
    eh, u dah decide ke nak bersalin kat mana? antenatal class u dah pegi ke?


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Nov 16, 2009 @ 13:44:30

      huhu much earlier? ok now im lost..aritu u ahead of me now im ahead of u hahaha..ntahla coz b4 dis d lil one kecik bebeno susah the gynae nak estimate..asyik bagi rough figure je, kali ni dah nampak d lil astronaut, so senang dia nak amik pic and ukur d size and estimate the due date..

      i’m gonna bersalin at the same place i’m doing my check ups, at selangor medical centre now known as KPJ Selangor Specialist Centre kut hehe ntah tak bape ingat..i prefer to call it SMC heh..antenatal bukan kene pegi time perut dah boyot ke..baru ada feel sket..skang baru suku boyot


  4. dizzyfly
    Nov 17, 2009 @ 10:31:59

    hahaha comel. kick her and there. confirm ligat mcm maknya. anyway, korang ni jadi mommy daddy ke jadi mak pak ke jadi ape? hehehehehe. good to know that u had a blissful weekend 🙂


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Nov 17, 2009 @ 11:25:05

      hehe..tade la ligat cam maknya..sebenarnya masa tu mak dia tgh sgt la ngantuk and sakit pale..bila tgk d baby like dat mcm ooh total opposite hehe..terus segar bijik mata den dibuatnya..

      bab gelaran tu tatau lagi lorr………but i like d name mummy hehe


  5. redivivus
    Nov 17, 2009 @ 10:38:07

    comel. you are indeed a god writer. take a good care of the baby 🙂


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