Victoria’s Secret Tote Set


Dear all,

I was browsing in VS’s website and found this gift set that is sooo irresistible [to me that is] hehe. If any of you is interested, I can place an order for you. I think the price should not be more than RM220. I will come back to you on the pricing for those who are interested.

And there’s a new scent as well called Delicate Petals. Here is the description of the scent :

Feel luxurious in this soft, fruity floral. A fresh blend of tangerine, velvet rose and musk.

I have personally taken a whiff of the new scent, mmg besh..its soo my taste, fruity and sweet..just like Love Spell. But fruitier. Hehe, not citrusy ye, fruitier je..imagine Vitagen hehe. There are 3 different sets : Love Spell, Delicate Petals and Pure Seduction. Attached are the pictures for  your guidance. 

vs-delicate-petals-tote-setDelicate Petals

vs-love-spell-tote-setLove Spell


Just let me know if you’re interested eh..I don’t have ready stock with me, but hoping to take some pre-orders for those interested whilst stock lasts in the VS stores. 

  • The bag does not have any zipper, button, pockets so this bag is not suitable for shopping, kalo nak p pasar ke p surau ke bole la. Hehe. If I purchased this set, the bag will be my telekung bag la for sure. Skang ni guna plastic bag Airasia je sumbat telekung kat ofis hehe.
  • I haven’t done any postage for bags before, so I cannot estimate how much the postage will be, coz nanti nak kene sumbat dlm kotak pastu nanti kene bik measurements lagi sume but I guess it would be RM20 over. Pricey kan? So it’s better to meet face-to-face kalo ada yg berkenan.

Any further enquiries, just send me an email at


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 12:51:36

    Aku tak bape minat sangat Victoria’s Secret perfume.Their lingerie suka la.


  2. ella
    Mar 31, 2009 @ 15:58:45

    how much the price is? n how if i wanna buy it?
    Im in Indonesia, n can I order another victoria’s secret item? thx


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Mar 31, 2009 @ 16:10:25

      thanks for your interest in the VS item. the item is RM230 and i only take orders within Malaysia only 😦


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