When a shopaholic does not know what to shop

Is it just me, or is it really hard to find a good piece of attire to buy here in Msia?

My image is simple, just give me a good pair of long sleeve tee or 3/4 tee with some flower prints or ribbons and a couple of buttons would do just great for me.

But I dunno, it’s just HARD to find what I like here. And the YES (Year End Sale) is so not helping because each time when I walk in a store, flicked through the rack of clothes, there’s nothing that I like. Even If there IS something that I like, it will always be pricey.

If you guys go to this link : Victoria’s Secret Tees and also here : Macy’sthere are tonnes, I mean TONNES of tees that fit my taste. Some could be quite plain but when it is worn with a patterned tudung, it still makes a difference. Betul tak? But the downside is, as much as the price is sooo cheeapp in USD but when converted to MYR + shipping costs and what nots, it will still be RM100 above and u will again think twice whether it’s worth buying or not. Takyah tengok jauh la. My pink VS tee that I bought earlier, it only costs USD25, but when converted it became RM150. Nak kate pe lagi kan? Sigh.

I’m not a fan of MNG, not a fan of ZARA, not a fan of TOPSHOP..so please rule these 3 outlets from my list. It’s just not me la, I can’t wear anything from these places..huhu. I will always go in Marks & Spencer, sometimes I will buy, but most of the time I dun buy for the obvious reasons. I used to shop in Elle, but nowadays I dun seem to find anything that suits me. I wanna give Banana Republic a try, but blergh, takat plain and mahal baik aku beli online je hehe.

Kesimpulannya, I’m lost. I wish I can be like Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic Series..hmm tp kalo dah dok kat UK mmgla jadi antu shopping ponnn..takyah nak ckp ler.

I seriously wanna revamp my wardrobe. Help!


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  1. ~reena~
    Dec 11, 2008 @ 07:58:10

    Revamp wardrobe? ME TOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Eh, awat hg x suka MNG, Zara & Topshop? Sume tu favs aku.Most of my tops & bottoms sume beli situ je.Forever21 pun not bad.Used to love Guess tops but now tak suka coz their design ntahapaapa & overpriced.Skang aku suka Promod plak bila try masuk butik diorang baru ni.Not bad gak Promod ni.

    Recently, i almost bought a Ted Baker top tapi bila pk blk mcm x b’baloi nk spend too much (read: RM200 above) on a simple top.Last2 aku beli 2 baju Forever21 yg jumlah harganya x sampai pun harga 1 baju Ted Baker tu.I know sepatutnya quality than quantity tp baju Ted Baker tu simple sgt wpun cun.Klu bwh RM200 okla.Ngeee.Tp klu ada endless cash, aku beli je.


    • newlifenewbeginning
      Dec 15, 2008 @ 10:54:21

      heheh babes..

      i dunno la..mmg those 3 brands are not on my list la..mmg seriously kalo masuk, tak sampai 10min ada kat kedai tu I will go out..sgt tak menarik my perhatian 🙂


  2. LIZA
    Dec 12, 2008 @ 10:59:09

    i pun pelik naper u tak suka mng, zara & topshop? kat zara banyak baju cantik2 tau mieza..


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