Inspector Gadget & Babies!

Can I combine 2 handphone and 1 notebook into either these 2 items?

Vodafone Blackberry

Sony Ericsson P1i


Using 2 handphones is such a drag. I never intended to join the band wagon to have another phone because I’ve been SO loyal to Celcom huhu but then lately there have been quite a number of new customers/frens using mcm nak tanak, dari creditku mengalir tak pepasal bcoz of them, it’s better to get another 2nd hand phone for masalahnya tu laa leceh haaa..there was this day i had already locked the gate, entered into my car skali mcm damn! i left one of my handphones in my bedroom..dah kene unlock balik d gate, d house grill, d door just to retrieve that freaking phone. Not only that, i’m also carrying along this teeny weeny notebook of mine as well utk keep track of any orders..ilang buku ni mampus den..huhu..excuse for the bad quality of photo. That explains my need of either a Blackberry or PDA phone. The Blackberry is RM1900, the P1i is RM1500++, can remember the exact amount.

My 2nd handphone and notebook

We went to Low Yat last weekend to hunt for a monitor. (Remember my entry that the current monitor at home went kaput?) but couldn’t find anything within our budget. I dun wanna buy a monitor that is over our budget because this is just a temporary solution as our plan after marriage is to buy a laptop of our own since what I’m doing is mostly online. Like obviously if u haven’t noticed that. Haha. Frustrated over it, we headed to OU instead and tadaa we did our own shopping spree. Hehe dah lama tak beli mende offline rasa pelik plak. Suprisingly Levi’s in OU was having an OFF SEASON CLEARANCE. I’ve been wanting to buy my own pair of jeans for ages but have been putting it on delay knowing that Levi’s jgn harap la nak ada sales kan? tp skali tgk ada first, I was reluctant to try the jeans on because only skinny jeans and bootcut jeans was available. Knowing how “sexy” my hips were yg slama ni can never fit into a bootcut jeans, rasa mcm malas la nak try it on but then the salesperson kept on pestering me to try it, so I did and it fit! tade langsung mcm sarung nangka..yeay! Imagine the price for Levi’s Copper Jeans has been reduced from RM269 to RM161.50! ape lagi..beli aaa! haha..maybe consuming Herbalife all these while helped me to reduce the excessive fats around my hips maybe? haha..

Levi's Copper 28" Bootcut

Close up

Mr Fiance also joined in the impulsive shopping spree. He has this fetish for sweaters and jackets. This Nautica jacket’s price was also reduced from RM269 to RM80++..I tried to stop him from buying it, tried to berleter, tried to buat muka monyok but to no avail..he ignored me..huhu sedey gile. Dahla perasan ensem pakai jaket tu..ape kes? cit..and it’s in red again! he already has a Nautica sweater in red..aiyaaa..tatau nak ckp ape dah.



Excuse me if my entry this time is full of babbling. I’m bored during lunch hour, I’m still fasting..I have 2 more days to go to end this ordeal. Usually I would e-mail with him during office hour but he has gone back home..huwaa..xleh nak sedey sgt because his younger sis has just given birth to a baby girl (teringat balik entryku pasal nama² anak heheh). Murah rezeki bakal mertuaku dah ada 3 cucu dah..2 girls and 1 boy. Lepas ni next year, dpt menantu plak kan? wahaha perasan mode lepas tu mana nak tau d following year dpt another cucu lagi? 😉 Insya Allah..dah membuak² dah rasa nak have a family of my own..huhu hormon dah tak betul dah ni


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shopaholic Mama
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 12:50:08

    oklah tu, dont stop Mr Fiance from buying, so next time he also got no excuse to stop you from shopping.

    dah tak sabar ke nak jadi Mrs….


  2. shila
    Jul 23, 2008 @ 16:18:04

    itulah levis yang gwe beli di melben dengan hanya aud20!! macam mana tak meroyan shopping?? tapi 161 in msia still murah jugekkk


  3. hanie
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 13:11:38

    Hik…kite pon jatuh hati dgn itu P1i okkk!! 1st time nampak org gune ni time I naik komuter di pagi/ptg hari (nahh cant remember it) Kite yg duk berdiri ni..duk terteleng-teleng menengoknyer..gaya minah kepoh gitu. tp pakai ujung mata je la kan 😀 Yes…sgt convenient utk mencatat ape saje yg berkaitan dgn bisnes di situ 😀 I need tatau bile heee.


  4. aizat
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 14:35:12

    hey if u wanna buy monitor u can always ask frm me.i can get a good discount for a dell monitor for many inch are u looking for?


  5. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 09:10:21

    aizat – tapi ur in Penang laaa….if free delivery to KL takpe la gak hehe..


  6. ~Reena~
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 12:33:15

    Aaahh…Levi’s..Dah lama gila i tak beli Levi’s jeans dah.Rasanya dah tak beli dah kot.Coz design & colornya dah tak cantik cam dulu.Dah merepek skang.For jeans, skang kita suka MNG and Topshop.Skinny of course.Selesa & fit me well.


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