..From My Heart..

It all started 11 years ago, I was in Form 2 still trying to catch up with my studies because I just got back from UK the year before. My mum said there was this online interactive website thingy called TMSOL which stands for TM School Online that I could surf on if I wanted to look for past years PMR papers and what nots for me to try on. Being the obedient child that I was before, I decided to surf and print out some samples of PMR papers for me to study on. At that website there was this place for students to chat as well, basically that place was such a hit for students during those days (1997-1998) especially those yg baru nak mengenali dunia chatting (like me haha) and also to make new friends who also had the same aim which was to study as well. I began to go to that website everyday and it seems that the same people too were online. There is where, I met this wonderful girl with the most unique nickname ever kUeH^TarT hehe (eh camni kan eja nickname ko dulu?) from Batu Pahat, Johor whom now has become my bestfriend for 11 years.

I dunno, but the vibe in that chat room was so wonderful that I really made such good friends there and guess what? My first love, my first boyfriend I met through that chatroom as well hahah. I dunno if you wanna call it internet love or what..but it was awesome ok! tak kisah la relationship tu lasted for 1 year and a half only but it was such a bliss moment u know being wif him (hahaha aku takleh cite dgn lebeh lanjut kang cik Fara ni will be rolling her eyes to the max! and Mr Fiance will be dead jealous as well) coz dis entry here is about HER not HIM heheh but basically we all clicked la.

Bleh caye tak korang yg selama 11 years of friendship with dis gurl, I’ve met her less than 5 times kut eh less than 10 times and it’s always a short meeting, tak penah pon hang out bebetul lagi. And we’ve never had our pictures taken together but still, somehow one way or another, we connected and remained as bestfriends dari dulu sampai skang and the Internet has always been the place for us to meet, dari zaman TMSOL wujud sampai dah tak wujud, we moved on to ICQ, IRC, YM kirenya whatever means of chatting that we can use, we will use to chat hehe. I’d still remember the time while I was “dating online” with my first love haha if she is online, she would always get the privilege to join in the chatroom in ICQ as well, lantak la bf aku nak spend time dgn aku ke tak, tp if cik Fara kite is online, she will get the same treatment as what my bf had. So there we were, me from Penang, my then bf was from Ipoh, she’s from Johor all connected through this chatspace. Aku still ingat lagi babe zaman ICQ dulu kite jakun beli microphone pasang kat PC pastu kite nyanyi lagu Siti Nurhaliza and record our voices lepas tu anta kat each other just for the sake of entertainment hahaha. Bukan takat tu je, we even sent snail mails to each other, hantar gambar memasing la, hantar kad raya, birthday cards and oh she was so good to me as well that she also posted her trial papers for PMR and SPM for me to try on..ape saje la but we never met in person. Huhu. Those were the good old days.

Even until now, although the both of us are leading our separate lives with our own pathways, we would always find ways to keep each other updated especially now since both of us are working. Kalo YM tak bole, company email ada..heheh. Kalo tu pon tak jalan gak, memasing ada blog memasing. She will update her stories, and I will update mine. Die jarang komen at my blog coz she prefers to be the pemerhati but offline..korang tatau. Haha we will spend everyday chatting with each other via YM dari pagi sampai la balik keje. Kirenye ape yg kitorang update dlm blog is just secebis from what we both usually talk about eheheh. Kalo dah out of office hours and there’s still something to be shared whether it’s something good or bad, we would SMS each other. Our boyfriends pon dah tau sgt perangai kitorang. Kalo sehari pasangan memasing tak dgr nama Fara or Mieza coming from our mouth, well something is wrong somewhere. Hehehe mmg we’re really close.

And kalo korang nak tau, dlm bebyk nama laki kat Msia ni, die nakkkkk jugak pilih org nama Khairul ek. Laki aku dah nama Khairul dah..bf die pon nama Khairul gak ahaha nasib la laki aku Mohd Khairul je..hers is Mohd Khairul Azmi hehehe..mcm siot je. Tp takpela disebabkan aku ni dah kenal Azmi ni camne and disebabkan aku jugak yg buat korang ni melekat, hahah nak buek lagu mana kan? Thanks to the PTD assessment la! Somehow camne tah aku ni ditakdirkan pegi the same venue as Azmi ni for the PTD assessment. I dreaded to go there, dahla aku ni mmg tak kenan keje gomen, pastu pasal org dok sebok2 suh aku try, aku p je lerrr..pastu jumpa ler mamat ni setelah sekian lama tak jumpa since my MMU days. Dlm ati aku mamat ni sah la akan dpt PTD, confirm jadi pengganti Hishamuddin je. I think that’s what I said to him..I din know Fara too at Johor was trying out for PTD as well on that same day. Utk dipendekkan cite, the three of us : Me, Azmi, Fara passed the first stage. After that I didnt follow up on what happened to Azmi and I backed out from pursuing further for the 2nd stage coz like I said, aku ni tak kenan keje gomen so aku tanak la tetibe kalo pass 2nd stage and 3rd stage..tetibe dpt jadi PTD ish naya den. Aku tau aku mmg tak sesuai keje as PTDian but I supported Fara to go ahead and alhamdulillah she passed all stages! Apparently Azmi ni pon passed all stages and all these successful candidates were supposed to haf dis kursus hape tah kat INTAN..so before she left, I forwarded to her Azmi’s Friendster’s page and said to her if u happened to meet him, just kim salam to him ye..jgn ko melekat dgn ye udahla ye. Bukan leh harap pon korang ni..dah keje slaluenye akan dpt org yg sebidang dgn ko, mcm aku dgn Krul ni haa dedue shipping..kang tetengok korang laks PTDian hehe. And yee tuan2 dan puan2, disebabkan mulut masinku ini depa dua ekoq ni dah kuch kuch hota hai sesame dorang haha..aaaaaaandddddddd they’re planning to get married by next year as well..yeay!!

Dearest Fara,

You have always been my pillar of strength when I’m down, you are always there when I need you. You make me comfortable to be in my own skin, takyah nak pretend pape, nak control pape, I’m just being me and u can accept me as I am. Tak payah nak cite from A to Z ko dah bleh tau dah what i’m gonna story about, you understand me. My tantrums, my sarcasm, my crankiness, my hati kering, my ice queen mode, my gedik mode, ngade2 and noti mode hehehe u name it, sume ko bole layannnn. I know, our friendship is unique. Terkilan gak aku coz kite ni mcm payah la plak ye nak bebetul jumpa and haf our own gurl’s time together since we’re tight up with our routine but I’m so grateful to find such a good hearted friend who always puts others first before you. Aritu aku dah syahdu kan..now as I’m typing dis out, aku dah syahdu balik ni. Damn u’ve made me a crybaby ok! I’m so gonna miss our chit chat moments, gonna miss you and ur love for proverbs and peribahasa melayu yg sampai skang aku tak paham ape maksudnya hehe. Babe, reading your entry on the wedding prezzie tu really melts my heart coz tak penah lagi aku jumpa org who would really go all out for me. It’s just a cake mixer, but usaha ko nak make me happy, really is just..so touching! I’m sorry that we drifted apart for a couple of years and aku dah tak hantar kad raya or birthday card when you still continued to do so during those years..aku tau aku sombong sket time tu but now dah tak sombong kan?? hehehe..

Anyway..as much as I hate to let u go for this DPA crap, as much as I know YM aku will be soooooooooo sunyi without ur presence for 6 months and your blog will be bersarang without your drama queen entries, I really hope you would do your best and finish off this dreaded course a.s.a.p and jadi pegawai kerajaan yg dihormati ramai coz I know this work suits u gal. I know, u dun really like being a PTDian but this job is for u dear 🙂 make yourself proud and your family proud! So do your best ok gal!! dun worry, I can take good care of myself eventhough I’m freaking out already about the wedding preparation, I wish I can just YM u anytime when I’m freaking out but I guess I gotta give way to you to pursue on what u need to do. I really hope you can be my bridesmaid but I dun wanna put much hope coz aku takut ada perubahan plan dgn DPA sume ni but I really, really hope you will be there for me on my BIG day. 6 bulan oiiiiiiiiiii..


 p.s: asal aku rindu ko, aku buat kek batik la ye..hehehe

 p.p.s : azzzmiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ko kene jaga kwn aku ni leklok. kalo aku dpt sms ckp die tgh sedey ke tingtong ke pasal korang nak time out la ape la aku lempang ko! hehehe

heheh aku ciluk gambo ko ek jap dari website ko..ni kan fav gambo ko hehehe..take care dear..all the best to the both of you for your DPA!




14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nad
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 10:39:56

    laaaa..azmi ni keee..heheheh


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 10:46:18

    nad :

    haah lerr..hehe azmi kite lerr..sape laa yg tak kenai die masa kat mmu dulu. alih² minah ni kenan kat mamat ni laks hehe


  3. ~reena~
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 13:47:31

    mieza, i think i remember kot ur x bf yg ipoh tu.hg prnh cite kt aku kan korang ada this ‘website’ (ke blog wei?) thingy kan?

    Dulu klu chatting siap semangat pi gathering tu.hehhee.


  4. Ayu
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 13:50:16

    Azmi ni adik Nurul Hayah kn? Ala2 adik aku gak kot? Hehehhe..


  5. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 14:22:34

    reena :

    haha ingat jugak eh?yeahhh its dat guy lorr, he has this website thingy dulu kengkononnya ada gambo aku dgn die dulu siap superimpose so that we can be side by side pada hakikatnya tak jumpa lagi haha..tak ingat dah url die ape

    ayu :

    err..tatau laaa die adik sape. tu kene tunggu komen Cik Fara kite..die cuti la arini haha


  6. dizzyfly
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 09:33:16

    yerpsie, adik Nurul Hayah. hehe Ayu ni kwn kak Nurul eh?

    Mieza syg:
    aku dah baca blog ni smlm sebenarnya dari rumah. ‘pinjam’ wireless org sebelah. hahaha. em terharu aku babe with this kind of appreciation. huhu. tapi smlm aku tanak komen sbb otak aku dok sarat dgn nak beli barang DPA.

    mmg pun relationship kite tersgt unique. kalau kita cerita kisah kita, people would be surprise. how on earth two ppl with different life can click with only one collision in life. the only thing that i can say, u’re my soulmate. hehe bkn yg pasangan hidup, but u’re my other half. we complete each other.

    babe, i’m speechless. whatever it is, i love u. 🙂


  7. Ayu
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 16:18:17

    Hi Fara! Tahniah ye.. Yup, saye kwn si Hayah. Yesterday i posted this blog URL on her facebook n she read it. Dia kata her mum likes u. So everybody’s happy! : ) Congratss ye!!!


  8. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 16:23:30

    ayu :

    aii congrat2 ni p kat page die, bukan page gue! jeles tau ni hehehe


  9. dizzyfly
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 16:26:55

    Errr…u pass d url to her? *muke malu* aiyakkk. now kakak boleh tau i bebel pasal ape. hehehe. tapi, thanx ye. kalau tak, i won’t know her mum’s impression of me. 😀


  10. Ayu
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 18:57:01

    Ala Cik Mieza oiii… I sbnarnye lupe nk congratss u 4 writing an entry so menusuk kalbu on friendship. Beautiful relationship la u two.. Xpenah tau ada cerita mcm ni.. : )

    Fara, xpe2, yg penting, mak mentua sayang.. Hehehe.. ;>


  11. shea
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 19:31:39

    u take orders 4 VS stuffs rite?
    do u order these?


    if yes,pls inform me yah…

    u noe miza(farah hamizah) rite?she’s my sis…heee….


  12. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 13, 2008 @ 09:23:50

    shea – ooh interested in those bags ke? erm i kene tanye my supplier kalo die bleh dptkan ke tak tp tak janji ye 🙂


  13. hanie
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 10:20:42

    wopps…kenal sgt dgn azmi ni kat MMU dulu..hehe. Smoga korang berbahgia khendaknye 😉

    Mieza: MMU dulu eyh? melaka? course?


  14. newlifenewbeginning
    Oct 15, 2008 @ 09:17:27

    hanie :

    yeah, MMUian as well..but im from cyber. only did my foundation in mlk hehe..


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