Victoria’s Secret Updates

Keep on forgetting to take pictures each time there are friends or new customers buying the item..huhu, yup2 my fault. 

Refreshing Body Mist Set – sold to Azreen

50ml of Love Spell, Amber Romance, Pure Seduction, Pear Glace and the newest scent for the Secret Garden range Berry Kiss fitted nicely in a very chic box!

Front view of the box

Back view of the box

Berry Kiss 30ml EDT Perfume – sold to Diana

For those who like Love Spell, this latest scent is suitable for you! 

Scent Description : Tempting confection of wild raspberry, praline and rose.

Secret Garden’s Body Mist & Perfume – sold to Mr Fiance’s frens

Pear Glace Body Mist 250ml, Amber Romance EDT Perfume 30ml & Pure Seduction Body Mist 250ml

Secret Garden’s Love Spell Body Lotion – sold to Wan

( the Sweet Daydream EDT is for me haha..tukang jual pon nak jugak ada own collection maa)

Wanna try out any Victoria’s Secret product? Just YM! me at silverblue_gal7 and I will be more than happy to entertain ya!


New! Limited Edition Sugar Collection
by Victoria’s Secret Garden

Sweet Sugar : a warm mix of vanilla cream and sandalwood

Coconut Sugar : a rich blend of glazed freesia and praline

Berry Sugar : a fresh combination of velvet cranberry and tangerine sugar

Refreshing Body Mist 250 ml – RM60

 Hydrating Body Lotion 250 ml – RM60

Shimmer Body Cream 150ml – RM60

Exhilirating Body Wash 150ml – RM60



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cik wan lesung batu
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 08:00:39

    love spell body lotion? u all patot try… bes okke! mebi sya nnt nk try bau lain puloks… hehehe… tunggu masa nk cekau gune pure seduction yg da lama beli tu je …hehehehe


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 08:21:51

    aii..tak amik lagi lotion ko dari aku dah promote kat org dah? hahaha bagus ini mcm..


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