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Kali ni tukar topic plak. Nak pokpek pasal buku cite. What books do you like to read during your childhood years and now?

As for me, when I was young I went to the kindergarten at the age of 3. Yup. 3 years old at Tadika Koperasi Minden, USM. Tadika yang sangat glemer coz majority sume anak² lecturer hehe. I like this tadika a lot coz it teaches you both English & BM at the same time. At that time it was considered gempaq la compared to now, nak blajar Mandarin, Arab, sume bole blasah kan? So, basically the first book series that got me glued was Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme – Peter & Jane book with the famous sentence “Here is Peter. Here is Jane. Here is Pat the dog” haha.

There are 12 series in total with a grade of a, b, c. So, during the 3 years of preschool, my kindergarten mates and I were competing against each other on who will reach the highest level. I think I did manage to reach level 12. I can’t remember but I remembered how eager I was bringing the book back home and practice reading it with my mum coz esok nak baca depan teacher bole dapat star! haha. I would be soooooo happy when the teacher said “Ok, here’s your next book to read” pastu tgk grade dah naik from A to B to wah terer haha.

When I was in primary school, I became an Enid Blyton fan. My collection of books was exactly like the main picture above. I really followed every series of hers from The Famous Five, Malory Towers, St Clare’s and her other books. Moreover, the trend for my primary school was for those who got Top 3 position in class got to choose their own prize and it’s usually in the form of books. Masa kekecik aku ni scorer hehe slalue dpt no 1, so I got to grab the Enid Blyton book before anyone else does. Hik hik. Tapi dpt merasa peluang ni sampai darjah 4 je, pastu dah fly p UK.

Ahaa another book that I am into is Hardy Boys, the English and Malay version. That is the only Malay book that I read. I wasn’t into any Doraemon comic books ke Satria Baja Hitam apekejadah tu..nope, not a fan at all. Kalo layan cartoon pun sume cartoon English and Sesame Street huhu. Nancy Drew books gue tak kenan sgt, I guess I prefer boys compared to girls kut? Haha.

When I was in the UK, I became hooked with Roald Dahl’s book. Tau² jela org sana, dorang lebih menggalakkan the students to read books by their authors as it was incorporated in the school’s syllabus. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was the first book of his that I read, then it went to the other books. I think my fav book is Matilda.  I hated all the drawings in his book though. Mcm cakar ayam huhu.

There are of coz other books that I like to read,  but somehow I’m more prone to be glued on authors that publishes book series. At least each time I have another book to buy, to borrow, to read. When puberty hits, I started to like The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley series. I dunno kat Malaysia kat UK there was a TV series for both The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High. Sangat suka tengok. Sangat suka dengan watak Jessica hehe.

When I came back to Malaysia, I started to abandon my books coz I had to focus on textbooks & buku rujukan Sasbadi huhu. Urghh the dreaded Malaysian education system, terus bikin gue hilang semangat membaca. Some more the books in Malaysia is DAMN EXPENSIVE. Library pon tak user frenly. Dulu masa kat UK, we were allowed to borrow 8 books per person. Ni public library ye..bukan school library. So imagine how heavenly it was for me to read from one book to the other for free. Huhu. Pastu bila balik Msia ada misi kena improve  my BM. Improve la sangat kan coz I got hooked to majalah Remaja haha. That was my reading material back then.

University level plak is the year that I officially became Sophie Kinsella and Dan Brown’s fan. There’s no introduction needed for Sophie kan..the Shopaholic series sape yg tak tau? and yes, the trend of having novels back to my shelf has started like the good old days. Sume buku beli. As for the serious side, ever since I read Da Vinci Code, I continued reading all of Dan Brown’s book and yes, sume buku beli tersimpan elok di rumah 🙂 and now he has his new book : The Lost Symbol tp tak beli lagi coz it’s pricey.

RM99.90 ok! Aritu dah 2 kali pegang buku tu at The Borders & MPH tp akhirnya letak balik coz masa tu tgh pokai  hehe..guna alasan nak tunggu gaji. Skang gaji dah masuk, I think I will be buying it soon 😉

For me, I don’t mind if it’s in hardcover or soft copy as long as it’s by SK or DB I will buy it. I can’t be bothered to wait for the price to drop to RM35.90, if the price is RM69.90, RM99.90 so be it. Lantak. 🙂

Once in a while I will venture out from my comfort zone and read other author’s writings like The Time Traveller’s Wife coz I know it’s worth the read. Sesape yg tak baca lagi sileeeeeeeee la baca ye buku ni. I tried reading Cecelia Ahern’s book but sadly I only like P.S I Love You. Her other books doesn’t bring the same spark that SK does so I discontinued reading her books. Same goes to the author of Devil Wears Prada. Apa nama dia? Lauren Weisberger! Haa I din even finish reading that book, apetah lagi nak beli buku dia yang lain..

Senang cite..I’m a loyal reader. I stick to my favourite authors. They should be grateful they have a fan like me haha.

What about you? korang mcm aku jgk ke or main blasah je baca pape buku from any genre and authors?


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  1. andreeeeea
    Oct 28, 2009 @ 22:02:46

    i’m a huuuuuuge roald dahl fan!!!!! haha glad to meet another bookworm 😀

    omg. you mention tadika here. i was just thinking of posting an old pic of us from green group on fb and tagging us old ppl 😛 who knows maybe we can have a reunion 😉 life is going one full round so fast… in just a handful of years, your little one is going to kindergarten too 😀


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Oct 28, 2009 @ 22:05:18

      oohh please do tag!! wanna see d pic hehehe is it the one on the stairs or the usual class pic outside?


      • andreeeeea
        Oct 29, 2009 @ 09:34:52

        class pic outside 😉 can see all the guys with nicely combed hair haha! alright i’ll do it once work is less intense. The cool generation of Peter & Jane and Sesame Street 😛

  2. redivivus
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 09:01:25

    i’m not an avid fan of reading.. neither books.. tapi aku respek la orang² yang suka baca buku ni sebab pertama sekali, english vocab mmg power la 🙂 kedua sebab cara diorang berpikir ni lain sikit. well, i guess we’re a different Gemini in that way kot.

    p/s: aku suka buku Andy McNab ngan Tom Clancy je.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Oct 29, 2009 @ 10:03:10

      haha english vocab power tu once upon a time dulu la i can agree wif dat statement but now dah keje ni i’d have to admit my english is getting worst..maybe coz the office environment doesn’t require me to speaking speakong sgt..yela takkan dgn akak2 abg2 nak speaking kan..last2 ckp malay je..d only time english is practiced masa typing emails in and out during ofis hours..blogging pon in malay huhu.


  3. dizzyfly
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 09:22:28

    hahaha ko lupa ke kita selalu excited abt Sweet Valley? Gila la. Koleksi aku ada kat rumah parents aku. Hahaha. And kat Msia ada SVH okkkkkkkk. Jangan pandang rendah sgt. Lalalalala. Btw, Msia negara membangun, that’s why la buku pun bosan. Sebab more kepada buku-buku ilmiah. Buku leisure ni kurang sebab tujuan utama adalah untuk mendidik anak bangsa ke arah lebih maju. Dah maju nanti, things would be different.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Oct 29, 2009 @ 10:04:29

      eh aku tak pandang rendah la..aku confuse, ko tau la dgn otak dory skang ni..aku tak dpt recall exactly when SVH was aired, masa kat UK or kat Msia tp i think for sure babysitter’s club was during my time kat UK..hehe. tu dia tau la ko baru balik dari parlimen smlm kan..terus ckp pasal mendidik anak bangsa ape sume cukup..hehe baik cik kak!


  4. ~Reena~
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 09:52:46


    Aku dah tulis komen. Tgk2 punya lah panjang nak mampos komen aku. BAik aku tulis entry blog terus. Haha. Nanti aku tulis entry kat blog aku bagi menjawab entry hg ni. Boleh? Hihi.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Oct 29, 2009 @ 10:05:38

      laaa hang ni…type je laaa..aku slalue komen pepanjang kat blog hang slamber jee…ni terus nak buat blog entry plak..huhu saspen niiii..


  5. coffeeaddicts
    Nov 01, 2009 @ 19:18:06

    Sukeeee sgt bace buku Enid Blyton! i minat baca buku cerita neh since primary… tp masa primary tu more on malay books. Bila dah masuk 2ndry, baru la suke english book… hehee…
    I suke Sweet Valley! I think buku Sweet Valley tu among the earliest collection (english books) yg i collect. buku citer seram pn ade i baca tak silap Christopher Pike kot. dulu suke melepak kat kedai buku ngan kakak i. duduk berjam2 lama dlm kedai buku pun takpe… hihi…

    tp rasa sedih plak tgk budak2 skang – tgk adik2 sendiri sudahla. derang tak minat sgt membaca. suruh baca newspaper pn liat. derang lebih suke melekat dpn laptop, psp, ps2/3…. huhuuu…


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Nov 02, 2009 @ 15:36:43

      tu la i terlupa nak update pasal buku Christopher Pike and R.L Stine..dulu pon suka baca buku dorang gak..

      my bro pon sama..liat bebeno nak baca mum dah try bagi my old books to him pon dia tak baca..dia tau main game and tgk cartoon network je..isk


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