Weekend update!

Hello ladies..

Am typing this entry at the Toyota’s service centre in Shah Alam whilst sipping free hot Milo waiting for my dad’s car to finish its service. Heaven! This is the first time am here, didn’t know the service centre was THIS user frenly. I knew it had free Wifi, dats why we brought along the laptop, but we didn’t know how chic the environment is. Terasa cam kat KLIA pon ada haha..jakun! Well, I guess this is the perks and benefits of owning a good brand name car if u wanna compare to Perodua’s service centre..huhu.

Anywayssss my update here this morning is definitely on yesterday’s trip to Okra Spa. I opted for the 2hrs body massage instead for RM66 as the machine for the body sauna broke down, but I didn’t mind because my main intention going there was actually to have my body massaged. And the experience? HEAVEN! haha…ok the reality is my whole body is still aching and sore from yesterday but how do u say it eh? sakit tapi sedap hehe.

Since it’s a home spa, so don’t expect to have the same ambience as the normal spa outlet that you have in mind. Theres no signage at the front of the house, so the basic landmark is just a quaint yellow corner house at USJ. One of the rooms has been converted to a mini spa so that is where you will have your treatment with instrumental music played on a CD player and dimmed lights and nice scented aromatherapy candles. So yeah..the 2 hours was bliss. Since it’s my first time going to a spa, I would give a thumbs up because basically I have nothing to compare! hehhe. I’ve been waiting for ages for someone to massage me at the right places especially on my shoulders because each time I asked Mr Fiance to do so, mesti mcm salah tempat la kalo kene pun terlebeh sakit haha..mmg ampeh. The last time I went for berurut with this makcik pn tak bes sgt because she didn’t really focus on the tight muscle knots to loosen it ke ape, she only like fiddled wif it for a couple of minutes and dats it. But this gurl mmg bebetul focus la because she asked me which area I want hr to focus more and I mentioned my shoulders. So mmg kene tekan and urut abeh la area tu..sseeedaaaappp.

Ohh..she also massaged my tummy. Heheh and tatau la side effect ke ape, the next hour after I have reached home I just kept on burping and farting the whole hour..haha tatau pun aku ni ada dat much of wind and gas. Haha. I’d definitely come again next time for the next session. So ladies, willing to give it a try now after my lil review here?

Oraitey then peeps, there’s a couple of minutes left as the car is due to finish by 12.30pm. After this we’re heading off to KL for the Timberland Warehouse Sale @ Kelab Darul Ehsan. Mr Fiance is a big fan of this brand..so kene la teman die. Nape la M&S tade warehouse sale ek? ish kalo ada sah2 aku borong cookies die..hehe. Imagine the RM9.99 choc digestive cookies dropped its price to RM4.99 ke pun jadi la betul tak?And then later on as usual, wedding preparation…survey sana sini pape yang patut..

C ya ladiesss


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  1. dizzyfly
    Nov 30, 2008 @ 13:11:49

    tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….i’m currently online from my room at INTAN Bkt Kiara…and yes, i’ve opted for Celcom broadband. it did burnt quite a massive hole in my pocket tapi aku taklehhhh hiduppp takde internettttttttttttttttt. at least, bole aku kurang focus kat cik abg terchenta maka kuranglah gadonye. hihihihi. bestnyee bule baca blog ko dan memblogging sendiri andd menonton porn. kakakakaka. no la, surfing la kan as usual. aku kan sentiasa men’google’ everything yg aku nak tau. hehehe. so makcik, bila nak join? lappy sudah ada kan? hihihi.

    ps: aku ni broadband je dah ade, lappy sendiri takde lagi. ni pun loan pak aku pnye lappy for the time being. sbr jela.


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    Dec 02, 2008 @ 09:48:38

    hehe..broadband tu bebila kang pas kawin la baru discuss, skang duit byk guna utk my own personal shopping and for wedding prep la..laie pon kat ofis bleh guna tenet connection, bleh wifi laie kat memane aku nak..so tak kesah sgt la pasal tenet for d time being


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