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Here in my blog i dun usually share stories about my workplace coz I dun think it’s necessary to do so coz my blog is strictly for the stuff that I do outside of work..the other side of me dat prefers to share jovial stuff that is happening around me.

But hey, since I’m currently blogging from Mr Fiance’s office (actually I’m sitting at his supervisor’s table rite now)..he has some pending work to settle by this weekend and it’s 8.50pm, I’m accompanying him rite now so might as well I talk about how my work has been so far.

It’s been..hmm 4mths plus since I joined this company. I hated and dreaded to come to work for nearly 4 months since I joined. I just couldn’t get a positive vibe from it thus that explains how I turned to other stuff to keep myself bz to not to think of how depressing this new work is (self explanatory if u’ve been reading what has been keeping me preoccupied since I opened up dis blog).  The same thing keeps winding inside my head what do I actually want out of this so called career path of mine. Do I still wanna achieve my target to be a manager by the age of 30? Earn a 5K salary by that age as well? To job hop from one company to another company selagi tak dpt capai cita²/impian tu? Kengkadang bile lelame pk, when you have been dwelling on the same issue over and over again, indirectly it is demotivating me mcm tak bersyukur dgn apa yg dah ada depan mata ni.

Issue with older colleagues? Sampai bila kan nak guna issue tak leh get along dgn colleagues yg pangkat akak dgn abg ni kan..sampai bila nak keep on rewinding back the fond memories dat I had in Mae*rsk last time with the 1980s babies. Life goes on, sebagai org yg lebeh muda patut la mencarik jalan utk menghormati dan menerima cara org yg lebeh tua kan..lantak la if they all are the pantry type of people who MUST have their morning break and tea break everyday while I on the other hand prefers to drink plain water in my waterbottle and just sit infront of the PC. I just gotta adapt that’s the way they are. Xkan memanjang nak rimas..

So now I have a very open policy..to just accept how the environment is now and surprisingly I’m ok wif it now. When my boss wanted 2 volunteers to shift to another unit within my dept coz dat particular unit is overloaded with work, rasa amat terharu that the lady sitting beside me who volunteered wanted me to join her to dat new unit coz she feels comfortable working wif me, she wants to be my team mate, my buddy. Die xnak berenggang tu..mmg la all these while we have been sitting beside each other but we dun talk much..lagi pon die golongan pantry while I’m not huhu so bile tgk die bersemangat nak together² rasa sgt terharu.Mcm wow..the 13 years age gap between me and her means nothing now. Lagipun dis new unit is more muhibbah..sume bangsa ada, it feels more united rather than my old unit. [yer dude..aku tau ko bangga aku masuk unit ko..huhu]

Not only I have proper work now to do..no more mingling about, surfing here and there to kill time but I also feel the commitment of all the team members, semangat muhibbah tu ada..and yeahh I decided to just skrew it wif Jobstreet and clicking for other jobs for the time being..I just wanna enjoy wat I’m facing here and to take it one step at a time. I know travelling 80km a day is tiresome, with RM180 spent just on tolls each month and petrol takyah ckp ar..rasenye around RM300-400 a month but heck, lantak laa..doesn’t mean if I can be a manager some day I would be happy rite? Pepenat buat keje, smgt nak climb up the corporate career ladder nak jadi assistant manager la manager la tp kalo gaji cam haprak, keje pon mcm taik stress level tahap Gunung Kinabalu wat hape..might as well I cherish this stress free job but with a good pay and good benefits. Takyah nak risau pasal nak amik cuti takut clash dgn keje ke, takyah nak maki hamun dgn whoever (kurang sket dosa yg dah menimbun masa kat company lama dulu huhu)..just pegi balik keje as it is, buat pape keje yg disuruh..tak balik lambat sgt..dpt gaji, dpt byr sume bil..I’m just happy as it is. Senang.

My Workplace

My Workplace

This is my workplace..hehe now I understand why we need two monitors. Kalo ikutkan ati rasanye we need 3 monitors actually haha..it’s still empty and suci dari sebarang kekotoran coz our work is more towards paperless environment..tp yg rimas tu is the partition la..I’m trying to find some motivational posters or anything to stick at the partition..kalo tak satu dunia confirm nampak wat I’m doing in front of the PC

DirectorMalaysian food daaa

Yeay..we can now eat!

Yesterday on Friday, our Director decided to throw a tea party fo all staff to show his appreciation towards our commitment in delivering our job since go live on 1st of July..slama ni mano ada keje..hehe lepas go live baru memasing start dpt keje menimbun ni..TEAMWORK AND SUCCESS..whoever yg stick kertas tu smgt betul menempek sedangkan the Director only gave a 5min speech je huhu. Oh yeah..Friday kat cni pon can be considered a casual day gak..(dat explains the dude in jeans.he is from IT dept..dept plg senang nak pakai jeans) I haven’t tried wearing jeans yet on Friday..tgk la camne huhu bos aku ni skema sket. So far pakai khakis je. Ingatkan tea party tu dpt la scones with butter and jam ke, Danish pastries ke..yelaa d mat salleh way. Skali tgk mat salleh ni sume dah adapted to d Msian way plak..rupenye makanan melayu daa..bihun goreng, karipap, kek the usual stuff..even sandwich telur pun ada bawang!! urghh tak sedap!! aih kecewa kitorang..huhu.

Ahaa..ok then ppl. Mr Fiance is done with his work..till my next entry on Dark Knight and PC Fair!


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  1. farah
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 20:40:33

    ooh,tq bagi tips keja tu..

    if i really want keja kt maersk tu,i’ll let u know..ok 😉

    my dad once worked kt Konsortium logistics, jgn la keja kt situ…mgt teruk, org putih nye ckp diaorg nk je dgr,org melayu sendri nye ckp walaupun betul,xnk dgr…gaji ciput… i did my final project masa diploma dulu on konsortium, byk gile problemnye..hahaha


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