When You Don’t Have Enough Sleep

You will be bound to be crapping a lot..to yourself. I’m tired of talking with the voice in my head, so I’m going to divert to blogging instead to bore my readers (ada ke readers?).

My head is pounding. I have ran out of Xango, I have ran out of Ponstan..it is only 9.50am at the moment, oohh my..i have 7 1/2 hours to go before I go back. crap.

Latest updates on online purchase :

I bought 2 sets of VS Gift Set for our frens, eh actually I bought 3 sets, one has already arrived, 2 is on its way to Malaysia. The first buyer was very lucky because he got the gift set and medium sized paperbag but the other 2 buyers weren’t that lucky as apparently the Victoria Secret store over there ran out of supplies. Dang. Kesian dorang because all of our buyers purchased it for their engagement hantaran..kalo ada kotak mmg la lagi cun kan? but then they accepted the set by itself, thanks a lot 🙂 tau korang mesti rasa terkilan tak dpt kotak kan..if I were u pun I would feel the same, tp it is out of my control…supplierku nun jauh di US huhu

My own purchase on that Liz Clairborne cellphone notepad clutch thingy is on its way as well ( refer to previous post)

Fara had been yearning for a leather, plain brown/black handbag for work purposes and I recommended this handbag for her. She immediately fell in love with it haha. She is SO NOT INTO COACH but because yours truly was spot on picking the right handbag for her, she went ahead to purchase it. Wahhh dasaattt haha lagi dasat dari yours truly because aku sendiri takde beg Coach lagi haaa…selamat menjadi PTDian yg sungguh bergaya di JPM tu eh hahah..ur bag will arrive in 2 weeks time

I purchased 10 different items of VS Body Mist and Perfume as well..by next weekend bole collect from the supplier hehehe..ada memcm bau, memcm saiz, all for sale 🙂 hik hik..this is for Mr Fiance as his social circle penggemar VS..daku tukang negotiate harga and tukang order sahaja..kemungkinan besar akan try gak pakai satu, especially the Limited Edition Body Mist if there’s no buyer, tak main ar the normal scent, we must go for something different heheh because 1bottle has already been reserved to Fara’s fwen, another PTDian (org keje gomen skang pandai melaram sejak ada 80 babies ruling ek haha)..

Last but not least…………..perasan tak most of the items I bought for other ppl but not for me kan? haa ok la except the LC cellphone clutch..but adeh nafsu shoppingku sangat membuak la lately ni to the extend saya terpaksa menggunakan langkah drastik iaitu mengeluarkan duit saving ku..aduhh! duit saving yg nak guna utk kawin telah ku gunakan untuk………..

hahahaa…yes, I will finally have my own COACH handbag! purchased with my own money, tak kaco duit sesape pon, tak bodek Mr Fiance, tak bodek ibubapaku, hanya mempersetankan mindaku utk membazir duit sebanyak 4 digit utk handbag yg kiut ini hahaha..PUAS HATI AKU!!!

there are ppl bound to ask me, tak rasa rugi ke melayang 4 digit camtu je pepenat save duit dahla next year nak kawin dah…

But my answer is, no..tak rasa rugi. I have been wanting a Coach handbag since god-knows-when sampai my frens and colleagues and especially my fiance is extremely bored of me pokpeking about Coach, Coach and Coach..so kirenye ni langkah drastic yg sangat berbaloi bagi diriku..

Dun worry peeps, I will start saving back..nanti korang tgk la..tade byk sgt entry pasal handbag sume ni dah..I can go really crazy at one point lepas tu jadi minah pokai utk the months to come..u’ll see..hahah

so mari la kite menunggu barang2 ini utk sampai di pangkuanku yee..weeheee!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. husaini
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 15:29:44

    gila aaaaaaa beli beg harga sampai RM 4 digit.. hahahaha. dah melaram sangat. bila dah beli nanti tak ada la nak bising bising dah. sebab dah dapat apa yg diberahikan.


  2. nad
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 18:31:41

    hahah beb sorik! eh btw, u’ve been TAGGED! 😀


  3. Shopaholic Mama
    Jun 10, 2008 @ 20:46:04

    Hi Mieza, no regrets abt buying the Coach bag! Just need to puasa & save up the $$ again. Can share when you get it online coz I tried a few but unsure of the authenticity & some ony deliver within US only. There are other sites too but delivery to Msia only. So in the end, just have to buy it here but only when its on sale. Do share more of your shopping sprees ok!!


  4. newlifenewbeginning
    Jun 10, 2008 @ 20:58:07

    ahaha tu la ehh..close one eye for that valuable purchase (only shopaholics will understand how precious our handbags are)

    tp tu la….delivery is to Msia only, ur in Singapore..pity u..but i have stumbled upon one blog, cant remember when, the seller is residing in Singapore…and selling Coach bags as well..tak ingat la url die sowieee


  5. ~Reena~
    Jun 17, 2008 @ 17:57:22

    Weeee! Finally huh? 😀 I’ve been eyeing the exactly bag too (yg pink) tp i’m not a pink person so cam tgh fikir2. Lagipun i dah ada Coach (eventho it’s just a pouch) so cam tak kisah sgt. Next in my list adalah Celine or Burberry. Hehe.

    Share la ur bag collection kat bag-aholics.blogspot. Jgn segan2.Hehe.


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