For Twilight fans only

Read on if you’re only a Twilight fan..

Honestly speaking I never knew I would get hooked on to this vampire romance sequel AT ALL. I can’t believe I have become one of the fanatics gak..mcm fans of Harry Potter plak rasenye. Isk geli siot haha. Those who know me mmg tau I HATE HARRY POTTER it in the movies ke books ke, mmg tak suke.I was a LOTR fan, fans of LOTR and Harry Potter don’t collide.  So I couldn’t understand la why la the fans were so fanatic. But when I got hooked on to the Twilight series..oops baru gue paham haha.

Takyah nak elaborate la, majority of the gurls after they watch the Twilight movie mesti akan angau utk seketika waktu, thanks to the sexy, dazzling Edward Cullen haha. Termasuk aku ye. That night when I went to sleep, I dreamt of Edward eh..gile bangang, terasa mcm Bella plak haha. Pastu ada hati Mr Fiance nak terasa, like eh2 langsung tade kaitan antara hidup dan mati ye.

I didn’t get enuff of it. I searched high and low for the books in MPH, in Borders..tak jumpa. I decided to order the 1st sequel online..dlm proses menunggu tu skali tgk kat MPH Midvalley ada la plak Twilight and New Moon on sale, so I just bought New Moon. I have now pre-ordered Eclipse and Breaking Dawn kat MPH OU plak..tgh tunggu call je dari dorang. So basically I have read halfway of New Moon before the book that I ordered online arrived, so I have a rough picture on how intense New Moon will be. See the trailer below :

I found this in Youtube regarding the controversy of the filming process of New Moon (must watch)

a) The current director of Twilight will be replaced by a new director due to the lack of special effects and fantasy aspects in the movie

b) Jacob will be replaced by another actor

What do you guys think? Necessary or not?

In my opinion, I have to agree the 1st sequel DID lack the special effects of it. Nampak sgt during the fight scene, they were jumping around like hyenas using the rope thingy tu, it didn’t look real. Lepas tu does everything have to be so PUCAT? haha cukup² la the Cullens and Bella je yg pucat, ini when u see the movie even the surroundings and what nots are so the very dull and pucat. And the director did cut a lot of thing from the book, but for me the cut was necessary just lacking the intensity in Bella’s world, coz if u read the book, dis complicated Bella thinks a lot, wonders a lot on her own. The director missed that part, concentrated more on Edward & Bella’s love story. So the change of director? No comment, as long as the movie lives up to the fan’s expectations and resembles like what the book is telling, I have no problem wif that because the book are soo freaking intense ok! U’ll understand if u start reading the book 🙂

Changing the actor for Jacob? No, i dun agree wif that. Sepanjang masa I read the book pon my image of Jacob has always been dis dude whatever his name is hehehe. He fits the character, why bother changing?

Tapi pape pon..EDWARD AND BELLA STAYS! ahaks..


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  1. farah
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 10:40:51

    aku beli buku twilight & new moon kt borders the curve..

    the last 2 lum beli lg…baru nak cari ari nk baca sume abis skrg sbb nnt nk bwk blk ke perth…kt sane boring kan,so bwk buku cite byk2


  2. andreeeeea
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 18:19:58

    i haven’t watched the movie yet but i heard the storyline was great so i dwnloaded the free ebooks 1 to 4, and finished them! haha! yes, very intense, that’s a good word to describe. hope your books arrive soon!


  3. Nanie MK
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 00:38:08

    lama gila tak masuk sini. nampak pasal twilight je terus bukak.
    nak comment gak.
    i don’t like the bella in the movie. coz, ntah.. i feel like bella is so fragile in the book but the bella in the movie cam agak berlainan from what i’ve imagined.
    and, yes, the twilight movie doesn’t really live up to my expectations lah. coz basically i was hoping it to turn out to be like harry potter/lotr (im a fan of both ^_^ so ade gak yg collide :P) effects of both movies sme mmg cun.

    and it was kind of a letdown coz twilight is the best of all four. and patutnya twilight tu lah yg buat kaw2. not new moon coz i know new moon tak banyak sgt org suke tho i like ’em all.

    and that director part tu pun i agree gak. coz bella kan cam angau with edward and that’s actually the most important part. yg bella sgt intoxicated with edward’s beauty and his mysterious attitude tu the director tak letak.

    pastu, taylor lautner tu bukannye native american. die tu if im not mistaken french kot? so mcm.. kalau tuka pun takpe. hahaha coz i imagined jacob tu cam ganas2 sket. and yg dlm twilight tu cam agak boyish 😛

    panjang i comment kan. mcm boleh bukak entry baru ah kak mieza 😛 sorry penuhkan ur comment space 😛


  4. newlifenewbeginning
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 09:00:24

    baca slow2 pon tak guna beb, i tried to tp tak dapek pon huhu

    wooo ebooks? tak pening ke baca the books online on the pc screen? hehe

    ahaaa long comment but i like! hehehe..alaa regarding jacob tu if u remember from new moon he is still vulnerable and boyish wat…except for the “major transformation” la which I will not leak here hehe..i like taylor lautner..he’s kiutt hehe..


  5. farah
    Jan 13, 2009 @ 23:47:38

    ckp psl buku ni asl ko x beli kt borders je..aku bli kt borders twilight & new moon on promotion 2 buku utk rm49 je kut…rm49 ke rm50 ntah..

    save gile beb!


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Jan 14, 2009 @ 08:43:18

      senang je jawapan utk soklan ko..dah aku tak pegi borders kat the curve, mmg la aku tak beli kat sana..haha. i just hunt eceh hunt eh the books at the available bookstores at the shopping complexes je


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