Gearing Up!

I’m back in the office after 3 days break from work. I have tonnes of work to clear up, pundi kencing dah penuh dah ni and sepatutnye dah nak gerak p surau. BUT disebabkan bile masuk toilet tadi aku rasa ada org tgh membuang air besar and bau die sangat la harum, maka aku yg lepas lunch ni rasa cam baik la aku kuar balik dari toilet tu and buat pape yg patut..which is TO BLOG! haha.

Korang pun tau la kan bape ari i’ve been recuperating at home kan from the Haji thing and all, juggling to do my household chores at the same time focusing on my own errands kan. Last Saturday my department actually had a team building in PD, I didn’t go for the obvious reasons. Had no mood la to join, moreover the vibe in dis department after 8mths being here, is still no good for me. Bertambah² tade mood. Only 2 people din go, me and dude. Dude is a good fren of mine here, dude stands for duda hehe. Both of us gave the same reasons for not going : family matters to attend to. Which was true. Me and my recuperating period, him with his schedule to meet his children. Org kat department saje buat lawak bodo both of us went dating wif each other. Both of us malas gile nak layan, kitorang anggukkan saje la tp hakikatnya rasa cam nak hempuk je pale memasing kat dinding. Narrow minded people. Pffft. 

Talking about officemates, baru aku perasan kat ofis baru ni, dorang ni kemaruk FB (Facebook) sket la, especially yg dah tua bangka ni. (sori ye, category 30an ke atas is tua bangka for me, I miss my 80 babies clan). Tetibe rasa cam bosannya masuk FB ni, I logon to it for the sake of beleking ppls’ status and pictures je..huhu. Pastu memandangkan mcm makin ramai je kroni tua bangka ni masuk, rasenye cam nak buang je URL blog gue dari pageku..hmm maybe I should do it now. Hm jap. Brb. Ok done. baru puas ati. Ntahla, I know i put on a different personality at this new office, tp mmg xbleh la..ish kalo dorang baca blog gue and start analysing me, lagi gue malas. I know dude once in a while baca, takpe..mmg aku pun yg bagitau aku ada blog huhu. Layankan je leeerrr.

Oraitey, back to the MAIN TOPIC I wanna talk about! Ape preparation la hehehe. 

Wedding photographer

aritu ckp nak announce kan after all is finalized kan? haa last Friday, we met up with them, belek their custom album, talked about the package, had a chit chat with them to get to know each other..masa tu dah mmg 90% nak decide pon, just waiting for Mr Fiance’s consent je whether he approves them or not. And thank god he yeay!! insya allah if all goes well, our official photographers are Digital Syndicate!! Hoyeahh!! hehe. Everything about the package, the professionalism, the pictures in their fotopages made me feel that we have made the right choice in the end. Yang PALING PENTING is the cost of hiring them to shoot us in Penang coz knowing how photographers will charge on accommodation and mileage kan but these peeps, they only charged us on the mileage, accommodation tarak coz they will be staying at a relative’s house! Bes gile! About the RM500 yg dah melayang dgn CS tu, hmmm…..abaikan! haha. Dah tade sape nak amik slot kitorang nak buat camne, xleh nak paksa org..kitorang tak cancel lagi dgn CS ni, still waiting for ppl yg nak amik pre-wedding dgn CandidSyndrome..

Theme colour

After much discussion, I think we have finally set the theme colour for my side to be LIGHT GOLD. Not really GOLD in colour but slightly lighter hehe. Susah sket nak explain. So, last Saturday we went to Jalan TAR kain hunting. My family ni we’re not used to tempah kain ni, sume baju kitorang ready made je main beli kat kedai je, but since this is a special occasion and I want my family to be sedondon, so redah je ler. Hehe, I bought the kain nikah and the kain for my bro and my dad at Alinas while for my mum I bought it at Gulati’s. Org yg ada zero knowledge dlm membeli kain, ape yg sedap mata memandang tak kisah la harga bape pun, dibelinya je hehe. Lagi pun kain for Mr Fiance dah ada dah masa tunang dulu kitorang dah buat hantaran. So kirenye my kain nikah ni nak match dgn kain die jela. It won’t be the typical white colour, mine is off-white and cream and lace die pun ada cam ijau2 yeah, it won’t be typical. Mmg disengajakan 🙂

so ni la die kain²nya..simple aje, and dah MMS kat dorang pun the pics of this kain..the first thing that my mum replied back in her sms was

“ko beli kain ni guna duit sape?”

huhu saboo je la..duit sendiri la mak! ntah ok ke idak tatau la..tawakal je ler. Huhu..kalo cantek, cantek la huh. Tunggu jela 31st May 2009 whether kitorang satu family ni cun ke tak cun hahaha. 

Kad Kahwin

Dah alang² dah kat area jalan TAR, we headed to Pudu plak nak survey kad kahwin. Kitorang mmg camni, kalo dah mmg set nak buat something, whether it’s still early ke ape ke, kitorang tetap akan buat. So we went to this place to survey the card but somehow dlm survey punya survey, tgk ada yg memikat kalbu huhu, so we ended up booking it right away. Mmg laa awal lagi kalo dah alang2, proceed je la. We already paid the booking fees but kata putus belum buat lagi. Alaa pilih kad murah je, less than RM1 pon. Nothing fancy, 3 fold card, kaler gold, ada map utk both sides abeh cite. Dulu I still remember my kad impian, hard cover with ribbon with both our pictures..siap ada utk VIP and non VIP..huhu tp bile back to reality, and pk nak cut cost sume..I gave in. Takpela sokay. 🙂

Dlm masa 2 hari, all these things dah setel. I was much happier doing this things to make me busy while my parents are away from me rather than spending my weekend for that crappy team building, at least I’m with him. Tade la sayu sangat..

To end my entry today, here is another MMS from my mum :

Masjid Quba – the first mosque built by Rasulullah S.A.W



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dizzyfly
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 08:10:15

    hey babe! morning!

    huhuhuh aku tatau laaa how long i can stand this. woke up at 5.30a.m. ada physical activities to make sure i’ll be able to go thru modul tentera this coming saturday. isk. nway babe, ko berjaya membuat aku lebey pening dgn wed prep ko ni. hahah. tapi being an articulate person that u are, i know everything is within control rite? luv ya!


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 09:08:27


    asalkan ko ada ponstan dlm beg ko, ko redah jela bangun kul 530am tu..hehe aku yg dah bape ari bgn tak ikut masa sejak parents sebok pegi haji sampai aku dah ada fresh stocks of ponstan dah ni..migraine memanjang aku tak cukup tido.

    eh aku berjaya ke? aku baca balik entry aku tade la havoc semcm hehehe..lesson learnt : go cuckoo first, have mood swings and tantrums sepenuh hati then baru focus on wedding prep hahah..dat is how i make things “under control” hahaha


  3. dizzyfly
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 09:43:20

    hahahahaha. ponstan? i dun need it la babe. nampak mcm migraine aku hilang dah skrg. dunno y. mungkin dh puas kena panas kot sampai immune dah kepala otak aku ni. cuma badan aku la letih nak mampos. sume nak adhoc, especially jadi secretary ni. menyampah aku. meeting habih kul 12 mlm, pagi ni nak minit mesyuarat? harkk tuihhh la. sorry la, membebel benda tidak berkenaan. hahahaha.

    owh yeah, pasal yr way of things tu, bkn ke kite sama je ke? menggelabah mengamuk pada awalnye, dh maintain our composure, baru la concentrate and jalan terus. takde stop2 dah. hehehe. rite? :p


  4. azrul
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 14:27:19

    30 an ke atas = tua bangka? ish..ish…ish… tak patut tul dak mizah ni. I mewakili org2 yg berumur 30 an ke atas dengan ini secara rasminya memprotes kenyataan tersebut. 😛


  5. newlifenewbeginning
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 14:41:13

    Bro Azrul:

    hahah chill..chill. ur different 😉 environment kat cni mcm kat Sapura dulu la bro..u know, ppl ur age sume tp smgt facebook hehe..weird eh..


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