When is the “right time” the right time?

A mind boggling question. Do you know when is the right time for you to move on, to make a change for your own good? 

When should I jump to another job?

I’m considered stuck because I personally think I am overpaid with the working experience that I have. 2 months in HR, 2 1/2 years in Logistics, currently 1 year in Procurement (well, so-called Procurement) coz the current company is a Service Centre, so those working pon tau, kalo keje service centre ni kejenya proceeeeeeeeeeeesssing je la memanjang. So not challenging. It’s so not challenging and with the addition of the office politics, tired of the backstabbing, tired of how weak the management is thus I’ve really had enough and I wanna call it quits.


I think I’m currently overpaid for this job. 

I dunno what field should I try. Should I try a new field, should I go back to logistics? The reason I escaped the logistics and shipping world is because of the high level of stress and at that time I was finding a way to find a job that provided a good salary to help me with the wedding preparation and also good benefits  for my future.

This current company has it but I have no work satisfaction at all.

Sampai bila nak sedapkan hati pasal benefits and gaji yg tinggi and losing my skills and values as the days go by?

Will there be any companies out there willing to give me a salary of RM4000 above to me with this lil experience and knowledge that I have?

Words of advice received so far

  •  Out of the blue, my parents suggested me to further my studies. Dah nama pon keje senang gile, stress free takyah stayback sampai lewat mlm..why not do ur MBA?  Dats what they said to me.
  • Don’t change job. Stay for the salary. Stay for the benefits. No one else will give u 4mths of maternity leave, 30 days of leave, child allowance for every child you have. It’s the best job for someone who is on the way to start a family.

What do I do???

Why after 4 years they (my parents) finally decided that I can continue my studies when I am on the verge of moving on to another big step in my life. Dulu tak bagi  buat full time, alasan nanti susah nak dpt keje. Ok fine I worked. Then, it turns out the work was damn hectic, the idea of even doing a part time MBA is out of my mind. It either makes u lose ur focus at work or ur studies. Either way. I’ve witnessed it from my ex-colleagues. I don’t want to be like that.

Tak ke nanti jadi aku jadi OVERpaid and OVERqualified if I have an MBA? Nak carik employer yg willing to give me 4K above pon seksa, ni tambah dgn MBA lagi? Aiyoo.

I just want to have a balanced life. I want to have a family and have kids. I want to climb up the career path (if any, I doubt it since there’s no such thing as a career path if you’re working in an NGO company like me). I want to be content with what I have. Bukan nak demand, just that at least..di sebalik berasa syukur atas pendapatan yg tinggi etc etc tu, terselit jugak rasa happy, teruja, bersemangat di tempat keje which I am sooo missing at the moment. I don’t wanna do MBA, just because I’m free. Is it worth doing one these days? Ada value ke? kang membazir duit je menambah hutang studies. PTPTN pon tak abeh byr lagi (tu pon nasib my dad yg byrkan)


When is the right time to do something right for me?

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  1. farah
    May 07, 2009 @ 14:46:25

    i am thankful jugak sbb my dad help me to pay my dip ptptn…gatal sgt nak amik, padahal xpyh amik pun xpe…

    my dad doesnt even have SPM…he got a scholarship mas form 4, apply saje2…kebetulan dulu kan senang nk masuk merchant navy,xperlu spm sume…he even lied to them bile diaorg tanye reti berenang x, he applied yes..luckily die buat tipu sunat tu, so dpt la…ala,bile msk merchant navy mmg die akan ajar swim from beginning…so,xyah takut..

    dari situ he started involved dlm dunia perkapalan ni…

    he worked with ALAM as a lecturer for few months tp quit sbb die panas baran..

    then keja kt misc….quit dbb dpt offer lain..

    then keja kt PNSL…keja tu mmg best, slalu gi jepun and slalu dpt gifts dari boss org jepun…

    then keja kt konsortium, the worst company ever…

    from kapal minyak ke kapal kontena ke submarine dan skrg keja kt labuan shipyard plak…

    die ckp, he doesnt even know what he likes dulu2..die just go with the flow..memandangkan rezeki die kt kapal, die terima dgn redha…

    he kept thinking nk buat MBA gak, or any other logistics degree, saje suke2….

    but i dont think die akan buat pun sbbkan “masa”…

    like u, if u dont think of pursuing mba skrg..jgn la…paksa diri buat pe kan..so, i guess u better keja & gain experience byk2…and who knows later u might end up keja kt company like my dad working now…bagi keta sume, rm20k bonus utk holiday every yr, duduk je kt umah mane and they’ll pay the rent for u…amin for u…

    anyway, my dad mmg suke org yg ada background in logistics…seriously!

    and why not u blaja skit2 pasal supply chain…it’s the in thing other than procurement


    • newlifenewbeginning
      May 07, 2009 @ 16:34:32

      Farah: tu la farah, ur d only person i know yg ada long history of logistics wif ur dad and all. i suka logistics, i like shipping gak..i really miss dat world masa 2 years in maersk, nampak kontena kt jln pon dah teringat kenangan lama hehe. tp tu aa..takut if i go back to dat world, i kenot fulfill my duties kang as a wife..stayback konpem punya, stress level very high of coz. Dahla Mr Fiance pon is currently working in the shipping line. i need to challenge my brain la..tak suka otak static camni..but not as challenging as taking an MBA..cam tak ready lagi la buat masa ni. dah tepu..


  2. ~Reena~
    May 07, 2009 @ 22:18:33

    Anytime is the right time🙂 (Ceh tak membantu kan? :p)


  3. l33dslumber
    May 08, 2009 @ 03:11:09

    wahhhhhh.. selalunye i dgr org mengeluh sebab keje underpaid, ni overpaid tuuu hehehhe kagum la..

    When is the “right time” the right time?

    Jangan pening-pening tanya soalan yang macam takde jawapan,
    soalan yang patut u tanye diri u sendiri adalah

    “what u really want in your life?”

    Quote: “I just want to have a balanced life. I want to have a family and have kids. I want to climb up the career path (if any, I doubt it since there’s no such thing as a career path if you’re working in an NGO company like me). I want to be content with what I have. Bukan nak demand, just that at least..di sebalik berasa syukur atas pendapatan yg tinggi etc etc tu, terselit jugak rasa happy, teruja, bersemangat di tempat keje which I am sooo missing at the moment.”

    U dah sendiri jawap pun,

    all you need to do is take ACTIONS necessary in order to achieve what u really want. I pun taktau what actions, u sendiri as a matured person, an experienced person, i believe u ada capability utk buat action plan yg sesuai dengan kehendak u, dengan keinginan u, senaraikan apa options u ada, then pilih yang terbaik.

    Or u can choose to just stay, but twist keadaan yang ada sekarang, menjadi satu environment yg boleh membahagiakan u, contohnya office politics, kat mana2 pun ada babe, apa kata kita anggap ia sebagai hiburan percuma? hahaha

    tu dia, amacam, boleh jadi pakar motivasi tak i? hahaa


  4. cik peah
    May 08, 2009 @ 13:09:04

    no comment..becoz aku pon slalu pk mende yg same..bg aku kalo dah rezeki ko, ditambah dgn doa dan keredhaanNYA..insyaallah takkan pening kepala punya…**actually nasehat tuk diri sendrik gak nih**penantian satu penyiksaan..aku pon tgh menunggu de right time..huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    • newlifenewbeginning
      May 08, 2009 @ 13:54:31

      cik peah: tu la pasal..sometimes aku ok dgn keadaan ni, sometimes aku pk gak sampai bila aku nak camni. sometimes aku bersyukur dgn keadaan skang, sometimes aku pk, aku still kene berusaha gak if aku nakkan something yg aku nak tu. last2 aku jadi biol haha.

      Dr Leeds: haha awal2 i dah kol u Dr ek..thanks for the lonng advice! suke sgt. tu la i sedar i dah take mini2 action gak bit by bit in my life, bangga tu ada la gak mcm yela dgn umur camni dah dpt rezeki keje camni dgn gaji camni..tp once a while terselit gak perasaan cam skang ni like I need to push myself to do something for ME for once. Twist keadaan tu slalue gak buat leeds, tp sometimes cam penat rasa cam alahaii..d same drama lagi, d same story lagi..adoi. tu yg i need second opinion on this.

      Reena: anytime is the right time kalo kite tade commitment lain..:)


  5. ~Reena~
    May 09, 2009 @ 11:18:15

    Actually kan, aku pun selalu fikir pasal benda ni gak.Sebab tu aku rasa aku tak layak nak bagi opinion sebab aku sendiri dok cari jawapannya.Huhu.


  6. Naja
    May 11, 2009 @ 08:10:41

    talking bout career ni kan..mcm fobia sikit bagi kite
    last year ape yang kite plan utk career planning after married tak menjadi lepas kite quit from 1 co tu after 2 years there.
    Quit tu pun sebab fikir nak bekeluarga cannot commit dah keje2 yang stayback bagai nak gile ni kan..
    Then nasib tak berapa baik,
    3 co’s kite jump semua ade tak kena, retails, shipping, automotive,
    Paling terer 5 hari je then kite cabut tak tahan sangat masa tu dengan 1 japanese automotive Co then masa tu mmg dah sedih meruntun2 jiwa fikir jobless fikir tak boleh nak kawin then after few days dpt la keje skrg dgn Eng. Co.
    Even dah confirm dah 8 bulan pun kat sini tapi hati still berkata cam nak cari lagi yang lain sebab benefit sini tak best dan stress agak kuat.
    Kalau kite jadi mieza, kite stay dulu la benefit kan byk. Bagus la keje tak stress nanti dah ade baby tak de la rasa hectic sgt.
    Best nye maternity leave 4 months..Adooii kalo mcm tu rasa tiap2 tahun pregnant pun ok kot :p


    • newlifenewbeginning
      May 11, 2009 @ 10:27:50

      Naja: bkn lagi nak buat u demotivated, tp tu la sebab utama gak why i’m still sticking to this place coz tanak rasa cam ape u rasa..yela penat la lompat sana lompat sini, selling ourselves during interview dahla 70% of the time rasanya dok pretending je masa interview tu huhu..kengkadang bile dah dpt keje tu cam shit! dpt ke? alamak nak wat ape ni..hehe. Tiap2 thn pregnant mmg la ok huhu tp 4bln kat umah leh mati kutu duh..tahla skang ni pekakkan tinge, butakan mata je kat keje..kalo rasa sangap sangat, bukak youtube, layan lagu..drown myself in dis world and ignore the reality.



  7. naja
    May 11, 2009 @ 12:15:16


    Sesungguhnya politik ofis yang busuk itu amat menyeksakan!


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