My “Me” Time

What is a “me” time?

In my definition, a “me” time is when you allocate a few hours or a day to yourself to do whatever you want for your own satisfaction.

My “me” time here is having a DVD marathon of chick lit movies that I haven’t got time to watch in the cinemas since my fiance is not a fan of such movies. I’m not really into DVDs as well coz kalo beli pon tatau bile nak tgk, pastu bile beli pirated CDs pepaham je la quality camne..nanti takut rugi. Camtu la alkisahnya, p mai p mai tang tu gak. So from one movie after the other aku ni asyik melepas. Until la masa aku balik Penang aritu, kat Batu Feringghi memalam during weekends kan ada mcm ala2 flea market tu. Lepas tu adala satu gerai ni jual pirated CDs of course yg memurah gile. RM4 je per CD. Buy 10 CDs, free 1. Well bagi aku it was such a bargain la kan..and dgn harga yg murah tu, aku dgn tunang aku gamble je la rembat bebyk CD yg bole. So here are the CD’s that I took for myself, definitely chick lit movies :

  • The Notebook
  • PS I Love You
  • Made Of Honor
  • 27 Dresses
  • Ayat-ayat Cinta
  • Hancock
  • Kungfu Panda

So far aku baru layan cite Notebook, PS I Love You and Ayat-ayat Cinta. I can’t exactly remember the DVDs that he chose for himself but one thing for sure yg aku ingat die pilih BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! haha..di sebalik image yg kononnya macho gagah perkasa yg hanya layan Harley Davidson and baju hitam yg sungguh tak menarik perhatian, terdetik jugak mamat ni nak layan cite kartun eh. Siap sms aku tu sambil die dok layan cite tu

“Best cite ni yangg..u kene tengok”

“ dah layan cite tu berpuluh2 kali la masa cinonit dulu”

“Me tau tp bes kalo kite dpt tengok sesame”

haha..alalala sweet la pulok. takpela nanti bile dah ada anak la ye, kite dok depan tv tuu layan kerenah anak kite eh yang.

The Notebook

dah lama sesangat aku nak layan cite ni because I just keep on stumbling into people’s blogs reviewing how great this movie is, how mushy and jiwang and sungguh sehati sejiwa sehidup semati punya alkisah cinta which is SO my taste of movie malangnya aku tak nangeh. Haha. It is a very touching movie of course..sangat bes lelebeh lagi bulan posa ni plak asyik hujan je kan and I was at home sick on MC tak p keje…kene la dgn mood die..oh tp d sex scene tu, well……..mana la aku nak tau ada sex scene, kurang sket pahala aku layan cite tu masa tgh posa hehe. innocent mode utk seketika waktu kihkihkih. The storyline reminds me a lot of Titanic’s. So go figure how this story is.

Ayat-ayat Cinta

Again, I wanted to see this movie because of its high reputation stating that it is marked as the best Indonesian movie of 2008 (it was even stated on the cover of the DVD) mengalahkan Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. I was sceptical at first, mcm ye ke cite ni lagi best dari AADC coz AADC pun bagi aku dah bes gile dah..aku dah siap layan 5-6 kali, segala mp3 soundtrack cite tu sume aku dl..but then takpela i gave it a try to watch. Hmm…ntahla i was lost watching this movie. mcm tak paham amende la sebenarnya movie ni nak portray. I know its an Islamic movie, yes I get it, i get that part. Tp mcm tak paham jalan cite die..takkan la pasal kelurusan si Fahri ni (main character) and ketulusan hati die dlm bab2 kawin ni, org dengki smp nak tuduh die for rape? mcm tak masuk akal betul. And tak masuk akal a guy can be so naive. Ntahla..aku tak suke cite ni. Nasib tak tengok kat wayang.

PS I Love You

I fell in love with this book when it came to our bookstores about 3 years ago. I am only a fan of Sophie Kinsella’s book but I have already finished reading all of her book then, so I decided to read Cecelia Ahern’s novel and the storyline was soooooooo touching that I cried whilst reading the novel ok! sgt syahdu..I even recommended this book to my cousin which ended up buku tu dah jadi harta dia pon smp skang die tak pulangkan lagi when I got to know that the movie came out, I was eager to watch. When I watched it, I was still in awe eventhough I could still remember the storyline, but not all. Maybe there are a few bits and pieces missing from the novel at the movie, but for me it is enough to captivate my heart..huhu tp again, I didn’t cry. Maybe it’s Hilary Swank. I didn’t think she fitted for that role, I would prefer it to be Reese Witherspoon. She is a better romantic comedy actor.

But out of all 3 movies that i have watched, I gave my fiance to watch this movie…just because..ntahla saje nak share dgn die. Nak tau how sorrow I would feel if he is to dissapear all of a sudden from my life..aku rasa aku jadi gile mcm Holly ni kut huhu. tahla..yg aku tau cite jiwang camni sgt bes…huhu sekian

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ita_may
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 16:30:20

    it’s different kan bile tgk movie and bace buku…feeling die lain…bace buku leh tau all the feelings inside…every single thing happen in every secs kan???


  2. farah
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 20:00:43

    yes, ps i love you tu baik baca bukunye..lg best

    heroin cite tu mmg x best..


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