Just wanna inform that my grandfather passed away peacefully last Saturday, 24th May 2008 @ 8.45am. He died due to his old age and a bit of complication on his back pain, most probably bone cancer but then by the time doctors detected there was a possibility of bone cancer, he was already frail and weak, so i guess it all came in a package. He was hospitalised twice within these 2 months alone, pastu I think dah takleh wat pape sangat and was brought home to my aunt’s house when he died..

So dlm happiness dan keterujaan aku dok purchase itu ini ada jugak terselit kedukaan dlm family aku ni..huhu dah lama dah my weekends and weekdays is spent kat hospital..sampai my parents standby simpan satu kete kat cni in case if anything happens..which it did

So last Saturday, after I got the call, terus mandi, call my parents and tunang parents terus rushing from Penang pack barang, went straight to the airport to catch a flight. When things like this occur rasa mcm I am so grateful that I’m already engaged, at least there’s someone to accompany me to face these kinda situation. Kalo tengah kapel lagi sure mcm tak manis je kan if bf berkepit je dgn hal sedare mare ni, tp at least bile dah naik pangkat as tunang ni kire acceptable la haha..if not penat den nak buat mende ni..

So on that day, my fiance and I drove in two separate cars and headed to KLIA and we waited for my parents to arrive. Since I know my dad will be speeding like mad nak balik kampung, I gave my car keys to him and I rode inside my fiance’s car. Nasib la my kampung is about 45min away from KLIA..tade la jauh sangat but everyone was waiting for my dad as he is the head of the family..selagi die tak sampai selagi tu jenazah tu takkan dikebumikan dat explains the rush.

Mmg sayu la tgk…… it was also a first time for our family, belum lagi ada org tersayang yg dekat dgn kitorang meninggal. First time tgk jenazah dimandikan, dikafankan,disembahyangkan,dikebumikan..everything was a first time. Tp mmg sungguh terharu he was there the whole time……….smp la jenazah tu dikebumikan and he came again the next day with his family nak melawat my nenek..rasa sungguh ape ye…sungguh mcm org dah kawin hehehehe..

Penatnya sampai ke arini tak hilang lagi…nak type entry ni pon tak larat. Nasib baik Xango did help me a lot during these days, asyik tido lewat, bangun awal pagi kalo tak pasal Xango dah lama aku migraine, dah lama asyik telan Ponstan je..hehe ni Ponstan dah lama tak telan, aku laks jadi provider ponstan kat kazen2 yg pening pale tak cukup tido sume. So yeah, XANGO MMG SGT MENOLONG! tp all in all, u still need a proper rest to freshen up urself kan…am thinking to take a leave, just to pamper myself..carik memane spa yg affordable and have a good, proper so tired……



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  1. farah
    May 30, 2008 @ 16:24:29

    semoga rohnye ditempatkan disisi org2 yg beriman..amin..



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