A Not so Happy Celebration

(mari bersama-sama menyanyikan lagu Happy Birthday)
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Eventhough my birthday was last Saturday!

So I have reached the 25 mark, dengan officialnya aku ni dah suku abad. Wah, so old but yet..still so the very naïve. Hehehe. This year’s birthday isn’t all that great to me, I wasn’t really in the mood for it knowing that this year is gonna be a tough and challenging year for both him and I. So many costs cutting here and there, nak kumpul duit punya pasal. He warned me in advance that there will be no presents for this year, so no surprise to that. It’s ok, I dun really need one anyway after all the lavish spending I have done for myself. I have a new wallet and coming soon I will be having a new handbag. In two days time I can finally hold and caress my own COACH handbag..wahaha. Jangan pk 18sx eh. Who says I can’t buy my own birthday present? Haaa dasat gak pe. And then this year, I had a gut feeling too that my parents somehow will forget about my birthday, or at least ingat last minute lepas tu tade gift for me. I was right. They forgot but thanks to my lil bro for reminding them, they remembered and what did I get for my birthday? RM300 banked into my savings account. Okla tuu..dpt kaber balik duit yg lesap utk beli beg Coach tu..haha, jgn harap la aku nak kuarkan dari acc tu. RM800++ to go to compensate balik the exact amount spend for that handbag alone! Wah byk lagi duhhh hehehe

Dah lama gile tak merasa birthday on a weekend, so ingat nak pegi la jenjalan somewhere special la kononnya for a day trip tp mcm contemplating on the toll and petrol. Ruled out Melaka, ruled out Cameron so it was either Bukit Tinggi (since we have never been there) or just lepak2 around KL. I was warned about how boring that place is, but then d day before we went there I asked again my officemates for a 2nd opinion, kut2 laaaaa ada positive side of that place, and kebetulan officemateku ini dgn beriye2nya cite how best it is la romantic la itu ini laa…tp at the end of the day, do u know how long we spent at Bukit Tinggi? 2 hours. Haha. Gile bosan tak hingat. Nak amik gambo pon tade mood, here are a few of the pics taken la. Tade mende yg bes pon, so akhirnya turun balik, lepak KL abeh cite. What a day.

The next day wasn’t all that great as well. My mum wasn’t in the greatest state of health these past few weeks due to stomach cramps and wind problem. Ada jugak ye kes angin takleh kuar. Tak terasa nak kentut, even nak sendawa pon tak rasa puas angin tu kuar, asyik kembung je. Dah try pegi urut kuarkan angin sume pon wasn’t enough to ease the pain away, asyik on and off je. Received news that after several checkups with the doctor, she had to be admitted to the hospital for several days to go for endoscopy and colonscopy to see wat is actually going on inside her stomach. Angin punya pasal pon leh masuk hospital..sigh. Even as I type dis entry, she is still in the hospital, all the scopy2 ni went well, but her stomach cramps tak subside laie, selagi tak subside, selagi tu takleh discharge.

Here I am alone while my family is back home in Penang..mcm as much as u occupy urself wif other things, at the end of the day ur thoughts will go back to ur family gak kan. Ingat lepas kes arwah atok meninggal, dah tade dahla alkisah org sakit, masuk spital sume ni. Skali it is happening to ur own mother. Sigh. Baru je bersemangat order beg Nine West utk my mum coz die dok ckp nak handbag yg lagi kecik, asyik pakai tote beg sumbat memcm mende, die sakit bahu coz berat sangat. So ingat pakai beg kecik, psychologically means kene letak barang sket which can lessen her shoulder pain. Skali tgk mende ni jadi, mmg la I still proceed with the bag tp the excitement isn’t there anymore la. Here is the bag, hope she likes it la, cam sesuai gak la utk seorang pensyarah yg berumur 55 tahun..not too classic, not too dull.

Lepas dah bertunang ni bertubi-tubi dugaan dtg dah tahap nervous and mental breakdown byk kali dah ni, tp mcm everyday u just gotta deal with whatever that u gotta deal la. Sometimes skali pk, ada bagus jugak aku ni dah bertunang, at least u have ur partner to rely on. Ada beza confiding to a boyfren and to a fiancé. A boyfriend can just be any guy u just fall in love with, a fiancé is ur husband-to-be. Banyak bezanya..tp the downside of it is I just wish I can avoid the soalan cepu emas “WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED” bkn tak suke ditanye, just that dengan keadaan skang ni, we don’t quite have the time to actually discuss properly between both sides of the family. I myself tade peluang nak ckp dgn my own parents, camane? So jawapan standard yg aku akan bagi is NEXT YEAR, INSYA ALLAH. Bile? Hang tunggu la kad ok..kalo korang nak tgk aku kawin cepat, ngandung cepat, beranak cepat haha doa-doakan la yg everything will go smoothly after this yer.

If u can’t make urself happy, at least u make others happy kan? Speaking of others, my darling besfwen Fara, since we’re meeting today nak pass over ur beg Coach and VS ni, here is a sneak preview of what u will be getting..hehe. Dah lama sangat pegang beg ni cik kak kite asyik busy je, smp takut kalo2 tissue paper ni akan koyak. Uiii tissue paper mahal tu ada logo C tu, jgn memain. The 2 bottles of VS is Blossoming Romance Body Mist and Dewy Peach Body Mist.

Haaa barang Victoria’s Secret ni plak (Pure Seduction Body Mist, Body Lotion, EDT) reserve utk my fren, Cik Peah aka Nurul. Last Sunday baru je amik stok dlm 17 bottles of VS product, skali tinggal 4 je yg blum dikebas lagi..haa Peah if ur reading, ko nak aku reserve kan..so sementara barang ni belum dimiliki sepenuhnya olehmu..ewah, belek la gambo ni pepuas hehe.

Rasenye dah panjang gile taip ni..i dah order 15 more items for Victoria Secret kalo korang rasa berminat and nak order from me, inform me je la ye. Each of these items cost RM55 except for the Dewy Peach (since it’s limited edition) which cost RM60. Kalo beli 3 items, dpt la diskaun sket. Yang mana dah cross out tu meaning it is already taken before stock has arrived.

One(1) Pure Seduction Body Mist
One(1) Pure Sduction Body Lotion
Pure Seduction Body Butter
Two(2) Love Spell Body Mist
One(1) Love Spell EDT
Two(2) Romantic Wish Body Mist
One(1) Dewy Peach Body Mist
Two(2) Amber Romance EDT
One(1) Pure Seduction EDT
One(1) Blossoming Romance EDT
Two(2) My Desire EDT ———> 1 already taken

and lastly…….before I end my entry, I have Victoria’s Secret Angel Wristlet. Only 2 sets available ye. Best gile ni coz kat US dah out of stock, so my supplier only managed to book 2 sets for me. Sets including :


1- Love Spell Skin-Silkening Body Lotion (1 fl. oz.)

1- Dream Angels Heavenly Parfum Spray (.25 fl. oz.)

1- Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer Light to Medium (1 fl. oz.)

1- Bare Bronze Daily Glow Illuminating Face Tint (.3 fl. oz.)

1- Full Size Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in “Slice of heaven”

1- Sexy Lip Gloss in “Wet”

1- Lip Plumper in “Bare”

interested? it only cost RM160. sgt sesuai utk org yg bekeje bleh tempek2 lepas makan lunch hehehe [ONE BOOKED, ONE MORE SET AVAILABLE]


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nad
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 17:21:15

    hepi bday miza!! semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki 🙂


  2. Shopaholic Mama
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 19:11:04

    Happy Birthday Mieza!!

    1st thing, good luck on online selling!
    & I hope your mom is well too, hopefully her results turn out well
    & the VS bag set is cheap, rugi siapa tak order (I ni jauh sgt!)
    last but not least, peluklah the Coach bag sepuas-puasnya once you get hold of it!


  3. sharina
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 19:59:49

    ohhh besday ekk…….. selamat epi besday….heheheheh dah 25…muda lagii tuuu…

    biasalah biler dah besar2 dewasa ni……. hadiah pun makin menghilang ler…… tapi ader org tersayang tu lagi best dari hadiah….. =D ( tapi nak jugak la skit2 hehehe )

    ryc : milk biasa jer…… susu dalam kotak tu je yang makan ngan cereal tu……. kalo susah2 ganti susu tepung pun boleh campur air……… =D


  4. tanjf
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 02:27:29

    happy belated birthday!

    and i thought u will left xanga for good…

    anyway, for the phuket trip, i think if you were to go there, just dun go to patong beach. it is a happening place but not suitable for honeymoon goers. maybe you can go to karon beach.

    hey, if you can afford it, maybe you can go to cheju island (maybe my spelling is wrong here) in korea. it is a hit with honeymoon goers. just google this place to find out more, k?


  5. azreen
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 05:10:00

    mieza mieza mieza!
    happy belated birthday! sorry for the late wish. hope u had a great birthday!


  6. hasanah
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 02:21:28

    eii bag utk ur mom tu lawa! chic sungguh utk pensyarah 55thn. ecewahh~


  7. izyan
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 05:48:28

    ehehe..ehehe….saya mahu itu Victoria’s Secret Angel Wristlet.
    sila book kan untuk saya.. 😀


  8. newlifenewbeginning
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 15:22:32

    izyan – well noted. gue reserve one for u. dat means ada lagi satu available. sesape tanak kang aku cekup kang haa hehehe


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