Lucky No 5 – tagged by Anis

  • What were the 5 things on your to do list today?

1) Finish off all pending work that I haf left for 4 days. Byk duh kene setel b4 4.30 ni
2) To fast without fail today. So far so good!
3) To update my blog after a few days of hiatus. Which i did!
4) To charge my other handphone yg bateri dah kiok
5) To eat proper, solid food


  • What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?

1) Tgh craving sesangat fries gemuk from Nandos
2) Biskut bantal, eh keropok bantal brand Snekku!
3) Strawberry flavoured HL shake, campur dgn yoghurt besh woo
4) Kerepek pisang tanduk – tu je kepek yg aku bleh telan sejak jadi penjual ni

5) Nestle Fitness Cereal

  • What are 5 jobs you’ve had?

1) Management Trainee (for 2 months only) *bosan*
2) IEL Exec in shipping company *too stressful*
3) Procurement assistant – current *terlebeh stress free*
4) Kaunselor masalah cinta haha *anytime, anywhere!*
5) Tukang forward email – bleh jugak ppl will know if im in the ofis or not from my fwd email 

  • 5 ppl I want to tag.

1) Best fwen Fara! ur alwiz my no 1 mangsa
2) Cik Wan yg smgt kasi aku resipi kek batik
3) Raje d Twiggy gal
4) Liza yg excited over the new VS perfumes
5) Reena

i have one more tagging game to do..hehe..maybe will do so dlm esok lusa ni ke, kang org jemu laks baca kan? 😉


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