Randy Pausch – Last Lecture died..

I was surfing a few hours back and noticed that some of the blogs in WordPress were updating stories about Randy Pausch who died 2 days ago from his 2 year long battle of pancreatic cancer.

Who is Randy Pausch? I didn’t know anything about him until I stumbled upon my friend’s blog who wrote about his famous video clip in YouTube called “The Last Lecture”. I’m not a fan of Youtube..I think the last time I went into Youtube was during the American Idol days to see the rerun of David Cook’s performance. That’s it.

This video is EXTREMELY LONG..109mins to be exact but it’s worth watching. Sesape yg tgh ganti posa kat ofis, tatau ape nak buat during lunch time, do click on this link. It is worth watching. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5700431505846055184 

I actually watched it a few months back but decided not to blog about it..coz I really thought he could make it and survived his pancreatic cancer, but he didn’t.

So..as a tribute to him, for his great speech with some great reminders to ponder on regarding life’s lessons..let us spend some time to reflect what he has to say on ourself and on our lives. May u rest in peace Prof..

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