..Serious Talk..

I need to get this out from my chest, from my mind, from my inner system..


haha adeh letak dlm caps lock pon tade beza rasenye..damn. I have been in this dilemma for SO LONG but right now, at where I am now, with only 3 years of working experience, I dun think I am capable to hand in my 24 hrs notice to my employee and skip along like nothing has happened because I STILL need my monthly income, I STILL need 4 digits of money to be banked into my account at the end of each month. Sigh.

I dread coming to work everyday. This is SO not what I wanted to be before during my Uni days, I couldn’t wait to work, I couldn’t wait to be an adult, to be focusing on climbing up the career ladder, I couldn’t wait to get my paycheck. I am only 25! My God..I feel like I’m 45 u know..rasa nak pencen je dari dunia keje ni.

I find more satisfaction in doing this lil project of mine with him. I dun care org nak kate aku gile ke..tak focused ke, mata duitan ke, tergedik2 dgn handbag la VS la ape la because these things give me satisfaction. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for? Some satisfaction in life? but the drawback like I said above, I can’t simply let go of my current job for this lil project, I just can’t. I have commitments to adhere to. Kalo ada pembaca dari my current workplace tgh baca skang ni, ye aku tau aku slalue muka monyok, ye aku tau aku ni slalue cam talk about other things in my blog which contradicts with what u see me in person at our workplace here. That shows I’m not happy being here. That shows my mind is busy working out alternatives in finding other ways to fully utilise of what I’m capable of. Aku bukan mata duitan, I am just happy doing whatever I’m doing by making other people happy. As easy as that. That is my marketing concept. I love doing informal marketing, I like telling stories a.k.a promoting our items to our frens and colleagues..tak kesah pun kalo tade org yg beli or berminat, tp aku puas mempromote.

But that doesn’t mean I have become ignorant of my responsibilities with my current work, I am always hoping that I would be motivated to come to work, to be diligent in work, to be attentive in work. Everyday I keep reminding myself to always remember to TRY to at least i dunno..act rajin? hahaha..sehari dua bleh la dlm seminggu..lepas tu terus pkran dah melayang..aih lepas tu bile rasa keje ni tak sesuai, time tu la tangan dah start menggatal click at Jobstreet.com hehe

Speaking of Jobstreet..I have been called for an interview dis Friday as……………..



hehe takpela tanak bagitau. I will only update if I am guaranteed a job there. if not, this is my 1st and my last entry about the interview hehe..please wish me luck for me to find my ULTIMATE HAPPINESS here in my career path.


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  1. andreeeeea
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 17:27:49

    eh, coincidence i just blogged abt some trials at sharing new stuff with friends, which is one of my side income sources. I totally understand what you mean. I can’t leave my job coz i need my pay, yet i love dabbling in other things on the side, then feels like not enough time to balance it all but i need to find some sort of motivation to keep me happy with my full-time job…. woooo…. maybe its something ppl get after working ~3 yrs for others. Gluck finding your ultimate happiness, i’m sure it’s out there waiting for u 🙂


  2. hasanah
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 22:51:50

    good luck for the interview tmrw!!

    sayang tak dpt jumpa today kan.


  3. Sharina
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 23:56:42

    Good luck! moga gembira dengan kerja yang seterusnyer….

    belum busy lagi kot, nanti dah busy baru la bermotivasi skit….
    maybe takkan sempat berbusy cuz you are applying ofr another job…hehe


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