Just me, myself and I

It just came across my mind that there may be some readers out there who actually wonders how am I like in person because as I skimmed through my entries I have been portraying an image that I am a…shopaholic? or I have such a high taste? well not really that high..but, sanggup spend beribu utk sesuatu? haha..if that’s the image that you guys are putting inside ur mind when reading my blog..err ur quite wrong..huhu

okla camni la..I’m a really simple, plain, ordinary, comot girl. Enuff said? hmm guess not.

Work/Casual Attire & Accessories

Yes, I do like branded items, who doesn’t but lately ni je that I tend to go gaga over handbags, wallets, make up. Blame it on this new job! bagi gaji banyak tp keje tak banyak..ape lagi, tangan merayap surfing shopping online la haha. I am more into gadgets. I prefer going gaga over Ipod, PDA phone, laptops, handphones..that is more me. Pasal Coach tu mmg xleh dinafikan la sejak azali i’ve been goggling about it but not to the extend that I wanna haf a Coach collection. Dpt satu beg will shut my mouth tp ooopss I was wrong haha. Ever since I purchased my first bag, I can’t stop planning to purchase another beg and another beg..tp tak beli pon. Planning je..haa planning and membeli ada dua maksud tu.

But the REAL me is very simple. I may have one or two branded items on me when I go out but that’s probably it. My tudungs are simple, they are bought from any kedai yg menjual tudung hehe and most of the time i wear plain tudung. Sejak keje tempat baru ni je I started wearing tudung pattern just because I wanted to haf a different image at this new workplace, and like most of us know tudung pattern ni bape ringgit? RM10 je kan..haa pandai..slalue je aku beli kat Giant SS13 Shah Alam..haha.

My work attire? It’s either from Communique or Valentino Rudy which is worn on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday gue pakai baju kurung..Friday gue pakai baju casual pape yg ada dlm almari..even baju mak aku pon aku pakai..huhu. My casual attire? lagi sempoi..I like wearing those cheap clothes from Jusco. Harga murah je..ranging from RM10-RM29.90 hehe..tp jeans will always be Levi’s Jeans because that’s the only brand that fits me well with the cutting but then I only have 4 pairs of Levi’s..bukan byk pon. Pastu i loveeee Ipanema sandals. I have 4 pairs as well..sarung je la bile kuar..huhu, I dun wear heels during weekend. Sakit lutut gue dibuatnya.

At least now I guess my sense of style is getting better. Dulu zaman blajar..sempoi je pakai tshirt and jeans to class..kengkadang baju yg sama bwk tido d nite b4 aku pakai p class je d following day hahaha..told ya I am comot.

Me at home

That’s it really. I don’t cook at the moment. I don’t quite know how to cook a proper dish for people at the moment. Sebabnya..malas. I’m staying alone la..just me and Ciki. I dun see any point of me buying so many raw ingredients just to cook one simple ayam masak kicap..well I did it twice la..tp ntahla, cam tak berbaloi. Bosan..masak sendiri, mkn sendiri..sedap ke tak sedap ke kene telan gak dah masak kan? bosan haha baik makan kat kedai lagi express. So, I dunno whether to categorise myself as whether I can cook or not because I have tried cooking and bleh tahan gak la raseye walaupun ayam tu was chunky2 tak hingat..and terkial2 nak potong bwg sume cukup haha..but dat’s it really. I do love watching food channels though..I love watching AFC at Astro. I’ve been wanting to have an oven of my own nak start baking balik huhu..tp tadak duit. I do have a few recipe books at home, I do surf for recipes as well online, siap print bwk balik..it’s just that I DON’T COOK. ahaks..syndrome ape pon tatau la…laki aku dah start hinting a few dishes that he likes..tp aku buat deekkkk jee..hahah. Takpe2, setahun lagi nak kawin..haha..setahun sempat lagi nak blajar..kut? wahaha I can do everything but cook. I do wash my own car..I only go to the car wash bile dlm sebulan tu there’s no time for me to spend a weekend for car washing. Haa bukan senang nak jumpa pompuan yg suka basuh kete sendiri tau ahaks.

Sometimes I wonder…ape la yg buat Mr Fiance likes me..haha oh well..jodoh kut? nasib ko la labu dpt org camni..huhu

adoi nak release tensen jap kat cni bleh…my dad has been bugging me over and over again to buy this car from him..just because dah tade value dah kete ni, kalo nak jual sgt rugi seskati diee je nak pass dis car to me..huwargh

Chevrolet Optra5 LS

aiyoo I dun like dis car because the fuel consumption is high compared to my dear old Myvi..it’s spacious, it can fit how many bags of kepek I want but still…..I dun have the urge to use this car la..adoiiii


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ita_may
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 21:05:40

    have money to buy all those over thousand dollar bags but to buy oven tadak duit???hmmmm….


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 09:06:49

    yer saye..ada masalah ka..? 🙂


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