I have a massive headache at the moment!!

In my previous entry, I said I didn’t wanna mention how the interview went kan? haha..adoi la pening punya pasal aku cite je la..dahla amik cuti haram arini from work semata-mata nak p interview punya pasal..haa ni la balasannya..kepeningan di tahap infinity and beyond dah ni..wargh! sanggup ni singgah CC nak share alkisah hidupku yg ntahpapentah ni..

Kesian kan I have to go cc..I dun have internet connection at home, for 2 years I waited for the port to be available by Telekom. When I finally had the chance to enter a land line at home, dah timbul masalah lain. Apparently when my dad asked for the back of the house to be slightly extended, the extension dah ter..hmm tersimen area port nak pecahkan all the tiles and wat not for the sake of putting it the cable will cost tahla bape ratus tah so dats y la smp skang ni tade land line kat umah tuuuu….

And then another prob is the monitor at home suddenly ala2 meletup..hehe it just went blank..aih I ALWAYS face this issue la..i think this is my 3rd time, dhla monitor PC ni is HIS not mine..die suh ganti balik dgn LCD..wah ape kes.mana nak kaut duit?

eh i’m supposed to tell about the interview kan? ish malas laa..nak story pasal mende lain lagi ni..

haaa and then yesterday tanganku saja la menggatal upload gambo kepek and my Coach handbag in this website ni laa…mcm ala2 Ebay but easier version lor..saje la menggatal tade niat pape pon..

skali tgk tak sampai 2 jam after uploading it, I received 2 emails interested in buying the kerepek..mcm aik..cepat betul rezeki dtg hehe..dari nak harapkan korang pembaca blog aku ni..liat nak mampus hehehe

pastu arini i cek again my email mcm ALAMAK..ada org interested in my Coach handbag la plak..warghh..camne ek..sat nak jual, sat tanak jual..sat rasa mcm nak kumpul balik duit ribu riban yg dah lesap, sat mcm takpelaa..once in a while punya purchase. If betul org tu sanggup byr the price dat i put camne?


ooh btw..about the interview, I think before I am called for the 2nd interview, I’m going to turn the position down…sedey kan? sigh dah dpt peluang for something that I like to do tp terpaksa turn down..

the position was for MARKETING hope was for it to be more towards indoor type of marketing or business development where u try to find ways to retain ur clients, try to find innovative solutions utk sentiasa menjaga ati dorang ni..dat type of marketing i like!! for 3 years i’ve been looking for a chance to get back to what was related to my degree, bcoz I kept on doing something unrelated from logistics to procurement so mcm..the chances are so slim, so when i was called for this interview rasa mcm ok dis is the time for me to prove it la..but then, to my dissapointment the jobscope did not fit my criteria, it was more towards OUTDOOR SALES..aggresive plak tu coz d company is at a growing stage, so they want these marketing ppl to really sell their being a female, and my own restrictions and some more the location of the company is soooooooo farr away from my home..rasa mcm hmm xpela takyah..sedey kan? wargh sgt sedey..

pasal tu kut pale aku tgh pening ni..aihh pape je la…take care all..have a good weekend..I’ll be in Midvalley tomorrow nak jenguk2 Pameran Perkahwinan ape tah lupe nama die..dah pening sgt dah ni..chow!


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  1. Nanie MK
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 18:54:38

    tak try pakai wireless 3G brokbeng?
    im using it now. coz “area rumah cik tu area perumahan lama. kat area situ masih pakai cable lama so die tak dapat nak pakai streamyx. dial-up je boleh la”
    so in the end i decided, baik pakai celcom 3G kan. mmg la 384kb je and RM68 (streamyx RM60 512kb) tp kan… tu RM60+++++ ni RM68 fixed. and connection not bad, pastu kat tgh2 highway pun ley online ( dah pernah try) haha.
    oh… just the modem la mahal. but the other day i beli during the RM599 ke RM699? nye promotion. tak igt. haha.
    so save sket la kat modem part tu.
    ok. celcom shud pay me. dok promote2 broadband die kat org je keje. ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. sharina
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 00:06:50

    laaa… beg tu lawa…. takmo la jual…. betul tu sekali sekala ajer…..keee dah berkenan kat beg coach lain? tu nak let go yang pink tu? hehe

    ohhh outdoor marketing…… ingatkan minat…. ape kata kalo accept keje tu… sambil2 marketing kompeni outside, pomote kan sekali kerepek2 tu….

    org kata sambil menyelam sambil minum air…..


  3. hasanah
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 01:57:03

    ish jgn jual la handbag coach tu. susah payah u beli kak mieza oii.

    pastu psl job tu pulak.. if u betul2 mcm tak minat kan, takpe la, nak buat camne. anggap la bukan rezeki. jgn give up, mane tau nanti tiba2 u dpt interview utk job yg memang kena dgn degree u. insya Allah! ๐Ÿ™‚ for now, try la bertahan ye.


  4. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 09:35:57

    hehe yeah i knoww..budak tu tak jadi beli pon die ckp my price tinggi hehe mau tak tinggi dah tak sampai sebulan pakai huhu of coz la kan

    pasal job tu yeahhh i knoww..keeping my head up high at the moment


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