From My Heart – part 2

To those who have commented in my previous drama queen entry (refer to I need help posting), thanks a lot for allowing me to show a bit of my tantrums here.

It’s awkward u see, as usually the sole victim on having to tolerate with my drama queen tantrums has always been her. And then I would get a virtual slap from her and things would turn out fine later. Vice versa. Haha but she is more of a drama queen than me, I have a more I-dun-give-a-damn attitude but when I flipped, I will flip like mad huhu.

I received this sms 2 days ago from her :

Pd td kene wat star jump 70x, squatjump 20x, situp 20x, star jump tah bape kali smp dorang puas ati. pastu merangkak 50m bwh matahari terik and now gi campsite yg org xleh reach me

She is at some camping site somewhere in Malaysia with no network coverage. That’s the only thing I know, but i feel like as though she is at the moon! huhu, coz I have to wait for some transmission to be available from her side baru bleh communicate hahah. Even my sms sent last night is still not delivered. Sigh 😦

Wanna know something? Last Friday on her last day of work, we had lunch together and look what she gave me!

i told u she has this love for proverbs and quotes kan? haa tgk hadiah yg die bagi pon sama..hehe

inside this balang kueh raya, there are 100 lil pieces of quotes that will cheer up anybody’s day. So whenever I feel down or misses her, I would just need to pick one of these cute lil sunflowers and read the quotes huhu..

tadaa..this is one of the quotes that i picked up. Nice huh..i like this quote.

and lastly, after 11 years, we had our first photo together 🙂


But anyhow, yesterday I was on sick leave. I had a very bad migraine attack, thus I spent half of the day at home, just lazing around. In the afternoon, my legs were getting itchy to get out from the house. I really wanted to pamper myself on that day. I checked my wallet, I had RM200 in hand so I was thinking whether to :

  1. iron my hair – just because I felt like it and I’m bored of my ekor itik hair. Hehe my hair is shoulder length but layered, so biasala kes ekor itik ni sgt merimaskan.
  2. buy contact lenses – walaupun tak reti pakai and takut nak pakai, demi tanak nampak rabun sgt on the BIG day, sanggup jugak aku turunkan ego ni nak try pakai
  3. go for a facial – yer saya tau korang sume dah nasihat kat bwh suh manjakan diri kan? 
So out of the three option, I chose option 3! one thing dats great about Shah Alam is that nearly everything is available here. So, I went to D’Lugano Spa at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam which is owned by Diana Rafar and tried out the normal facial which costs RM88. A bit pricey maybe but heck it was my first time there, wanted to know how it feels like being pampared during the 2 hours of my facial there. was an interesting experience with the kampung ambience but some parts of the facial process I was feeling a bit claustrophobic dahla being confined to a room dgn lampu gelap and with layers of sponge or tissues being dabbed onto my face, rasa cam adeh cepat la process ni abeh huhu. But overall I did enjoy it. Dahla i was already having a migraine kan, after the facial I had my head massaged, my shoulder massaged. Ya ampun bes gileeeee! Rasa cam next time nak try the neck, shoulder and back massage la plak. U can refer to here for more details of the spa. But the price in dat article is the old price, u need to go to the spa to know the current price. She, (Diana Rafar) was there when I was about to leave the place..we had a mini chat together and I gave her a bit of my two cents that it would be better if the place had its own website..huhu. Although my zits is still visible, but at least no more whitehead and blackheads for the time being..yeay!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. farah
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 21:15:23

    i got a friend i knew back then in US from Japan in 1995..tgk 1st pic korg, remind me kitaorg xde lg pun pic bersama ..

    we still contact each other ..snail mail, email, blog etc…tp the best part is snail mail la..brg2 dr jepun mak aih…

    cume skrg i’m hoping she’ll come masa aku kawin nnt and vice versa.


  2. izyan
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 21:43:04

    aihhh hang dah pi spa diana rafar tuh..
    best ekk..
    slalu la terpandang2 kalu after luch kt kopitiam lalu situ..
    harus try gak nih suatu hari nnti..heheh


  3. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 08:55:22

    the time will come my dear for u guys to meet, mcm me and fara ni gak, who would haf thought dat she would get a job in putrajaya and me in cyberjaya, tu yg buat kitorang makin dekat, dulu she was in JB and i’m in shah alam. time will tell..berpuluh² tahun menunggu pon takpe coz u know she is a good fren to u 🙂

    haha yup! bkn calang² spa yg aku pilih tu..ehehe jom ar kite p reramai, bleh tambah sket cop kat kad aku tu hikhik leh dpt lagi diskaun..


  4. Ayu
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 15:38:47

    u kalo pas facial ada masalah headache x? i everytime pas facial, mesti mabok, sbb lama sgt dia tutup mata dgn gauze. i kalo purak2 pejam ni mmg xleh, terus headache. hehehhe..


  5. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 16:01:00

    gue seadanya dah mmg ada migraine pon d whole day, so tatau la ada extra headache from the facial hehe, tp mmg rimas la tutup mata sume ni, adoi..claustrophobic! beauty comes with pain huhu


  6. dizzyfly
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 22:58:41

    hehe hye babe! aku dpt wifi kat area bawah ni tapi kat bilik tak dpt. nway, sgttttttttttttt la hectic life aku. mcm orang gila dah ni. bilik tunggang langgang. masih mencari masa nak bernafas secara normal. ape pun, i have to go now, kene siapkan kerja exco ni. adehhhhhhhhhh. daaaaaaaaa. muah muah!


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