7 is my favourite number! (tagged by Ms Twiggy)

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Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 

1. Can i just start by saying I love the number 7? ever since Eric Cantona wore it on his jersey during the good old Man U days and then he passed it on to Beckham and now who’s wearing it now? Christiano Ronaldo. Some aura this number has. Hehehe.

2. Did you notice that my yahoo id also has the number 7? for the same reason as well

3. and oh, my dream car plate number is 7227, again..for the same reason haha

4. one of my 2008 target is to start wearing contact lenses, but until now i haven’t gotten the courage to purchase one. Takut nak jolok mata..haha. Any good brands to purchase?

5. I haf dis tendency to do most things halfway and then i lose interest. During my school days I have had swimming lessons (which i ended up drowning je so I stopped), art lessons (sampai skang i can’t really draw, so I stopped), played the piano (until Grade 3 only), played the violin (until Grade 5 only)..hmm what else? maybe dat explains why I prefer to job hop? I get boooreddd easily.

6. I never did my UPSR 🙂 hehe..betul……i was in overseas la at that time.

7. I’m a lefthanded, like a PURE lefthanded. like the iron needs to be on my left hand side for me to do the ironing, i can’t simply use the plain silver scissors zaman sekolah rendah dulu..nangeh aku nak guna tau. I would always buy the scissors yg ada plastic coating tu. lagi ape ye..ooh pls dun ask me to cut vegetables in a slanting way..especially kacang buncis..mesti sgt la senget and tahpape and tahla i can’t hold the knife properly coz i’ma freaking lefthanded!

so now………i am tagging the below 7 people :

1. Wan

2. Anis

3. Farah

4. Sha

5. Liza

6. Niza

7. Sharina


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. izyan
    Sep 23, 2008 @ 14:19:29

    haha..aku curi masa wei.kui kui.nih nk brand apa contact lense ekk.try O2 optix.best..mata pun tak merah, kepala tak sakit.pehtu aku wat experiment..bila dah expired tuh kan sblm buang tu aku biarkan lense tu kt luar..24 hrs pun ok je lagi.lens yg selalu gue pakai dulu, 5 minit je ltk luar dh keras n kecut.so silalah beli O2 optix :p


  2. diamante
    Sep 23, 2008 @ 15:53:12

    Ya Allah!!7227??itu no plate kete papa aku dolu-dolu.huhuhu.tapi skg kete dgn no2 tuh dah jual dah..


  3. newlifenewbeginning
    Sep 23, 2008 @ 16:01:48

    izyan – now dis is weird of u to curik tulang during ofis hrs haha..slaluenye pekeje berdedikasi. ada jugak eh kontek lens 02, slalue tau PDA je..haha akanku usya..

    diamante – ye ke?hik2 mmg suke la…even my handphone number pun ada byk no 7 gak


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