Coach and VS..I like!

Announcing the arrival of……………my Coach handbag! Yeay! Hehehe

Here are the long awaited photos. It’s a very spacious handbag, quite heavy as well. I think I made a good purchase. Not only did I get a dustbag, a Coach box, I also received a complimentary gift from the supplier which was a Fossil men’s wallet that unfortunately my fiancé has grabbed it out from my sight. Mentang2la all items are delivered to his house, so he has the so-called-right to decide sesukati die what he can take away for yeah, until now I dunno how the wallet looks like, and he doesn’t wanna show it to me, so we all get the picture now kan..die tgh sgt mengada.

Last Thursday we both took a day off from work to settle some errands at the bank. Alang2 ada kerepek delivery to my previous workplace terasa mcm nak do something nak mengubat rindu kat bebudak ofis lama. Kebetulan on that day itself my salary dah masuk so I decided to surprise them with a Secret Recipe Carrot Slice cake hehe.

I hope they all liked it; well usually they all are when it comes to food. Masa bagi kek tu pun muka pun dah glowing gile, tatau la bile dah makan camne hehe. Ntahla bile dah keje tempat lain ni, when u leave a place that is so full of fond memories, mmg terasa nak buat something. Dahla they were my first clients of kepek ni, so at least the cake could represent my appreciation for those who have supported my mini business and also for those who are still working there whom I have made quite an acquaintance. Gile rindu!!

We also borrowed his bro’s laptop so that we could surf around while lazing around together so we decided to head to Sunway Pyramid’s Starbucks Coffee. Usually he doesn’t read my blog but on that day, semangat gile die reading from one entry after the while he was reading, I snapped a few more pics of my Coach handbag..bile lagi nak jakun kan?..Anyways..enjoy the piccas ladies.

Him reading my blog dgn kusyuknya..Him typing away his comments on the kepek entry..

The much awaited stocks for Victoria’s Secret have arrived. There are 3 batches of delivery in total; this is the first out of the three. I have:

2 Romantic Wish
1 Love Spell
1 Pure Seduction
1 Limited Edition Dewy Peach

EDT Perfume – RM55 EACH
Blossoming Romance
Pure Seduction
My Desire (I myself am using this scent, it is my favourite. Gile wangi tahap dude kat ofis ni dok gilekan bau aku ni haha)

Others – RM55 EACH
Pure Seduction Body Butter and Pure Seduction lotion

Angel Wristlet (as mentioned in the previous post) – RM160
I only have ONE unit available, there’s no more reordering after this.

I dun usually wear this kind of attire at home, usually a simple T-shirt and shorts would do just good for me to go to bed, but this time round I wanted something different. So I decided to be a lil wee bit feminine macam model dlm gambo tu by ordering myself a VS sleepshirt haha. If you’re interested in the same design, I can order it for u as well just like how I did it for my fren, Wan. It’s only RM85 inclusive of shipping and handling charges from US to Msia. Worth the money 🙂 I like the design because it’s pink (I dunno why but lately I’m SO into pink), it has a heart shape (tu dah mmg seadanya sebati dlm diri aku ni yg dari dulu jiwang karat haha) and the word VICTORIA’S SECRET is displayed in a very creative manner so kirenye bukan calang2 punya baju tido ni you! Mesti sejuk gile terdedah kat bwh camtu je hahaha org laki kalo baca ni sah dah terpesong pale otak. Dun lie laa korang haha..


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sharina
    Jun 30, 2008 @ 23:39:23

    hehehe sukernyer dier….. but yeah lawo handbag tu.. sebab kaler dier pink….

    Hey… I got the same sleepshirt…. but yang kaler hitam and wording dier pink……
    since hamba ni rendah (5ft)…biler pakai elok2 atas lutut sikit……huhuhuh….

    but yeah it is very very sedap dipakai……. dan dah basuh berbillion kali dan masih keadaan yang sama….. pastu yang best tu bila pakai nampak cam kurus sikit…hehehe

    so yeah one of my fav sleepshirt yang sentiasa diulang pakai….har har har


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 11:07:57

    eh ye ke..wah so i made another good purchase hehehe..mmg ada another kaler tp like i said, i like pink..hehehe..if u 5ft elok2 atas lutut sket..i am 5ft 4 camtu kire atas lagi la..wah lagi sexy hahaha..kang kucing i tergoda lagi..kang die terkam lagi muahaha..


  3. ~Reena~
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 12:20:36

    Yeay! Hehe.Amboi sukanya dia.Finally huh? 😀

    How much u bought that bag?


  4. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 13:38:44

    yeah lor u tau tak ada idea gile tetibe after 2 days of using it I wanted to sell it off..ishh hehe takpela tu later2 la..

    how much? takpe worth it hehe..kalo sesape berkenan dun worry I will take good care of dis handbag so bile tibe masanya to let go of it, it will still be as good as new..haha


  5. ~Reena~
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 14:05:33

    Haha.I got that ‘syndrome’ too.Lepas dah pakai skali dua rasa nak jual my Coach tu.

    RM1150.Ok la tu..Murah gak.Coz nampak bag tu very spacious.Cun plak tu.Tapi syg pink.I don’t like pink..Hehe.


  6. Shopaholic Mama
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 16:12:26

    Eik, kenape nak jual pulak? I am the other way round. Bila dah dapat, I keep them in the wardrobe. Sayang pulak nak pakai. Bila pakai, peluk the bag mcm peluk bolster. takut terkena water or dirt. So rather store them in the wardrobe. Then bila free, bongkar & jenguk the bags kejap, lepas tu, simpan balik….hahas


  7. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 10:18:39

    tu la namanya bile otak dah weng..hehe..:)


  8. hasanah
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 22:51:05

    hahahha lawak betui post nih, esp part pasal baju tido VS tu. eii mcm seronok le pulak kalau dpt pakai baju tido tu.. tp rm85 utk baju tido cam mahal laaa kak mieza.. saye sbg student (eh student lg ke) mcm tak mampu.. hahahaha.


  9. newlifenewbeginning
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 14:46:44

    heheh ur not a student lagi dahla syg…RM85 is considered cheap u know since the baju tido came from a VS store, packed in a box, shipped to Malaysia and sent personally by me to u..haa jauh tau perjalanan baju tido tu..hehe the price is inclusive of the shipping and handling cost 🙂 that’s why it is put at that sort of price


  10. ita_may
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 12:04:31

    u spend 1150 for a sack???unbelievable….that amount leh buat down payment rumah la dear…


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