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Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am

dah byk kali ckp my work is damn relaxing kan? hehe and i’m extra bubbly today coz tmrw am on leave! hehe

I really want to go to

Dari duluuu lagi because I really love the scenic views of NZ, the volcanoes, the snow capped mountains and DEFINITELY I wanna go on the LOTR tour of the places that they had filmed the movie.

My favourite place

Sama mcm Reena, and yup kat Penang ada tempat camni kat Batu Feringghi and also Langkawi. There’s something about living in an island kut, kalo hati kusut, pale kusut, sume la kusut, the seaside is where we find comfort. Menung la berjam² dgn angin sepoi² bahasa, dat would be just nice for me. 

My favourite thing is

Internet junkie tahap gaban aku ni haha


my whole family loves plane watching..hehe tak kira la sambil drive ke sambil makan luar ke, kalo nampak plane kat langit je, u will see me mendongak. I loveeeee planes! 

My favourite drink is

Fuhhh..besh2..tp skang ni 2-3x seminggu je minum teh ais. Dulu pagi ptg siang mlm everyday wajib teh ais.

My favourite food is

Murah gile babi tp sedapppp..my favourite is strawberry and orange flavour. I need at least a bar of this during my PMS time hehe. WAJIB!

My favourite colour is definitely

Wat masa ni it would be pinkish purplish la..dah byk sgt baju dlm family kaler ni huhu

I live in

Tempat yang plg sangap utk org yg belum berkahwin..huhu

I was born in

It was previously named as Penang Medical Centre. Bak kata Reena, cek bukan anak mami..hehe nak gelar org Penang pon payah. Aku ni Penang murtad..tu baru betul, tade loghat utara LANGSUNG.

I attended

Sekolah kebangsaan tertua di Malaysia, Sek Keb Sungai Gelugor tp smp darjah 4 je

then I went to 3 different schools in UK, I’ll only show 2 out of 3 pics, tak jumpa la sekolah lagi satu tu hehe

West Jesmond Junior School – very posh surrounding, went there for a year je kut. wajib blajar swimming tu..gile ar. terkial2 aku time tu haha tp smp skang tatau berenang haha


Heaton Manor School. Tak sangka ar dah segemmpaq ni sekolah tu..dulu it was this big tp it wasn’t as sophisticated as this! huhu I really love this school, went there for 2 years before balik Msia.


sekolah yg Reena nyesal tak masuk..haha SGGS!

lastly gue masuk sini..

My favourite story is

This is my hobby

does dating count? hahah..i dun haf a specific hobby la dear

And I definitely wish for

Insya allah, a happy family 🙂

Okie dokie, I’m done!! 
The people I would like to tag are :
sesape yg belum ditag oleh sesape utk buat mende ni hehehe..:)



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~reena~
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 19:36:57

    Hang mesti terpengaruh dengan iklan mild seven club (if i’m not mistaken la) dulu kan pasal New Zealand ni? Hahaha.

    I really miss beach kat Penang.. 😦

    Haha.Kita dua orang memang Penang ‘murtad’.

    Apa hobby yang tu? Tak faham aku.Aku ingat mengecat.Hehehe.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Jan 23, 2009 @ 13:34:58

      tadak laa..terpengaruh dgn amazing race asia huhu. gambo painting tu kan mcm ala2 dating buat mende together² hehe


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