Expect the unexpected

Initially our plan on Saturday was to go to IKEA to buy pendant lamp, survey ceiling fan (ni bukan IKEA la), pastu to go to Amcorp Mall coz I really wanna go to the recommended bookstore by a fren of mine after she read my last entry.

Hubby has an idea to revamp our dining area like the pic above..instead of the lampu kalimantan eh org panggey, ala lampu panjang straight kaler putih tuu, he wanted to have a change..nak letak pendant lamp camni but when we arrived at IKEA, it seems that these lamps can only cater up to 75W max. Kalo 75W, jawapnya mcm makan candlelight dinner je huhu. I bet my parents would not be too keen as well, tau² je la old folks prefer things to be bright. But then, setelah berpusing² carik light bulb and design yang paling sesuai, we had to settle for the pic below. Carik kaler putih jugak la yg reasonable sket, kenot fancy² nanti golap dibuatnya.

I on the other hand, is not into something fancy. I just want something to spice up the living room. Lagi pon byk frame gambar yg kitorang dpt masa wedding is still empty, not filled up with pictures. D ones that require drilling, tak drill² lagi coz hubby tak confident nak drill sendiri..pastu I’ve always wanted a shelf mcm gambar bwh ni to be put at the living room, bole letak frame gambar, bleh letak any souveniers ke kan..

Kat IKEA d famous one is LACK shelf, but we bought a different shelf in white as well. Tu pun requires drilling gak..aih beli itu beli ini, ntah bila nak gerak pon tatau. Wiring man will come dis week to pasang the lampu..at least that’s something. Frame gambar? wallahualam huhu.

Dah puas going over the budget buying unnecessary stuff at IKEA, we then headed to Amcorp Mall. Punya la ketinggalan zaman, I never knew there is a bookstore that sells updated books at a much, much cheaper price. If I din write my previous entry, I would never know the existence of that bookstore. I’ve been to Amcorp many times, but mainly for the flea market..now, I have another reason to go there hehehe. As what Sha mentioned, Book Xccess does sell books at a cheap price. Memula tak caye la gak she told me she bought 15 books for RM190. I went there not to look for novels but to look for parenting and pregnancy books which only costs me RM29.90 u knoww..I bought 2 books right away.

And yes Sha, if you’re reading this the pregnancy book that you mentioned to me mmg best. Thank you so much for recommending me of this book store, at least not all the time I have to pay a trip to MPH/Borders kan?

While I was paying the books, hubby messaged me that there is a consumer electronics fair something like dat la nearby the bookstore. So, merely I thought ok dis is gonna be boring, he’s gonna be surveying the ceiling fans and I’ll just wait outside. Tapi naluri hati ni..ewah tergerak nak masuk gak initially to look for my husband amongst the crowd but nun jauh at one corner I saw an Olympus booth. Mula la cam ahaaaaa camera! I took the flyer and continued walking. But then I saw one camera that really caught my eye and it was only RM1499..mcm wahey menarik ni..mcm kena patah balik ni. I found hubby, dragged him to the booth and surveyed the camera. Within 30min, the camera is mine! Hahaha..dah tak pk panjang dh..rembat terus! dpt voucher, dapat tripod, dapat SD card, memcm lagi la..it’s so worth the buy.  Sila la beli Olympus SP-59OUZ. 🙂

If u wanna see the spec, just go here. I dun really know how to explain it in words..face to face baru bes ckp pasal ni. http://www.olympusimage.com.my/products/compact/sp_series/sp590uz/spec/

I’m still in the learning stage to learn about my new toy. It’s a semi pro camera, meaning that I don’t need to buy external lens, there’s no need for me to rotate the lens to zoom in or out, it’s just the normal zoom like any other digicam but there are advanced features like any SLR cameras for you to upgrade yourself. Tang tu yg den masih nak blajar ni especially on the shutter. Seems like camera gempaq camni pon kalo amik gambar tetap blur huhu..I’ve asked another Olympus user and he said setting kat shutter tu kene ubah depending on scenario. Gitu la alkisahnya.

I wanted to upload a few pics that I took over the weekend tp mcm biasala laptop buat hal, kenot transfer pics huhu..it is a very user friendly camera except for the shutter part tu la. Those who are used to using digicam for many, many years it is very easy to navigate without looking at the manual. Mende yg advance sket yg terkial² gak hehe.  But overall, I am very, very satisfied with my purchase even though I din expect to buy a camera on that day. It wasn’t on the list hehe. No regrets. Credit card bill dtg, kita byr sajaaa..haha.

Coach beg? tunggu gaji ntah bulan ke berapa baru beli kut. Laptop nak antar service centre plak..kalo nasib sama mcm camera, jawapnya kena beli baru lagi..sighhhh.


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  1. dizzyfly
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 14:55:10

    Hahaha it sooo happens that we do think alike. Aku memang nak ubah lampu lain. Dah ckp dgn Edward, I dun like the original lightings. I want something warmer. Hehehe. So, tunggula aku revamp haven kami tu nanti ye. Abt the camera, it’s a good purchase especially when u’re one bloated momma hehehe. Amik la pics tu semua. Buat kenangan. U shud start on a scrap book. Pics masa muda, masa preggy and all. It would be exciting! 🙂

    ps: Nanti bgtau kedai buku which one. Tapi masa aku tepon la. Haha.


  2. ~Reena~
    Nov 02, 2009 @ 15:35:43

    Ehhh..buku tu rasa macam RM60 something kot kat Kinokuniya (if the same book la). I remember the tistle coz aku teringat kat hg masa ternampak buku tu tp x tau buku yg sama ke x.

    Good deal la camera tu! Ok la tu. Mmg totally worth it.

    Biasalah..Kdg2 kita x blh plan sgt sesuatu. Sometimes, benda yg x plan tu lah yg best & berbaloi. Hehe.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Nov 02, 2009 @ 15:40:31

      haa ye ke? u know buku cite sume harga RM17.90 u know..tp kene bersabar sket la kalo sanggup ketinggalan sket nak baca SK or Dan Brown, bleh la beli buku dorang dgn harga tu..tp kalo jenis pelahap cam aku ni hehe tak dapat la den..


  3. naja
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 07:48:31

    Kedai buku tu mmg murah mieza..Aku dulu2 ade buat entry pasal Amcorp bookstore tu ko tak perasan kot…Mmg worth it..even kalo dah sangap sangat takde duit aku bantai p beli novel RM2.90 kat situ syok je layan..P kat MPH (even kat Popular pun belom tentu dpt price macamtu ok!


  4. coffeeaddicts
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 14:53:09

    ehhh macam nak pegi gak bookstore tu. level brape mieza?
    heheee… i pun tgh cari buku pasal pregnancy nih. ada satu, tu pun colleague i bagi sbb stock kat umh dia byk… hehee
    waaa… dah ade camera baru! 😉

    a’ahhh u shud start buat scrap book, i pun rasa nak buat gak… tp gambar tak teramik2 pun…


  5. newlifenewbeginning
    Nov 03, 2009 @ 15:33:07

    i pon sama cam u gak..ntah bila nak start scrap book tu..nanti2 la bila perut dah start menonjol hehe…

    bookstore tu kat top floor..naik2 je escalator tu u will see it..kalo naik lif it’s level 3 🙂


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