Hamizah took the Which type of woman are you? quiz and the result is Lovely Lady
You are lovely and caring. You help others and spread out a lot of sympathy. Your life aim maybe is to serve the people. But your weakness is that you forget about yourself, your own needs. All your time is hold back for your friends and family. You are always there for people in trouble. Ready for any emergency. You make a lot of sacrifices just to be a good human. But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny. Don’t loose yourself in work or curing other people’s souls. You will have your own problems in your life. Another problem is that you don’t say your opinion when it’s right and important to say it. People trample onto your soul if you are always so kind and lovely and helpful. They will play on you. Though you should try to relax more and enjoy your life, you should not loose the gift that was given to you to help others . Not everyone is created this way… You are uniqe and rare!

Arini ari membuat quiz kat Facebook. Sangat tade mood, sangat tade keje. But the answer to the above quiz really reflects what I’m feeling now.


I feel like a sponge most of the time, absorbing what this party and that party has to say but then when I feel like pouring out my emotions or just to throw a tantrum, at the end of the day I just feel..urgh what’s the point? As if it could make things better, so it’s best to keep my mouth shut and let whatever situation that I’m facing just pass. Penah rasa camtu tak?

I’m not lovely. Definitely not. I’m imperfect like any human beings. I stumble, I make mistake, I do hurt people but 90% of the time it’s always me trying to do the best I can for others, not for me.

I dunno how to be selfish and act selfish. I wish I do know..dpt gertak org bagus jugak kan sekali skala? kalo u tanak buat camni, i break up dgn u! huhu. Yeah rite, dats not me anymore. Nak merajuk pon tak reti, kalo merajuk pon kena gelak. So how?

My problem is my problem. Other ppl’s problems are also my problem, especially if its related to friends and family, but is my problem their problem? No, maybe not.


Most people think Oprah Winfrey’s show is lame. Asyik² org nangeh, asyik² pasal someone found their new self-esteem, self whatever through their life experiences or by writing a book and what nots. But it works for me, it’s like a self-realization for me like oh ada jugak org yg bermasalah cam aku ni, ada jugak org yg dah lama tak pk pasal diri sendiri and just keeps on focusing about kebahagiaan org lain dari kebahagiaan diri sendiri. Kalo aku bleh join in jadi viewers through Skype, nak aje aku buat.

Umur je nak cecah 26, tapi kepala otak dok pk memcm macam umur dah 40 je.

Org yg lebih tua senang nak berinteraksi dgn aku, kononnya aku matured.
Tapi kalo aku berinteraksi dgn org sebaya aku, kalo aku cite kerisauan di hati, mesti dpt feedback mcm emoticon YM yg kening tinggi sebelah tu huhu.

But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny bak kate quiz tadi. I have a lot of that, I have a list actually but…should I ask for it? or should I just let time lead the way? Kalo dpt, dpt la..tak dpt bukan rezeki. Prioritize on something else. Dats my concept that i’ve been holding lately. Mcm org patah semangat kan?

Memang pon.

Kalo nak suh aku bungee jumping skang pon aku tak heran kut, dah tade pape perasaan. U jump, i jump lor.

Monday blues and PMS makes this feeling more gut wrenching. Urgh!
Moga Allah S.W.T dpt mempermudahkan segala kesulitan di hati. Amin 😦


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 19:36:06

    Hey bakal pengantin.Tak mau la sedih2.Chill bebeh.Aku pun penah dan selalu rasa apa yang hang rasa skang..Sabar eh?


  2. FifiAmkhaiz
    Apr 14, 2009 @ 10:02:12

    believe me this is all because of the pms. i pun tgh pms nih.. huhu.. semua serba tak kena! ouch..
    u take care ok! hv loads of rest 😉


  3. AM
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 15:44:03

    “Most people think Oprah Winfrey’s show is lame” — minoriti kecil saja kot. the show works for me as well!


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