How Was Your Weekend?

As for me, last weekend my weekend was a proper weekend for me. I haven’t had the chance to actually ENJOY a weekend without the need to think of anything for quite some time ever since my late grandfather became terminally ill and parents coming down every week, so there were no rest. I was way drained out last Friday, so I took a half day and went back home and had a good sleep after that, on Saturday and Sunday I slept in as well, woke up late (well around 9 ish is considered late after weeks having to wake up at 7am during the weekends) so I guess I was rejuvenated!

So what did I do last weekend? I spent lotsa moneyyyy haha without any guilt. My concept is once salary has come in, there will be ONE weekend, yup only ONE weekend will I splurge my money on anything without any guilt, without thinking how much money is left in my bank account because I feel that this ONE weekend is the time for u to ENJOY ur salary hahaha..


Went to Sunway Pyramid to catch the latest Indiana Jones movie. Surprisingly it wasn’t hard at all to book online the day before..mcm aik first attempt dah bleh dpt seats dah? I haven’t watched a movie in agesss..seriously tak ingat langsung what was the last movie I watched. But then talking about Pyramid seriously, the building mgmt or parking mgmt needs to reconsider their parking laa..jenuh gile nak dpt parking kat sana, sakit jiwaa..nasib la we took his cute lil Kancil..bleh je menyelit kat memane ruang kosong yg ada..ape punya stail daa parking ada red and green light bulb to indicate whether there’s parking or not..everytime we go there asyik lampu meeraaahhh jee..ape kes? haha

anyway, the movie was OK laaa…the superimpose was too obvious la in the movie, it felt like I was watching the old sequel of Indiana Jones during our zaman kekanak ribena, not the latest one..mcm kalo ye pon..dun la make it too obvious, it felt fake. Cuba tgk Transformers, gempaq gile ok..tgk 10 kali pon tak jemu hehee.

And then, since Father’s Day is coming up in 2 weeks time, so I bought my dad 2 pairs of shirt. One for work and one for casual attire. My dad is a very demanding guy..brand conscious as well, so can’t blame me for being brand conscious as well hehehe. I had already bought him a Guy Laroche shirt last year, he seemed to like it A LOT..eventho die ckp “ish baju ni mahal haaa kan bagus kalo dpt hadiah camni slalue”  *rolls eyes* so I decided to try something diff this year for his birthday, I bought him a car vacuum cleaner. Haha ok I know it sounds a bit lamee..but bapakku ini pembersih orgnya..pembersih dari die dok heret vacuum cleaner yg beso dari dlm umah, ape salahnya pakai yg portable ni kan? u knoww..sampai skang die tak pakai pun..sigh. So now for Father’s Day, I’m gonna compensate for my so-called-mistake and I bought him 2 pairs of shirt from Bonia and Valentino Rudy. Hope he likes usual, pattern org tetua sket laa..kene amik ati org tua punya pasal..haha. Ni pon bape ratuih duit melayang ni..ish..

after that, I pampered myself for a treat. I went shoe shopping hehehe..I bought myself a new pair of heels from Vincci. I stopped buying shoes from Vincci for quite sometime because of the low quality..mcm tak selesa la bila pakai, melecet la..keras la ape la..I think i stopped buying for more than a year kut..but now after dah menjinakkan diri balik, this is my 2nd pair of shoes bought from Vincci for this year. Bleh tahan gak skang harga kat Vincci kan? last time my sandals/heels would cost me from this pair of heels is RM55++, tu pon nasib ada 20% from 69.90 haha..nampak mahal tp tak mahal la sgt, it’s less than RM100! hehe


Went to the Gardens and dropped by at the Coach boutique there to compare the price of a few items there. Aku ni kan dah kemaruk beli barang from blog sellers who are residing in US, so nak gak la compare is it worth buying from them or to buy things here in Malaysia. The answer is DEFINITELY to purchase it from them..mahal gile bapak okk harga beg Coach kat Msia ni..isk mencekik darah..

Bile dah puas membelek beg and mensurvey harga, I went threading, usual routine on a Sunday at the usual place in Bangsar..(dats not me by the way in the pic) haha. Bagus dpt laki supportive coz he will just drive me there and waits patiently in the car while I do my RM5 objection at all, agaknya because it only cost RM5 and it will only take 10-15min of his time..cuba kalo aku nak buat facial yg berjam2..jgn harap die nak tunggu kut eh? haha..

right after that, is our usual Sunday routine as well which is AMIK KEREPEK! haha..

ni la keje kitorang, juggling time handling our side income. It could be kerepek, could be Xango, could be Victoria Secret..whenever there is a need, or an order, we will attend to it..hehee xkesah la jauh ke dekat ke, this is my usual routine, simple but yet filled with things to is ur weekend?





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. husaini
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 15:04:26

    how my weekend? full of wedding. sedaq tak sedaq dah ramai kawan aku kawen. huhuhuh


  2. viexoravogue
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 19:49:22

    hi..u threading kat mane ek kat bangsar??


  3. newlifenewbeginning
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 19:53:54

    kat saluga beauty centre..opposite bangsar village..its a very famous place..


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