First Class All The Way

My parents are coming down today from Penang for a one night stay. Pastu going back to Penang the following day..gile rajin kan? Dats so typical of my dad especially if they have a few errands to settle here.

Tp yang payahnya, when I receive either an email/sms/phone call to inform me that they are coming down, that is when I have to ensure that everything is in tiptop condition at home which brings to my topic today..FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY! korang layan tak program ni kat AXN? how Sara Duffy, the travel concierge ensures that all her clients will get top class treatment from the moment they leave their doorstep to the destination of travel. Punya la bertungkus lumus kan sampai sanggup she and her crew arrive a few hours earlier at the hotel before their clients to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Camtu la aku haa bile aku dpt tau parents aku turun.

Last weekend – mum smsed. “Jangan lupa lap cabinet kat ruang tamu, atas tv sume tempat bulu Ciki slalue berterbangan. Jgn lupa bersihkan area washing machine kat belakang, tempat sangkar Ciki tu gak”

Wednesday night – lil bro called. He said “pak cakap suh kemas umah sume..vakum pape yg patut”

Thursday night – mum smsed. “Bentangkan cadar and pasangkan sarung bantal kat bilik atas”

aihhh..everytime for the past how many years now..hmm 3 years they would say the same thing over and over and over again. Mmg bibik yg bertauliah la aku ni.

Penat mcm mana pon…I would try to ensure that at least half is done at home. Gimme a break la..rumah 2 tingkat aku sorang duduk nak ensure everything is tiptop tu kire power gak la tahap gaban. Penat ok..yesterday night I vacuumed (again! last week dah buat dah), mop (again!) but only at the lower floor, atas tak buat pon after all they are staying for one night. Haha. Tang sarung bantal buat dah, bentangkan kain cadar je blum..jap lagi la lepas balik keje. Bersihkan belakang pon dah, sangkar kucing aku pon dah tiptop. Tinggal kucing aku je yg comot sket tgk ekor die ada cebisan taik kering die hahaha..kucing aku ni ponn spoiler betul la.

My ex colleagues would know la if on Friday eventho there are tonnes of work to be done, at 5.15pm sharp or the latest by 6pm I would shutdown my PC right away and will hurriedly head home so that I can do watever necessary to prepare for their arrival. Nasib tu ofis dekat..bleh je office dah jauh terpaksa la juggle things from last night haha. Dulu mende yg PALING PENTING utk disorokkan is my credit card statement..wah sgt cuak ok if they come during the estimated dates that the statement will arrive. Sesket jeling tgk letter box, pastu asal dgr bunyi moto mcm postman je terus mcm smgt nak terjah letter box tu hahaha. Gile saiko because they dunno I have a credit card yg sgt la tinggi hutangnya hahaha. Kalo dorang tau..MAMPUS den. But now gue dah terer dah..kan baru tukar tempat keje ni kan…so I was thinking baik je tukar mailing address to this office je, takyah kat umah dah. Dulu kat ofis lama tak berkesempatan nak buat keje remeh temeh camni..tade masa..skang dah terlebeh byk masa, everything ditanggung beres! skang ni i can smile happily eventho credit card statement tu masih beribu2 lagi hutangnya haha but at least, ringan sket beban aku ni…haha jahat.

My parents would usually bertolak after Friday will take them approximately 4 hours ++ to arrive skang dah kul 3.45pm, I finish work at 5.30pm..smp umah dlm kul 6.20pm..sempat nak buat lagi my final touches..haha.

Tomorrow I will be in Bangsar utk KURSUS KAHWIN! have a good weekend ahead peeps..!

p/s : ooh before I forget, I received the Nine West handbag that I bought for my mum yesterday! The VS Sets (please refer to my previous post) pun dah sampai and gonna pick them up today from my supplier! so please wait for the piccas yeahh next week..I will share it to u.

p.p.s : aku ni dah jadi cam personal shopper je la rasenye..skang ni tukang mencarik wallet or handbag utk org je kejenya..hehe. How it is done? They just tell me the specs whether its fabric/leather/matang<– bak kate cik Peah kite ni yg nak mencarik “wallet yg nampak matang sket” hehehe, pastu they gimme their budget, I will go high and low through these online sellers to see if I can find anything that meets their criteria..fuh penat, tp berbaloi hehehe..



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. niza
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 17:08:42

    selamat berkursus, mieza….niza will be next k…


  2. farah
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 21:34:38

    good luck kursus tu…tp sume ustaz & ustazah ok2 😉


  3. aizat
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 09:58:13

    Hi mieza,just read ur recent post.kinda funny cuz i encountered the same thing since living at my own apartment here now.tapi kan rather than u bertungkus lumus camni y not get urself hourly maid or weekend maid which costs around 40ringgit for 6 hours (in penang at least).like me i call the maid bi-weekly so bila ada orang nak datang rumah taklah kalut sangat nak bersihkan itu ini last least dah maintain the cleanliness,just make sure everything in tiptop condition (like u described ;p) la before someone arrives like parents ke relatives ke etc.anyway hope u enjoy in everything that u do and all the best for the course gak.


  4. Shopaholic Mama
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 20:26:45

    so how? managed to finish the clean-up in time for the VIP arrival?


  5. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 11:59:56

    aizat – wah first time komen nampak dlm blog ni hehe…i dun haf d money la nak employ maid sume ni..baik jadi bibik express hehe


  6. dilzabiz admin
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 21:24:57

    hi.pls feel free to visit us 4AUTH COACH items from US at amazing price 🙂 TQ 🙂


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