..AI Season 8 review..


(pics courtesy of http://farm2.static.flickr.com/)

I stayed home yesterday, not merely because I wanna watch the results show live. I did but I was thinking alang2 nak ponteng keje nak mengemas umah punya pasal, baik layan results show skali betul tak? Once the alarm at 8am rang, I quickly dashed downstairs, terus tekan 711 and layannnn. Frankly speaking it is the BEST results show ever because the 2hours was soo entertaining.

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The finale was dissapointing for me, because it was purely an Adam show. The judges too (especially the female gedik judges) were being so biased, so lentok, so gaga over Adam that ntahla for me, whatever Kris did whether it’s good or bad mcm langsung tak dipandang by the female judges. B.O.R.I.N.G. Mcm la Adam tu perform bagus sangat pon. Both of the contestants had their major and minor moments on stage tp perlu ke ko jadi gedik sebegitu wahai judges? The spectators at the Kodak Theatre tu lagi la..mcm 80% of the crowd was Adam’s fans je. Again..BORING~! For me, the best finale has to go to the Davids finale last year, it was a fair fight between David Cook and David Archuleta. This year’s finale was like watching a rerun of Kelly vs Justin, Carrie vs Bo Bice, Fantasia vs Diana DeGarmo cuma bezanya the winner was surprisingly Kris and not Adam huhu kan?


(pics courtesy of http://dailycontributor.com/ )

I, as a Kris’s supporter pun was surprised by the results but that’s not up to me to judge. It’s America’s vote.I bet within this 48 hours there will be a lot of Kris Allen haters out there..just because Adam didn’t win. Betul tak? Typical sifat manusia, it is predictable. Even the female judges too couldn’t hide their dissapointment. My argument is simple, maybe the majority of American voters wants someone decent to be the winner, not someone who must have his nail polished and eyeliner put on his eyes everytime he performs. Tengok jela performance Adam with Kiss. Ya ampun, terasa cam Heath Ledger the Joker hidup balik je. Rimasnya tengokkk. Others can argue saying that that’s his image, it’s the persona of a performer that matters. Yes. Betul. But, dah nama pon American IDOL, tu ke gambaran that you want to give to your child since this show is U rated? Kris plak mcm typical college student yg takleh berenggang dgn guitar, lagu plak jenis ala2 performance kat dlm bistro or bar on a Friday nite..but heck, wateverrrr..the decision is made. Terima saje la..at these moments while we  keep on bickering about this matter, letak status yg memcm kat Facebook, yang untungnya dua ekoq ni jugak. Bukan kita. Kita ni diibaratkan mcm Isma dlm AF la. Bagai nak rak kita sokong tapi akhirnya pulang dengan tangan kosong huhu…ni la namanya COMPETITION..tolong jangan jadi emo bole tak? (referring to Adam’s fans here). Nanti Adam tu kuar album, lagi vavaboom dari Kris silalah bersukaria time tu ye. Urgh.

 Lepas ni dah tatau nak layan ape dah. Memula Lipstick Jungle abeh, pastu AF plak abeh. Then Cinta Untuk Ain plak..hehe now Idol. Aiyaa..

Now, let’s enjoy my favourite performance of the night! Layan 3x siot smalam. 8-10am, 6-8pm, 8-10pm haha sampai dah tau this performance comes at the 40th minute of the show..amik kau!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    May 22, 2009 @ 10:23:15

    Alololo comelnya Kris punya muka terkejut tu! Rasa nak cium2 je.Skali tgk, muka ada iras Ryan Seacrest pun ada.

    I agree with yang pasal fair fight tu.Davids Finale memang best sebab aku btoi2 tak boleh nak agak sapa menang.Sat aku rasa Archuleta menang, sat aku rasa Cook menang.

    Lepas ni layan tazkirah.Hehe.


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    May 22, 2009 @ 10:26:48

    Reena: betul2, last year aku yg sokong David Cook pon mcm on my toes je, kejap rasa dia, kejap rasa Archie..tp aku rimas dengan Adam’s peminat je (especially kat Msia ni) nak mencarut2 bagai nak rak pasai Adam tak menang..aih la ada paedah ke utk buat sume tu?


  3. coffeeaddicts
    May 22, 2009 @ 21:15:25

    eh, i bru je nk buat entry pasal tv series yg berturut habeh ni.
    boring la lepas ni… prison break habis, lipstick jungle habis, AI habis… gilmore girls dh lama habis… greys anatomy pun. addddooooiii… boringnyaaaaaa

    pasal AI, memang.bestkan result show tuu!!!
    suke suke.
    part tak tahan nk gelak bila si tatiana tula.memang dh expected dia yg merangkul anugerah tu.hehee.


  4. hasanah
    May 23, 2009 @ 00:11:50

    semua benda yg i nak cakap u dah cakap, so i tukang angguk je la di sini. hehehe.


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