Shopping Time!

Elloo everyone..

This week I have been busy with mengganti posa yg tertinggal so otak tgh a bit slow..hehe tade mende sgt nak bercerita, tp dah tukar layout..hope its not dat silau for u all to navigate..but here are some updates on my online shopping so far :

1. Kenneth Cole wallet for men

I was informed by my fiance that his fren, Sepet wanted to look for a gift sempena birthday bf die yg terchenta hehe preferably a wallet. Men’s wallet is hard to find online..I could only manage to find this wallet still available for purchase, and Sepet agreed to buy it. Here are the pics. Will arrive in 2 weeks time as usual ya.

2. Liz Clairbone wallet

Peah, my ex-colleague hehe well Peah tu bukan namo sebenar tp gue suke panggey die peah coz die drama queen (ahaha jgn marah noo) has been bugging me to look for wallet yg “matang”. I did find a very matured wallet for her which she really went gaga (Nine West wallet dat is) tp masalahnya dah org lain kebas, ati cik adik ni merana gile la..kesian punya pasal i gave her other types of wallet to look’s not as matang as the Nine West but she liked dis here is d pic of her purchase. (Peah : seller dah post dah wallet hang ni..nanti dah smp Msia gue bagitau)

3. VS Silver Wristlet & Small Pink Makeup bag

I’d totally forgotten that I had forwarded about these items last month via e-mail to my frens and yesterday I received and email out of the blue from someone (well from the history of the email it has been forwarded to 11 people before it reached this gurl) and she wanted to purchase both of these items! waheyy…good news eh.

Victoria Secret Metallic Silver Wrislet

Included samples:
– Super Model Perfume
– Very Sexy lip gloss
– Beauty Rush Strawberry fizz body lotion
– Love Spell Shower Gel
– Very Sexy Black Glitter eyeshadow

Victoria Secret Small Pink Makeup Bag

Included samples:
– Heavenly Dream Angels Perfume
– Beauty rush lip gloss
– Victoria Secret Love Spell Body mist

this is my update for this week..hehe..bebetul otak tgh jam la skang ni..some more its friday, i just wanna have a good, long sleep which I haven’t had at all for this anyone yg berminat to buy stuff online from the US, but haven’t got time to surf around for it and would like use my service..ewah service ek? just inform me ye..I will try to help as much as I can.

p/s : did u notice I did not buy anything for myself? ahaa satu kemajuan! hehe


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