I got myself a new pair of glasses AND…I bought myself 4 pairs of contact lens to last me for 4 months! Like waheyy..that is one hell of a move from me ok coz those who know me, I was never ever confident of wearing contact lens, I just can’t imagine myself poking these plastic artificial curve thingy at my eyes..let alone imagining myself taking it out! Ish horror ok! But then, I knew I had to get over this fear sooner or later especially before the wedding because my style of wearing glasses is that I will only wear it in the office and when I drive. Once I get out from the car, whether it’s to dine or to shop I will not wear glasses. Obviously la mata tu rabun kan..but that’s just my way to rest my eyes as I do not want to manja my eyes by relying too much on wearing glasses. Since I’m scared of wearing contacts, I have been like this for 9 years hehe until last week when I finally broke my own record hahah jakun betul. Kawin punya pasal terus buat episod sendiri of Fear Factor eh..because like it or not I need to have a clear vision on that day..kang mau ada tetamu dok tersengih2 pandang kite, kite dok buat muka seposen tak pandang die, tak ke kecik ati tetamu tu? Hehe..especially kalo tetamu tu family and relative members of pihak lelaki…naya den. Terus kene bamboo menantu baru ni sgt la ampeh maknyeh hehe.

Ni nak promote lagi company aku ni. I dunno why the heck am I doing this lately being the PR for my company..I don’t like working here but yet I’m promoting this company so much that I think I’m beginning to portray an image that I have one of the best jobs in the world. Huhuhu..anyways back to my company. The reason for me changing my glasses and buying the lens was that for the optical allowance, we’re given USD400, yes ladies USD ye bukan MYR for it. Let’s just theoretically put the exchange rate as 3.5 la, sila darab jap kire bape byk bleh dpt in MYR. $$$$$ byk kan? Hehehe..and then one of my lunch buddies recently changed her glasses and she said the whole claim process only took a month which was way faster than last time I heard which took 4-5 mths to process..tu yg buat aku terus decide sempena sales ni I will change my glasses because my old spectacles is already dented and retak because it’s half frame and the frame is not plastic but actual glass which makes it even worst. Dah dpt allocation cmtu of coz la the spectacles itself is gempaq right? Hehe..I know la I look like a student, I know la I’m very sempoi and simple and I have nothing great about me but tak salah kan if I bought myself a GUCCI spectacles? Hehehe..The sales assistant just kept on bugging me to buy the cheaper version of spectacles maybe coz she thinks that I don’t have the look to buy a GUCCI perhaps? There was a 40% discount pon..I tried it on, fell in love with it right away because it was pink hehe, my previous spec was pink as well and I knew that colour fits me well…so terus I said to her I want this spec.

it’s the exact colour and style but at the rim it’s not written as GUCCI but there were small monogram G signs all around it. Paham kan?

“Nak guna utk claim ke? banyak ke bleh claim?”

Aihh akak ni..pasal byk ler aku amik..bengong betui huhu. Simple je spec ni..ala aku ni pakai tudung bukannya nampak bebeno pon the Gucci sign pon, it’s not meant for showing off pon as if la people will notice. I’m just fully utilising the allocated amount..tu je. Bile lagi nak dpt peluang camni hehe. Dulu company lama dpt RM500 je kut kalo tak silap, my Esprit glasses was only RM350, now dah dpt dis much, spec pon kene la up sket kan? Heheh. I have tried frameless to half frame and now I’m trying full frame plak.

But then the contact lens story still menggelikan hati la. Like I said, I’m scared of contact lenses and I have zero knowledge on how to wear one, I just gambled when I bought it. So when I reached home, I didn’t know it was DAATT hard to wear. After close to an hour poking my eyes, I gave up and messaged Wan coz it was so damn hard. And the funniest thing was I didn’t know that if u did not hold the lens properly, the curve can rotate the other way round, so by the time I messaged her I had no idea how many times the lens had already rotated, I din know which side was correct. Haha. I just had to ask her the dumbest question ever.

“Camne aku nak tau eh which side is correct..bukan sekali dua curve ni dah terbalik. Kang tak clear camne?”

Haha bodo, sangat bodo. Rupenye it doesn’t make much of a difference when I finally managed to put on the lens. U dunno how many times I recited Bismillah and how many deep breaths I took to get the lens onto my eyes. Nak pakai dah satu hal..nak kuarkan plak bape kali baca Bismillah lagi..adoii gile payah. Mengalahkan org dlm labour nak beranak je huhu. But I didn’t give up. The first trial session, it took me 1hr to place the lens, 2nd attempt, it took me less than 30min, 3rd trial session it took me 15 min..yeay! It’s a good thing I’m only wearing the lens during the weekend because I’ll be forever late to the office if I were to wear them during weekdays.

Besides, I still prefer to wear the good old spectacles rather than contact lens, I think I look more intellectual with it and I don’t see why I need to change how I look permanently. Guys nowadays like gurls who wear glasses la..they’re turned on with the so called intellectual look that we geeks have hehe..seriously tak tipu! Well at least I know 2 guys who share the same point of view. One is Mr Fiance and the other one is my fren, Dude. So in one way, bagus jugak aku ni rabun ek..ada org tangkap lentok terus nak ngorat aku haha. Serious! Ingat gurls…especially yg single la. Skali skala pakai la spec tu..jgn rely sgt on the contact lens. U’ll never know who might fall in love with your cuteness when you wear your glasses šŸ™‚


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cik wan lesung batu
    Dec 17, 2008 @ 12:49:03

    Ko dpt Gucci, eden dpt Fendi…hi-5!!!!! =p

    x pe, bkn slalu leh claim + itu kn kite nye benefits =p


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Dec 17, 2008 @ 15:00:45

      hehe yeay!! tq beb for being so patient melayan sms aku yg bodo2 tanye pasal lens tu ek hehe


  2. Ayu
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 00:45:53

    wow, wajah baru.. segar pupils ku.. heheheh.. tringat my 1st tme try cntact lens, dh le try kt optical store dgn sale person dok tgk lg, sgt tekanan.. meleleh2 air mata aku, tp dlm 10 min dh setel. mmg ngeri siot. hehehhe… congrats bjaye mg-utilize allowance ituhh!!! šŸ˜‰


  3. LIZA
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 12:22:31

    wahhh bestnya boleh claim kalau beli spectacles!! lucky u šŸ˜€ anyway.. from my experience, kalau pakai lense terbalik u akan rasa sakit/tak selesa bila lense tu kat dlm mata. so keluarkan la blk.. šŸ˜€


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Dec 18, 2008 @ 13:20:46

      ish tade la selesa bebeno pon pakai lens ni ayu..tak kenan sgt la..slalue kedip2 mata tak selesa hehe

      haaa now i geddit..my left eye slalue rasa camtu..but i thought i dah terbalikkan dah? hmm kene terbalikkan lagi la kut next time haha..my right eye is ok, left eye je terasa sgt cam something melekat kat mata


  4. ~reena~
    Dec 18, 2008 @ 13:23:26

    Aku x blh pakai contact lense.Seksa! Prnh try pakai, x sampai 1 week, give up.Actually kn, aku ni jns kena pakai spec ALL THE TIME since secondary school.Hehe.Tp aku degil, x mau pakai sbb rimas kt hidung.Skang aku depends on my right eye sbb mata kiri aku mmg dh rabun teruk.Oh, pls dont ask me to wear spec coz i wont.Contact lense pun haram aku x nak.

    Selamat berspec baru! Hehe.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Dec 18, 2008 @ 16:33:05

      ko mcm aku la..eheh aku pasal pk tang my big day je yg buat aku turunkan ego aku sket try gak manjakan diri dgn spek/lens ni..kalo tak jgn harap la..mana penah ko nampak aku amik gambo pakai spek? tade kan hehe


  5. izyan
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 19:59:52

    aih ayat last tu yang paling tak tahan..hahah
    kalau kamu tengok bebetul lens tu..dari sisi..ada beza kalau terbalik.lenkung kat tepi tu mcm kebawah.
    anyway…aku baru keluar sepital.3 hari.yeah u know why arrr.


  6. dato k
    Dec 23, 2008 @ 15:38:00

    guer nk oakley frogskin smplaa ni tk dpt laie uhuk…pape pn yang u pkai spek kaa lens kaa tk pakai pape kaa guer tp cayang sana kamu…muahhhssxxx!!!guer rindu sama lor yg berada si penang!


  7. dizzyfly
    Dec 23, 2008 @ 22:45:39

    hehehe congrats on yr new achievement. i’m in HELL la currently. mcm siot. too much to tell, so little time. btw, i have to agree with u on the specs thingy. mmg it turns ppl on. hahah aku brape byk kali dpt komen “ehhh u cute laa pakai specs” :p

    ps: miss u!!!


  8. cik peah
    Dec 24, 2008 @ 12:57:45

    finally…pakai gaks lens ye??hahahahah..


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Dec 24, 2008 @ 19:53:18

      wah2 cik peah, first time ko komen sini..hehe and it seems dat ur accepting ur title as peah ahahaha..

      ur always in hell sejak DPA ni ekeke..

      Mr Fiance :

      dari aritu aku dok terpk..masa hang tulis komen ni kan..bleh ke duduk tu kan baru lepas ehem kat spital..tak sakit ke bontot hehe


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