Dark Knight & PC Fair

As you know, the PIKOM PC Fair was held from 1-3 August at the KL Convention Centre. Well. Since the mission of trying to find the most suitable monitor or laptop that is within our range is still open, we just had to pay a visit at that PC Fair not knowing what to expect as we have never been to a PC Fair before. At the same time, since the convention centre is just a step away from KLCC, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for us to finally watch Dark Knight. That Friday morning right after I arrived work and after reading Reena’s post review of Dark Knight, I straightaway logged on to TGV’s website hoping that purchasing the tickets online would be a breeze for me..tau2 jela if it’s a weekend show, it is very hard (well it’s hard for me) to purchase the tickets but surprisingly it was very easy and I managed to get the 1.30pm show. Purrfect! Now I just need to tame the lion (which is Mr. Fiance by the way) to enjoy watching this movie rather than reluctantly watching it just because I wanna watch the movie. Tak bes la mcm tu kan coz he is not a big fan of Batman, he is more of a Spidey fan. I’m not actually a Batman fan but somehow unintentionally I seem to be following all of the Batman movies so mcm rugi la rasenye if I don’t watch this movie. Some more wif the huge buzz about this movie wanting to catch up wit Titanic’s record and wif the sudden death of Heath Ledger, I was very eager to see his last showmanship before he died.

As expected the parking was very hard to get, I had to ask him to drop me first so that I can rush to get the tickets while he search for the parking. And the crowd..u know how it is in KLCC..penuh dgn bebudak hingusan berkerumun nak tgk movie which is a big NO NO to Mr Fiance. He doesn’t like queing, he doesn’t like big crowds..so nak tanak while I was waiting for him to arrive, kite kene la amik ati die sket kan? As the good old saying says..cara yg terbaik nak menambat hati lelaki is to jaga their perut kan? Hehe so I bought Vienna Bagels at least bile dah alas perut sket, mulut pon senyap gak kan?


walaupun die kate die nak ban watching movies at KLCC dah but I dun care coz we got to see Dark Knight and it was definitely a TWO THUMBS UP movie. Heath Ledger – if you’re still alive, you would be so damn proud with the turnout of your acts. Awesome gile. Batman this time round pun tak disappointing. Aku dulu sengal sket nak layan Batman ni bukannye ape..bile ada masalah sket, menyorok kat umah..sesket masuk his secret hiding place. At least this time round Batman acted like a man! Not like a bapok huhu..tp papehal pon movie of the year for 2008 is stil Transformers for me..huhu Dark Knight is no 2.

As for the PC Fair..mak datuk xleh ramai lagi kaa rombongan Cik Kiah yg dtg? Nasib la ada memcm kaum kat sana and bukan kaum Islam je, kalo tak dah seakan serupa mcm pegi wat hajI je tau tak..gile ramai org. There was this area kat one of the exhibition hall whereby there was a major bottleneck, mcm elok2 jalan 3 lane jadi 1 lane, sure jam gile kan? Haa mcm tu la keadaan kat sana we were practically pushing each other’s back so that we can actually walk. Mcm org buat saie je rasenye..huhu apohal la dari tadi aku dok kaitkan PC Fair mcm org pegi hajI ni?huhu..tp betul laa kalo tak pasal ada mission je jangan harap la nak bersesak-sesak dgn org ramai ni, smp masa ari Ahad when we wanted to collect the laptop jalan nak masuk KLCC jam gile..nasib baik I knew the back way nak park at the convention centre..slamat sket kalo tak jenuh la nak meredah jam tu lagi.

Toshiba Satellite

Toshiba Satellite


Well..what I can say here is MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I am currently drafting this entry out at home..yeah finally I can continue back typing at home as I have gotten a new baby! I have a new laptop! Oh ok maybe I should rephrase that sentence. WE have a new laptop BUT I’M using it now so it’s considered my laptop for the time being haha. I think we made a good purchase by buying this laptop. RM2199 only for a Toshiba Satellite laptop..(installment plan la of coz..mana ada duit nak bayar sederap camtu je). It’s not the latest model, but I have been eyeing on this product line since last year when it was just released. As long as the total capacity is big, MS Office is installed, it’s Windows Vista, Wifi enabled and international warranty it’s all good to me. We also received 4 free gifts : optical mouse, bluetooth device, notebook cooler pad and an adapter. I also bought a 2GB pendrive since my current pendrive is already full, takpela pendrive takyah size beso sgt pun takpe dah ada laptop ni..wheee! pasal broadband tu nanti2 la lepas dah kawin bile everything dah stable.

So now, I dun need to eye on any Blackberry or PDA phone. I already have a laptop to do whatever that’s necessary. Baru ada gaya mcm businesswoman sket kan? Wahaha..if only la I drink coffee, baru complete sket package die kalo nak lepak kat Starbucks kan..tp malangnya I’m a tea drinker but who caressss


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Reena~
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 17:05:07

    I was there masa PC Fair tu.PAtut la semua orang usung printer, laptop etc.Rupanya ada PC Fair.Haha.

    Alaa..Awat tak beli MacBook? Hehehe.Berbaloi tau.

    Oh Vienna Bagels! Yummy!


  2. hanie
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 10:53:00

    aaa my tunang pon ade ambik gambar kat pc fair tu…adoiii melaut org 😛 tp kite tak pg la sana…hoo byk eh shopping…dan itu Dark night…masih blum dpt ditonton..entahkan bila la tu 😛


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